Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0039

Chapter 39 –


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“New Product Crowdfunding?” Everyone was surprised.

“Boss Mike, you want to borrow money?” Moby considered Michael’s words and asked.

“New product! Boss Mike, your restaurant wants to sell other dishes?” Harold’s eyes lit up. The Yang Zhou Fried rice may be delicious, but he likes a variety of food. If he could have something new and delicious as well, it would be ideal.

Conti and Hagard were a bit suspicious as they looked at Michael. This boss is quite friendly, but he also maintains a distance from them. Right now, he is borrowing money so quickly, this is a bit suspicious.

“En, I hope to create a new dish. But I need some monies to purchase the equipment and ingredients. Accordingly to my current business, I should have enough money at the end of the month. But I wanted to create a new dish quickly. Therefore, I started this plan of crowdfunding. You can consider this as borrowing money. I just float this idea. It is up to you if you want to participate in this scheme or no.” Michael smiled as he nodded his head.

Then he took out the 6 business plans that he had drew, and continued, “The new dish crowdfunding requires 500 gold coins per share. Each share permit investors to try the new dish for free, and they also have 2 plates of Yang Zhou Fried Rice as well. You can also use the investment as a credit when you eat here – i.e. whatever expenses you spend here will be first deducted from the investment. At the end of the month, I will settle all accounts, and will return you the unused portion of your investment.”

“500 gold coins are not enough for 100 plates of Yang Zhou Fried rice. We will be staying here for a month. If we could try the new dishes, it would be great! I will take 2 shares, and invest 1,000 gold coins.” Harold waved his hand and immediately agreed. He took 2 pieces of the investment plans, and places a large bag of money on the table. “Inside this bag is 100 dragon coins.”

“Thank you.” Michael looked at the money bag. He smiled and nodded his head.

“Then I also purchase 2 investment shares as well. Each day I eat 6 plates of Yang Zhou Fried Rice, and I have 4 plates free.” Moby thought for a while and he picked up two investment plans. Then he looked at Michael and said, “Boss Mike, I did not bring so much gold coins with me right now, but I will bring it over after breakfast.”

“No worries.” Michael nodded his head. In just a short span of time, 2000 gold coins is in his hands.

“Then I also want one share. When you have a new dish, you must inform me about it.” Conti smiled as he took one investment plan, and took out 50 dragon coins and placed it on the table.

“Me…. One share.” Hagard smiled and took the last investment plan. He patted Harold on the shoulder and said, “Help me pay for it first.”

“Big brother, don’t you have money?’ Harold could not understand him.

“It is much happier to spend other’s money.” Hagard smiled as he explained.

“….” Harold was at a loss for words. He placed another 50 dragon coins on the table. For some strange reasons, he felt that his brother had changed a lot.

“Papa, all these dragon coins are ours?” Amy looked at the heap of dragon coins on the table, and was stunned.

“No, it is the money that the guests used to investment in the new dish. They temporary placed these monies with us. In this way, you can try the new dish sooner.” Michael smiled as he shook his head.

“Oh, then Loudmouth is very sweet today!” Amy praised Harold and happily proceed to count the coins.

Harold felt very happy to be praised as ‘sweet’ by a young lady. But when he thinks about it, it is a bit strange. He could not make heads or tails of it and just smiled.

Michael looked at the four of them and smiled, “Thank you for your investment. I will definitely make sure the new dish will be ready as soon as possible and will inform you as soon as it is ready. If all goes accordingly to plan, the new dish will be ready within 2 days.”

“It is all right. I trust Boss Mike’s cooking skills.” Harold waved his hands. Then he asked, “But does the new dish have any meat? The big pieces of meat? I like the taste of meat.”

“Yes, it has a lot of meat. You will know more about it when it is ready.” Michael smiled and did not reveal more.

“As long as it has meat, it is good. Can we have our Yang Zhou Fried Rice now? We are hungry.” Harold was curious but he did not force Michael to reveal more.

The chief reason being the strange looks that Amy was giving him.

Michael took all the dragon coins and placed them in the locked drawer. Amy greeted all the customers, and then she happily went off to the counter to count these monies. She really takes delight in counting the money.

Michael begins to cook the breakfast for his investors. Once Moby sends the monies over, he could immediately purchase the ingredients and complete the task.

Like before, he needs to enter the training grounds to learn how to cook, and need some time to practice. Therefore the best time for him to practice is at night. Right now, he should not worry about this task.

The breakfast hours are relatively quiet compared to the busy dinner time. Other than the regulars, there were two human merchants. They have dined here last night, and will be leaving the City of Sin towards the capital of Luo Si country. They reckon that they need a few more months before they could come back, and they are here to have their fill of the delicious food before they left.

After breakfast hours, Michael was cleaning the tables when Moby came back. He placed a large bag of coins on the table, and told Amy, “Young boss, 80 dragon coins, 200 gold coins. You count.”

“Really?” Amy’s eyes lit up. She reached up and took the bag and immediately counted and separated the dragon and gold coins.

“Boss Mike, I am going back to work.” Moby smiled and informed Michael.

“Thank you.” Michael nodded his head, and see Moby off. Looking at the happy Amy, he continued to wipe the table.

After Michael had finished cleaning up, Amy had also counted finished. She reported to her father, “Papa, it is 80 dragon coins and 200 gold coins.”

“Oh, you are awesome! Then we will place the monies into the drawer, and try to memorise the multiplication table again.” Michael smiled as nodded his head. After these few days, Amy had almost mastered the multiplication table.

“But Papa, I discovered something strange. After listening to this, you must not be unhappy arh…. It looks like some of the money we placed in the drawer had been stolen. Yesterday when I counted, we have more money than this. But when I woke up this morning, some of the monies were missing.” Amy looked at Michael and she looked worried.

Michael was surprised that Amy could remember how much money they had. And she was even worried that he would be unhappy if the money is stolen. He immediately explained, “The money is not stolen. This is because I need to purchase the ingredients to make the fried rice. Therefore, every day, a small portion of the money will disappear. But no worries, we will definitely have more and more money.

“Oh, so it is like this? Then let’s put the money inside, and purchase a new dish.” Amy’s face immediately lit up and she looked at Michael with antic.i.p.ation.

“En.” Michael placed all the monies into the money drawer, and immediately informed the system. “Purchase 3000 gold coins worth of ingredients.”

“Task: purchases 3000 gold coins worth of ingredients successfully completed.” The System voice rang out.

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