Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0035

Chapter 35 –


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“Brother, let’s not eat here! Shall we go to eat some meat and drink some wine?” Harold used the orc tongue to speak to Hagard. If Hagard also eats here, later there will be no one to drink with him.

“Do you want to try one plate? I think that this should be delicious.” Hagard smiled as he asked. “No! Even if I, Harold, is dying of starvation, I will not eat the food from this restaurant. Ever.” Harold shook his head and switched to the common tongue this time. Each word he said was heavily emphasised. He crossed his arms over his chest and gets ready to see the two fools who pay 600 copper coins a plate make a laughing stock of themselves.n.o.body noticed when Amy climbed up the tall stool at the counter. She was looking at Harold and said this very softly, “Some people are really shameless! They said words that they could not keep!

“Harold’s face stiffened. When he heard the voice of Amy, he was a bit tensed. After hearing her words, he was madden with rage, and he swore, “In the name of my mace, I will not eat!”

Harold is an orc that wears his feelings on his face [1]. Moby could easily guess what he is thinking of. But Moby did not explain anything. A dish as tasty as Yang Zhou Fried Rice needs no explanation. Just watching someone else eats it, and you will understand.Conti continued to look into the kitchen with anticipation. He seemed to be unaffected by the earlier conflict, and the smile on his face had never left.

“Please enjoy!” Very quickly, Michael took a plate of Yang Zhou fried rice and placed it in front of Conti. Then he placed a spoon next to the plate.The tempting aroma of the freshly cooked fried rice immediately drifted to the surrounding area.

“This smell!” Harold did not intend to turn around and look. But when he caught a whiff of the tantalising aroma, his eyes lit up. The scent is like a little kitty that scratched and lugged at his heartstrings. After struggling for a short moment, he could not resist the urge to turn around and look at the colourful dish that Conti is eating.

“Oh, it smells wonderful!” Conti looked at the plate in front of him, and immediately praised. His eyes were filled with surprise and delight. This is the first time that he had seen a dish like this.The egg totally encapsulates each grain of rice. 5 to 6 other ingredients were sliced into grain size, and each of these ingredients is exactly the same size. There is almost no difference between the sizes of each ingredient. The most amazing thing is that there are so many ingredients fused together, and is fried. The most amazing thing is the scent! The scent is so fragrant and thick!

Even before he eats, the scrumptious aroma already made him salivated in anticipation. When he picked up the spoon and placed a spoonful of the rice into his mouth, the ingredients immediately unleashed their unique flavours. He could not help closing his eyes in enjoyment.The tender and soft egg made each grain of rice taste much sweeter. The prawns bring with it the unique taste of the sea. The bamboo shoots and the mushrooms taste are refreshing and tender. Everything is combined in just one mouthful. After swallowing the food, the taste lingers on the tongue. This feeling is simply incredible and so enjoyable!

“Gulp.” Harold swallowed his saliva. After he regains his wits, he immediately forced himself to look away. But no one at the same table paid any attention to him. Their focus is on watching Conti.

Michael grinned. Harold’s actions did not escape his sharp eyes.

Amy was leaning on her hands at the countertop, and her eyes also gleamed. It was as if she had seen Harold’s actions as well.

“It is awwwesome!” Conti opened his eyes, give Michael a big thumbs up sign, and immediately eat the plate of fried rice with delish. He could not stop himself. As he expected, his mule is really reliable, and have brought him to this fine restaurant.The most amazing thing is that after he had eaten the Yang Zhou fried rice, there is a warm feeling spreading all over his body. It is like drinking a flask of restoration portion, but much more gentle. It is so comfortable, as if a pair of invisible tiny hands were gently massaging all the stress away from his body.

Michael had already entered the kitchen to cook a plate of fried rice for Moby. Looks like this afternoon will be much busier than yesterday.

Harold had already gulped and swallowed his saliva numerous times. At first, he only secretly turned his eyes around to watch Conti eat. But no, he had turned half his body around, and his gaze never left the plate of fried rice in Conti’s hands. His body posture was posed so that he could leap forwards and snatch the plate at any moment.

Conti quickly finished the plate of fried rice. Looking at the clean plate, he immediately raised his head and proceeded to order one more plate, “This is simply awesome! The most delicious food I ever had! Boss, one more plate of Yang Zhou fried rice, please.”

“All right, please wait a moment,” Michael replied, and his movements become much faster.”Looks&h.e.l.lip;. Appetizing.” Hagard saw the way that Conti devoured all the rice, and his face with filled with antic.i.p.ation and excitement.”Is it really that tasty?” Harold could not resist asking Conti.

“I have never tasted anything that tasted better than this. If you miss it, you will definitely regret it.” Conti smiled and nodded his head. He was in a very good mood, and he did not bear grudges for the earlier conflict.

Harold looked the plate that is cleaner than Conti’s face, and looked at Conti face again. Suddenly he felt that this human smile is genuine. Other than his boasts, this human is not too shabby.When he thought of the words he had said earlier about not eating the food here, Harold suddenly regrets uttering these rash words. Right now, he is in a dilemma. If he orders a plate of fried rice, the young la.s.s will laugh at him.

“Please enjoy your meal.” Michael placed the plate of fried rice in front of Moby.The freshly cooked plate of Yang Zhou fried rice is still piping hot. The fresh and tender shallots on top made it look even more appealing. The same mouth-watering aroma that tempted seduced and lugged at his heartstrings whiffed out. Only this time, because of the close proximity, the smell is much stronger.

Harold saw that Michael was standing beside him as he served Moby. The orc immediately crossed his arms and show a black face. But his gaze never left the plate of Yang Zhou Fried rice, and his nose sniffed hard. As if he wants to drink in the aroma.

“Great!” Moby had already picked up the spoon and immediately begin to enjoy his meal. Arh…. the same delicious and familiar taste. Even though he had eaten at least 10 plates of this dish, he could never have enough of it. The colourful and yummy rice, the same mouth-watering aroma, continued to intoxicate him as he buried his head into eating the rice.

Harold gulped again.

Michael immediately returned to the kitchen. In his heart, he was wondering how many plates of fried rice it Moby and Hagard will finish before Harold crave in and order one plate for himself.As soon as Michael left, Harold dropped all pretence, and place his hands on the table. He leaned over towards Moby and whispered, “Boss Moby, is it really that yummy?”

“You have known me for a long time. Do you think that I am lying to you?” Moby continued to eat as he replied. Oh, the same comfortable and soothing sensation had returned, and it is soothing his sore and tired muscles. It is so comfortable that he almost moaned in pleasure.

“Let me try one mouthful?” Harold saw the expression of delight on Moby’s face and he could not resist it anymore.

“No! Definitely not! Moby immediately grabbed hold of the plate, as if he was worried that Harold will s.n.a.t.c.h his meal from him. Moby pointed at the menu and barked, “Just order one plate and try it yourself!”

“This…” Harold looks at the menu on the desk, and could not resist turning his head around to look at Amy. He is really in a jam! Oh, why did he declared that he would not dine here? And even swore on his mace? Now if he wants to order a plate of fried rice, it would be a slap in his face.

But… But… this plate of fried rice smells…so heavenly! And it keeps tugging at his heartstrings. Looking at the expressions of blessed on Moby and Conti faces when they enjoyed the taste, he really wants…;. No, he desires to eat it as well.

“Aiya! If someone wants to eat, then I will pretend that I never heard him swore anything. After all, the rainbow fried rice that my Papa cooks is so yummy that it is normal if you cannot resist its allure. It really could not be helped, lah!” At this time, Amy sighed and turned her face towards the kitchen.



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