Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0032

Chapter 32 –


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Michael took 3 minutes to grieve for the un-hatched bird. At the same time, he was bemused by Amy’s fixation on having roasted goose. Looks like he needs to quickly complete the tasks set by the system, then try to see if he could learn how to make roast goose.

Of course, if he could learn how to make Peking duck, it would be awesome.

After opening the door and entering the restaurant, Amy placed the basket into the cabinet under the counter. She squatted down and whispered something to that egg, and gently closed the door of the cabinet. As if she was worried about disturbing the creature inside the egg.

“Papa, how long will ugly duckling take before it hatches from the egg?” Amy looked at Michael and asked excitedly.

“I am not too sure about this. Maybe we need to wait until summer next year.” Michael shook his head. He had no idea about the incubation period of birds.

“Summer arh… that is very long time….” Amy thought about it and was quite disappointed.

Michael thinks for a bit, and finally had an idea, “If it is a bit warmer, maybe it will hatch faster. Just like the mother duck sitting on the egg to warm it.”

Amy’s eyes immediately shone. “Then I will sit on that egg as well?”

Michael tried hard not to laugh, and shook his head, “That will not work. Go and take the small towel in the room, and use it to cover the top of the egg. This should do it!”

“All right!” Amy happily replied, and immediately rushed up the stairs.

“I hope that it is really a swan’s egg, but I know that this is highly unlikely,” Michael muttered to himself. He entered the kitchen and poured two glasses of water.

After helping Amy to use the towel to cover the egg, Michael nodded that it is already 11:25 am. It is almost time to open the restaurant for business.

Amy was squatting on the floor and saying, “Ugly duckling, do your best. Quickly grow up ….” 

Michael looked at Amy, and wonders if he should buy a roast goose for Amy to eat so that she will not be so focused on that egg.

A few minutes passed by very quickly. Soon it is 11:30 in the morning. Michael walked towards the door and flipped the “We are closed” sign to “Welcome, please come in”.

Although the number of people in the vicinity still very few, the splendour of the restaurant’s exterior façade had attracted a number of curious passersby. Two dwarves entered the restaurant, as well as an Orc. But all of them immediately shook their head and left once they seen the menu.

By now, Michael is used to this. This is quite normal. Not everyone likes to eat Yang Zhou Fried Rice. And for most of these people, they did not even know what Yang Zhou Fried Rice is.  Instead of spending 6 gold coins to try something unknown, why not spend these monies on a large slab of roast meat and some wine?

“I guess that this afternoon only Moby and his friends will dine here.” Michael thought. He was feeling quite helpless. This is already the second day of business. So far, he had only sold 8 plates of Yang Zhou Fried Rice. If he wants to complete the task, he must sell approximately 500 plates of Yang Zhou Fried Rice within 9 days. This is nothing short of mission impossible.

At this time, from outside the restaurant, the sound of horses neighing rang out. Michael looked out of the restaurant through the glass window. He almost laughed out loud.

The sound of neighing did not belong to a horse – rather it belongs to a black colour donkey. Sitting on the donkey is a human knight dressed in silver colour light armour. He is highly muscular and big in size. When he sits on the donkey, his feet almost touched the ground.

The rider looks approximately 30 years of age, squared-face, and his long black hair was slouched with a grey cloth. One of his hands was holding to the donkey’s harness, and the other hand was placed on the long sword on his waist. He stopped right outside the restaurant, and smiled when he looked at the signboard.

“Mickey Restaurant? This name is very nice! I will have my lunch in this place.” Conti Nicholas smiled as he talked to himself, and leapt down from his donkey. He tied the donkey to a tree nearby, and walked into the restaurant.

“Welcome!”Michael noticed that this knight’s sword is adorned with precious jewels. He smiled. This knight could probably afford to eat here.

“Hello, I am hungry! What do you have here?” Conti also smiled back at Michael. Unlike other guests, he did not first evaluate Michael and immediately accepted him.

“There is a menu on the table. You may first peruse it.” Michael pointed at the black coloured menu. This knight is very warm, friendly, and happy. It seemed like this knight has no worries.

“Great!” Conti sat down and opened the menu. When he saw that there was only one item on the menu, he was surprised. But he quickly smiled again, and looked at Michael, “Boss, one plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice please.”

“All right, please wait a moment.” Michael looks at Conti, who never failed to smile. He was astonished. This is the first time that he had seen a customer that immediately placed an order after looking at the menu. It was as if this customer need not consider the price at all.

But he did not reveal any expression on his face. After all, this is the type of customers that Michael loves. This type of customers never needs to consider if they will regret their decision. They have money to spend. We are broke. Please support us by reading at prosperous food translations. 

Michael smiled and nodded his head, and immediately made his way into the kitchen.

“The interior décor is pretty good!” Conti placed his long sword on the table. Then he evaluated this restaurant. He looked very pleased with the ambience of the place.

“Hello, the new customer!” At this time, Amy who was squatting behind the counter suddenly looked up from the counter and greeted Conti.

“Hu!” Conti immediately jumped up on top of the chair that he was sitting on, and he had already half-unsheathed the long sword in his hand. He is tensed and ready for action in an instant.

Amy was shocked at Conti massive reaction. But looking at the fine quality armour and the jewel encrusted sword, Amy was curious and walk out from behind the counter, and asked, “Are you a knight?”

Conti saw that this is just an adorable little girl of approximately 3-4 years old. He was embarra.s.sed and quickly sheathed his sword. After jumping down from that chair, he proudly rubbed his chin as he boasted, “No, I am a dragon slayer knight. Although I have not seen a dragon before, I believe that one day I will definitely slay a dragon with my blade!”

Michael heard the sounds of movement and also looked back. When he heard the boast of the knight, he could not resist laughing. From Michael McGonagall’s memories, there were several knights like this man that aspire to be a dragon slayer. But unlike others, Michael McGonagall had killed dragons before, and it not only one dragon have fallen under the blade of Michael McGonogall.

“Woah! That is amazing!” Amy clapped her hands, and looked at Conti with admiration. She pointed at the long sword in his hand, “Therefore you have defeated a lot of powerful opponents?”

“I do not like to compete against other humans or demi-humans. The one that I respect and admire the most is Michael McGonagall. He had already killed at least 4 rampaging dragons that territories the town folks, and is one of the bravest and most powerful knights.” Conti smiled, and his gaze was full of admiration and respect.

Then he looked down at Amy, “Little girl, if you like knights, then you should like knights like Michael McGonagall.”

“Michael? Isn’t that my Papa?” Amy asked Conti with a look of scepticism on her face.




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