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Chapter 34 –


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Michael was intending to save his dignity as the owner of the restaurant. But after the display of might by Amy, he discovered that there is no need to do so anymore. The expressions on their face had already said it all. They were extremely fearful of the fireball in Amy’s hand.

And Amy’s actions of protecting him by showing her fireball skills made him felt warm in his heart. She is so sweet! [1]

“Harold, if you still regard me as a friend, please sit down. Do not create trouble here.” Moby looked at Harold and sternly said. If this rashness caused him to be banned from the restaurant or damage the restaurant, he will not be able to eat any more Yang Zhou fried rice. That would be a great loss for him.

“Gu Lu Gu Lu…..” Hagard pulled Harold’s shirt and used the tongue and said a bunch of words. From their body expression, Hagard seemed to be advising him not to continue creating trouble.

Harold looked at Michael and looked at the fireball in Amy’s hand. He was embarrassed. He is scared of Amy’s fireball.

Of course, he is also scared of Michael, who was standing behind Amy. Even this half-elf girl could create such a powerful fireball. Michael’s power must be even more formidable?

But Harold is a powerful warrior. If he is frightened back into his seat, he will be teased and laughed at by his tribe warriors. Therefore, Harold did not know what to do. He could not sit down, for his pride would not allow it. He could not continue to stand, as this will offend Moby, Amy and the restaurant owner. He was struck between a rock and a hard place.

Michael saw the expression on Harold’s face and wanted to laugh. He had never expected to be considered an expert by others.

He thought that this is not a bad situation and he could use this misunderstanding to his advantage. This will allow him to intimidate the rowdy and rash Orcs, and maybe protect his business. He remained calm, and stroke Amy on her hair, and smiled, “Amy, the guest did not have any hostile intent. Keep the fire.”

“All right.” Amy obedient clutched her tiny fist, and the fireball immediately extinguished. But she still glared at Harold hostilely, as if daring him to try anything.

Harold heaved a sigh of relief. He looked at Michael. This human at least knows what is good for himself. As a restaurant owner, how could he attack his guests? With Harold’s status, many people will at least give him some face. Harold prepared to use some threatening words to get back his self esteem.

But before he could say another word, Michael had already informed him, “Guest, you are forbidden from raising your voice, as this will affect the other guests’ enjoyment of their meal. At the same time, you must not fight or taunt others within this restaurant. Otherwise you will be blacklisted by this restaurant, and banned from dining here in future.”

“What?” Harold’s eyes widen in surprise. This is the first time he had heard of these rules. Did this man think that he will be intimidated? Anger raised within him, and he was about to erupt in fury.

“Papa said that you are not allowed to talk too loud! So you should not shout or talk loudly! If you do not listen to my father, I will use the fire and burn you!” Amy looked at Harold and earnestly says this. She pointed her palm at Harold, and looked as if she would launch the fireball at any moment if he dares to talk back.

Harold’s first instincts is to run away as far as possible from that deadly fireball. But his pride as an warrior does not permit him to do. In his heart, he was really furious. But he could take out his fury on a young child. As well, the young la.s.s’s fireball is really, really scary! Therefore, despite his frustrations, he had no choice but to hold it in.

“Gu Lu Gu….” Hagard pulled Harold’s hands and again engaged him in some language. Then he pulled Harold to a seat. Finally he turned towards Michael and used common tongue to say, “Sor…ry, My… little brother…. temper… bad….. not good…..”

“It is all right, there is a menu on the table. Please have a look before you order. Once you are ready to order, just let me know.” Michael smiled and nodded his head. This looks more approachable. At least he can control his rage. Is an that could control his temper is an ? But in his restaurant, all must abide by his rules. The rules are: Read this chapter from prosperous food translations. 

Michael finished speaking, and nodded towards Moby and Conti. Then he returned to the kitchen and begin to cook the fried rice for Conti.

“A short while later, you will definitely find out how good my Papa is!” Amy glared at Harold. She felt quite bored, and quickly returned under the counter to look at the huge egg.

“Boss Moby, what does this restaurant sells that give it the guts to impose so many restrictions on its guest?” Harold asked Moby in frustration. But his voice was a tad softer.

“See for yourself.” Moby saw that Michael was not angry at him, and his mood become much better. He smiled and passed the menu to Harold.

These two orcs are his regular customers. They are the son of a chieftain that had control over a gold mine. In their tribe, many of the orcs’ weapons are crafted by him. One thousand gold coins per weapon. This customer is really rich!

Because the two orcs frequently come to the City of Sin to purchase several items, they have become familiar with the dwarven blacksmith. Sometimes they went out to eat together. These two orcs love to eat fine food, and they have a voracious appetite.

“What are you trying to hide? Let me see it for myself.” Harold opened the menu, and looked at it. Then he thought that he had seen wrongly. He turned the menu around, and finally noticed the tiny words that were covered by his fingers. He looked at Moby with an absurd expression, “Boss Moby, did you make a mistake? There is only one dish on the menu? The entire restaurant only sells one dish? And what is this thing called ‘Yang Zhou Fried Rice’? Just one plate of this dish cost 600 copper coins!”

“Of course it is something good!” Moby smiled as he looked at the dumbfounded expression on their face. This is exactly what he felt when he first comes to this restaurant! “Do not say that I did not tell you about this, but the Yang Zhou fried rice is the tastiest thing I ever had the pleasure to eat.”

First, he was ignored by a fake knight. Then he was frightened by a young girl. Then he was warned by a chef not to talk loudly. At this time, Harold was feeling very annoyed.

After looking at this menu, Harold felt that by leading them to this restaurant, Moby wants to cheat them of their monies. They have already ordered so many weapons from him, and did not expect him to be this type of person.

Looks like after this transaction, there is a need to find a more reliable blacksmith. 600 copper coins in Fayer restaurant would be enough for a big plate of roast beef and a jar of wine. He immediately shook his head, “This thing does not seem to have much meat. I do not want to eat this.”

“Boss…. [2], tasty…, I …. want…one.” Hagard informed Michael.

“Great, please wait a moment.” Michael replied.

Harold’s voice is much milder in volume than when he first came into the restaurant. Still, Michael overheard his remarks. The same words were said by Moby. Since he is sitting at the same table as Moby and Hagard, then there is nothing that a plate of Yang Zhou fried rice could not handle.

If such a thing exists, then two plates should do the trick.

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[1] 贴心小棉袄 – translates as ‘Sweet Cotton Jacket’. A slang for saying someone is “Sweet and warms the heart.” I just translated it as sweet, since I have already said Michael felt a warm feeling in his heart earlier.




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