Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0037

Chapter 37 –


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After the last guest had left, it is already 1.35 pm. There was a guest that wanted to order one more plate of fried rice, but Michael declined him. The time for lunch is over. He needs to rest, and also cook for himself and Amy. They are both hungry.

“Papa, we sold 24 plates of Yang Zhou Fried rice. We made 10 dragon coins and 44 gold coins. This is awesome! So much money!” Amy happily clapped her hands, and her eyes were sparkling.

“24 plates?” Michael was also surprised. Although he had not stopped cooking throughout the lunch hour, he was still surprised that he had sold 24 plates of Yang Zhou Fried Rice.

The thing that he is happiest about is that the problem of having few customers in the restaurant had been resolved. The guests that ate here in the afternoon are likely to return in the evening. Secondly, if they spread the word of the fine food here to their friends, there should be more customers at night.

Michael calculated it in his mind. If all goes accordingly to plan, he should be able to complete the mission, and need not worry about becoming an invalid again. He heaved a sigh of relief, and smiled at Amy who was happily recounting the coins, “Your performance this afternoon is superb. I will go and cook a plate of rainbow fried rice for you. You should be hungry by now?”

“En En, my tummy is super hungry.” Amy rubbed her tummy and looked very pitiful as she nodded her head.

“Lunch will be ready soon.” Michael rubbed Amy on her head, and immediately made his way to the kitchen. Very quickly, a fresh plate of piping hot Yang Zhou fried rice is ready for consumption.

Amy ran to the washroom to wash her hands. Then she dried them with a towel and climbed up the chair. She picked up a large spoonful of the fried rice, looked at Michael, and earnestly said, “Papa, you have busy all day, you must be hungrier than me. You eat first. Then I eat the rest.”

“All right.” Michael looked at the serious expression on Amy’s face, and his heart felt very warm. He smiled and ate that spoonful of fried rice, “You eat the rest, I will go and cook one more plate for myself.”

“En.” Amy nodded her head. She picked up the spoon and tuck into her lunch with relish.

After lunch, Michael swept the floor and mopped it. Then he wiped all the tables and chairs to ensure that there are no dust or dirt on the tables. Finally, he grabbed Amy, who was chatting to the egg below the counter, and they both took a short nap.

Before opening the restaurant for dinner, Michael and Amy ate first. If not, they may have to wait until 9 pm at night for their dinner. This would be too late for little Amy.

When the restaurant was opened for dinner, Moby was already queuing up outside the restaurant. Harold and Hagard also arrive near the opening hours. In a short while, Conti arrived on his black colour donkey.

Harold nodded his head at Conti, and lowered his voice as he conceded, “I feel that you may kill a dragon yet. I heard that the human’s strongest knight Michael McGonagall will never engage another person in battle outside of the battlefield. Are you following his example?”

“Yes, he is my idol and my aspiration. One day, I will become a dragon slayer like him.” Conti smiled as he nodded his head. In his eyes, you could see his ambitions.

“Young man, I mean no disrespect! But I have heard these words from at least 50 young knights who came to buy a sword from me. If you really want to slay a dragon and not be eaten by a dragon, you need to practice your swordplay more often. Also, you need to change your mount. Michael McGonagall did not ride a donkey to slay a dragon. [1]” Moby grinned.

“Little Black Mule had been with me for a long time, and is a great friend of mine.” Conti shook his head.

“In a few months time, I will be going to the Twin Towers Town. I heard that there is a huge evil red dragon that terrorises this area, and is quite active there. I will go there to try my luck….”

Michael was cooking in the kitchen, and heard the guests in the restaurant discussing about the past him.  He swelled with pride – even though Michael McGonagall had not been in action for years, he is still widely popular among the population.

These may not be his exploits – to be frank, these adventures and fame had nothing to do with him. It belongs to the body that he had inherited. But when he inherited this body, he had also inherited the feelings and memories of Michael McGonagall. Therefore, in some ways, they are talking about him.

When he set off to slay a dragon, his mount was not a donkey. Rather it is a griffin. The one and only purple scaled griffin within the Luo Si empire.

Just as Michael had expected, the business at night is much busier than that of the afternoon. Many customers who dined here brought their friends. As well, some pa.s.sersby were attracted by the exterior façade of the restaurant. When they saw how much the other customers in the restaurant were enjoying their meal, their curiosity made them order one plate to try.

“Boss, 1 more plate, please!”

“Sorry, it is after the restaurant operating hours. Please come back tomorrow.” Michael smiled as he saw the last guest off. Then he flipped the sign and locked the door. He heaved a sigh of relief as he leaned against the door. The business at night is much longer than that of breakfast and lunch hours, and he was exhausted. His body is still too weak.

“Papa, guess how many plates of rainbow fried rice did we sell tonight?” Amy looked at Michael as she asked.

“Err…. 40?” Michael thought for a while, then he guessed.

Amy shook her head, and happily picked up coins. “Wrong! We sold 45 plates! Altogether we earned 20 dragon coins and 70 gold coins!”

“Then today we sold 71 plates of fried rice altogether. This is not a bad result.” Michael was very happy as well. He had earned 426 gold coins today. After getting rid of the costs, he had made 213 gold coins in profits.

“En.” Amy nodded her head, and looked at Michael with a mixture of hesitation and antic.i.p.ation as she said, “Papa, your rainbow fried rice is so tasty. The rest of the things you cook must be tasty as well. Why did you only cook one dish?”

Michael was stunned. He looked at his daughter, and quickly understood her thoughts. She is likely to desire eating other food beside Yang Zhou fried rice.

Although Yang Zhou fried rice is tasty, Michael also does not like to eat it for all 3 meals a day – he craved for a bit of variety. Amy should be the same.

“I need several more days before I can come up with a new dish.” Looking at Amy’s expression, Michael also felt helpless. He needs to buy 3000 gold coins worth of ingredients before he could unlock the next dish, ‘Hamburger’. Right now, at the current speed, he needs to sell for 6 more days before he can meet this requirement.

“All right.” Amy looks a bit disappointed.

“2500 Gold coins…. Where do I get so much money?” Michael looked at Amy and was racking his brains to come up with a solution. This is 25,000 copper coins! Suddenly his eyes lit up, “Oh yes, [System], may I create a new dish by myself crowd-fund? ” [2]

“[Master], please complete your task first! If you complete the tasks, you will be able to unlock a new dish.” The [System] voice rang out.

“Then you repeat the task for me one more time,” Michael replied.

“Task: You need to purchase 3000 gold coins worth of ingredients. Completing this task will unlock a new dish – juicy hamburger. Failure to complete this task will result in a penalty of constitution – 0.5”

“That’s right! So which line says I cannot create new dishes on my own crowd-fund?” Michael asked.





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