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Chapter 38 –


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The [System] took a long time to consider, and finally in frustration said, “Please can you kindly be more ‘normal’ and do things accordingly to the plan? Your weird thoughts created a lot of difficulties for me!”

“Well, tomorrow I can get hold of 3000 gold pieces, and use it to purchase the ingredients.” Michael knew how to work around this system, “3000 gold coins, cash.”

“Approved.” [System] replied.

Michael grinned. This system is a huge money grubber. As long as he offers money, anything is possible. He rubbed Amy on her head as he said, “All right, I will make you a juicy hamburger in 2 days time, ok?”

“Juicy hamburger?” Amy’s eyes lit up. She asked her father in curiosity, “Papa, what is that?”

“It is something like pancakes, but it tastes 100 times better. When you wake up the day after tomorrow, you will know about it.” Michael did not want to reveal too much, and kept Amy in suspense.

“Oh, that must be super tasty!” Amy thought of the pancakes she used to love, and think 100 times tastier. She could not imagine it, and was excited when she looked at her father.

“En, go and bathe first, then change in your pyjamas to sleep. I will wash the plates and clean up the restaurant, then I will go up to tell you story, ok?”

“Ok!” Amy obediently nodded her head, and jumped down from the stool. She squatted down and patted the huge egg and said, “Ugly duckling, you must be good and sleep more. Then quickly hatch and grow up quickly.” Then she climbed up the stairs.

Michael looked at the large egg on the ground near the counter, and for a 3 whole seconds , he mourned for the unborn little ugly duckling – Amy was really persistent.

After he had placed the plates into the dishwaters, wiped all the tables and mopped the floor, Michael finally grinned. Although he was tired, he thought that he had exercised a lot. This will hopefully increase his constitution. At this moment, he does not need to hire help yet.

When Michael turned off the lights in the restaurant, Amy was already sound asleep. She was wearing the purple colour bear pyjamas, and her beautiful little face resembles an angel.

Michael placed her hands inside the blankets. Looks like she is really exhausted.

“System, I want to buy another pair of pyjamas. It should be brown colour bear.” Michael silently asked.

“I do not…..”

“I pay cash.”

“The pyjamas you desire is in the wardrobe. Please check.”

When Michael opened the wardrobe, he found a large bear pyjamas, and the design is very cute.

“Very good!” Michael happily nodded his head, and took a bath. Then he wear the bear pyjamas.

On Earth, he would not wear these pyjamas.

But right now, all he was thinking of is: When Amy wakes up and saw him in that bear pyjamas, would she be happy?

After bathing and wearing the pyjamas, Michael lays on the bed and thought a lot of things. The thought that he had about crowd-funding is a bit hard for most people to accept. As well, the restaurant had only opened for two days. To raise 3000 gold coins is not easy.

After thinking for a while, Michael finally worked out a plan. The regular customers in this restaurant are quite rich. From their words, he had learned some things.

Moby is one of the few dwarven smiths in the City of Sin. Each weapon he made is worth 1000 gold coins. And each day, he could eat 2 plates of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] per meal for all 3 meals. Other than the taste, he was interested in removing his fatigue, so that he could serve more customers in future.

Harold and Hagard are the sons of an Orc chieftain. They are in charge of procurement. They could afford to purchase a large number of weapons for their warriors. This means Michael thought of the government in Dubai that could afford to give its police officers Lamborghini to drive.  That is how rich they are.

As for Conti, he did not reveal much. But other than the mule, his equipment were top notch, and this made Michael thinks that he is a rich man’s son.

The elf woman was also considered, but she does not seem to be the type that have a lot of money to spend. As well, she did not come back. Therefore, she is not considered a possible candidate for crowd-funding.

He is not too familiar with the rest of the customers, and their relations.h.i.+p is not as good. Therefore, if he wants an investor, he needs to approach these few guests.

After thinking it over, Michael looked at the sleeping figure of Amy, and turned off the lights. In a short while, he had also fallen asleep.

The next morning, when Michael opened his eyes, there was a figure that was looking at him with delight and astonishment.

“Oh, you are awake?” Michael smiled as he sit up, and gently stroked Amy’s hair.

“En En, Papa, your clothes and mine are the same – they are all bears! You are big bear, and I am small bear. We are family!” Amy happily pointed at Michael’s pyjamas.

“That’s right, do you like it?” Michael smiled and nodded his head.

“I love it. And it is so soft and warm.” Amy immediately leapt into his chest and hugged him. Then she placed her head against the bear’s fur, and rubbed her face against his chest, and closed her eyes.

Michael looked at Amy and his heart melted. He played with Amy for a bit, then he bathed and went down.

Amy looked at Michael and touched her hair. She pouted as she asked Michael, “Other’s family father knows how to tie their hair, when can you help me to tie my hair?”

“Er….. I will put in more efforts.” Michael embarra.s.singly rubbed his head. This is indeed a problem for him. If he succeed in his business plan, he must purchase the hair tying experience bag from the System. In future, whatever hairstyle Amy wants, he will tie it for her.

“Do your best, Papa! I have confidence in you.” Amy clutched her fists and encouraged him.

“All right.” Michael nodded his head in resignation.

After eating their breakfast, Michael wrote down 6 identical pieces of investment plans. Each piece is approximately 500 gold coins. After double checking the plan had no problems, and that it is almost time to open for business, he walked up to the door and opened it.

“Boss Mike, your business is quite good yesterday.” The first to arrive is still Moby, and he proceeded to make himself comfortable at his favourite seat. “2 plates of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] as usual.”

“Boss Moby, it is thanks to you for recommending my restaurant to your business associate. Please wait for a moment.” Michael smiled as he greeted Moby.

“Boss Mike, we are back! It is still 5 plates of fried rice per person as usual!” Moby had barely sat down when Harold and Haggard returned.

Then there are the sound of hooves stomping against the pavement.

Michael smiled and nodded his head. He did not enter the kitchen first. Instead he waited for Conti. Then he begin his business pitch, “Because I have just started this business, I am a bit tight on funds. Therefore I am intending to create a new crowd funding venture. Are you interest in participating?”

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[1] Dubai cops and Italians cops have Lamborghini to drive –





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