Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0036

Chapter 36 –


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Harold suddenly got up, rushed towards the kitchen and shouted, “Boss, one plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice!”

Suddenly he felt a death stare at him from the counter, and a chill went down his spine. His face turned red, as if he had discovered that he had done something wrong. He lowered his voice and whimpered, “Boss, 1 plate of Yang Chow Fried Rice, please.”

“All right, please wait a moment,” Michael replied.

“Since Papa is not angry, this time I forgive you.” Behind the counter, Amy closed her palm, and a small fireball quickly disappeared. nobody noticed the fireball.

With the constant practice during these two days, Michael found that his speed of cooking each plate of fried rice had increased. In the past, he needs about 10 minutes to cook one plate of fried rice. Now he needs 5-6 minutes to cook a plate of fried rice.

“Your Yang Zhou Fried Rice, please enjoy.” Michael placed the plate in front of Hagard.

“Thank …. you.” Hagard smiled. He picked up the spoon and took a bite. Suddenly his eyes lit up. This taste is scrummy! It is totally different from the other food that he had eaten before.

The first thing he tasted is the egg that is so soft that it melts in the mouth. How could this be? How did he make the egg so delicious? Even the lakeside heavenly goose eggs are not so soft and tender, and smell this good. After that is the taste of the sweet rice. The mild sweetness of the rice complements the fluid taste of the eggs.

The rest of the ingredients are also very tasty. After biting the grains of ham, the meat juice flows out and complement the mild sweetness of the rice. The prawns give a hint of the ocean taste. The mushroom, bamboo shoots, green peas and shallots provide a fresh taste each time he chews. The combination of these ingredients combined together to form a new taste. After he swallowed the mouthful, the taste of each ingredient continued to linger in his mouth, teasing his taste buds, and desiring more.

“Elder Brother, let me take a spoonful, please.” Harold, who was drooling uncontrollably, suddenly reached out, and looked at Hagard with puppy eyes.

Hagard is the nicest orc among all his brothers. When there are tasty foods, Hagard would cheerfully share them with him. Just one mouthful of the fried rice should not be a problem.

“No way!’ But this time Hagard followed Moby, and grabbed the plate protectively, as he used his body to block Harold. The sound of the spoon scraping the plate could be heard, as Haggard continuous stuffed the fried rice into his mouth.

“Elder Brother, we are brothers. Usually, you will let me eat, right?” Harold did not give up, and made his way to the other side and faced his brother as he begged for a morsel.

Hagard stopped eating for a moment, and swallowed the food in his mouth. Then he grinned and told Harold, “Because usually the food taste bad, arhh”

Harold’s face suddenly stiffened. He looked at his brother Hagard who was happily digging into his meal and enjoying the food with relish. He slowly walked back to his seat with a puzzled expression on his face. There is something with the orc sitting beside him. Is that orc still the brother he knew and the same one that pampers him?

But his focus was quickly recaptured by the Yang Zhou Fried Rice. At long last, the plate of Yang Zhou Fried rice that he had ordered is finally ready!

“Your Yang Zhou fried rice. Please enjoy.” Michael placed the plate of fried rice on the table, and stepped back.

And Amy also walked towards her dad, and looked at Harold with her big, adorable eyes.

At this time, Harold had completely lost track of his surrounds. His eyes and mind were only focused on the plate of Yang Zhou fried rice in front of him. Watching 3 people eating the food in front of him is an agony, especially when he could not even have a tiny taste of the food.

He picked up the spoon, and pick up a large spoonful of rice from the middle of the plate. The smell of this dish is more alluring than the scent of roast meat. He opened his mouth and shoved the spoon into it. Then his eyes grew wider in surprise.

Oh! How can that be? How could this dish taste that wonderful?

All the various ingredients seemed to be dancing on his tongue, and made his taste buds screamed with delight. His body and soul were shouting: Eat more! Eat more! EAT MORRRREEEE!

One mouthful after another, he took huge bites of the rice. He nearly ate the plate as well. In less than a minute, the entire plate of rice was wiped out to the last grain.

“Is it tasty, Loudmouth?” Amy looks at Harold as she asked.

Harold was holding the plate with one hand, and the spoon with another hand. He was surprised by the new nickname for him ‘Loudmouth’ but he stupidly grinned and nodded his head, “Oh, it is really yummy!”

“Then next time if you still want to eat, you are not allowed to shout loudly. Or else I will not let you eat anymore.” Amy folded her hands in front of her chest. She was like an adult scolding a naughty child.

“I won’t do that anymore! I promise!” Harold nodded his head. His behaviour was totally different from the time when he first comes into the restaurant. Right now, he only wants to eat more Yang Zhou Fried rice. One plate is insufficient for a heavy eater like him. If he was banned from this restaurant just because of his loud voice, it would be a huge loss!

As for 600 copper coins, face, and his earlier words, these are no longer important.

No, in the face of this plate of Yang Zhou fried rice, those are not important!

Of course, perhaps it is because it is Amy that is talking to him. Amy is so adorable and scary at the same time. If someone else speaks like that to him, his mace will bash their skull in before they could finish their sentence.

As for Amy, to fight with her is nothing of short of foolhardy. This will get him banned from the restaurant. Plus, he could not win – the fire would burn him to ash in a moment. And most importantly, this girl is too adorable and he could not find it in his heart to attack her. Cuteness x3

He would rather bash his own skull with his mace.

Amy nodded her head in satisfaction. She looked as if she was pleased with Harold reply. She climbed back to the tall stool and smiled sweetly at her father.

Michael smiled and stroked his daughter on her head. This girl is trying her best to protect the restaurant, and she looks super endearing when she is scolding the orc. Amy had been a great help in maintaining the peace and order in the restaurant.

Then he returned to the kitchen to cook again.

Under these customers patronage, Michael was kept busy for the entire afternoon s.h.i.+ft.

There were several passersby who came in as well. Some of these guests were frightened off by the price as usual. But there were several customers who noticed how much the orc, dwarf and human were enjoying their meal, and could not resist the temptation to give it a try. One mouthful, and they are hooked. Without exception, all who given it a try ordered a second plate.

“Burp! Boss, you are a rare talent to be able to cook such a delicious delicacy. We will return here tonight for dinner.” Harold polished off 5 plates of Yang Zhou Fried rice before he was satisfied.

Michael placed a plate of freshly cooked fried rice on another customers’ table, and smiled as he nodded his head in appreciation of the compliment. He loves watching people being converted from sceptical guest to loyal customer.

“5 plates. 5 x 6 = 30. That is 30 gold coins!” Amy stretched out her hands and looked at Harold as she requested payment.

“Young lady, we will pay for the two of us.” Harold pointed at his brother and smiled.

“Then it is ….” Amy thought for a moment. Just when Michael wants to give her a hint, Amy’s eyes lit up, “60 gold coins!”

“All right, this is 6 dragon coins. Please check.” Harold took out 6 dragon coins and placed them in Amy’s outstretched hands. Then he held out his hand and invited Michael to shake his hands, “Boss Mike, my name is Harold, this is my big brother Hagard. Sorry about just now.”

“Do you have a little brother called Haiku [1]?” Michael shook his head, and give a funny look.

“Yi?” Hagard and Harold look stupefied at this question.

“Oh, it is nothing! You are welcomed. Do visit us again.” Michael smiled and did not explain.Notes

[1] Haiku is a j.a.panese poem, with 5-7-5 consonants. It is just a joke, as their name all begins with Ha…



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