Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0031

Chapter 31 –


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“Charcoal Black, shut up!” The elderly mage that was wearing black colour robes immediately barked. His expression was quite fierce. This mage, Julian, looks at the disappearing figures of the father and daughter pair, and muttered, “That magic is really strong! Is that young ‘un a genius in magic? Or is that man a hidden expert?”

“Right now you are really charcoal black!” The green parrot looked at the crow and giggled in glee. She was very excited to see the crow’s misfortune.

“Old man, please address me as your Majesty, Fama.Odin the king. My royal robes were burned by the young girl. Quickly get me a new robe! Also, I want the most beautiful royal robes so that my beautiful naked figure will not be seen by others.” The crow demanded.

It sniffed around and asked, “What the crap is going on? There is a smell of roast bird in the air!”

“If you continued to talk rubbish, I will feed you the new experimental potions.” Julian glared at the black crow with an expressionless face. At this moment, to the crow, Julian’s voice is like that of a demon from the deepest reaches of hell.

The crow immediately gave up. He pointed to the area between his feet, and requested, “Then…. then can you please give me 2 pieces of tree leaves? Otherwise, I feel embarrassed as my private parts are displayed for all to see.” This site’s private parts are visible to all. Especially if you can read this. Because this site uses bots to steal content from translators.

“Green Beans, help to get two leaves for him.”After saying this, Julian returned to shop. He was muttering to himself, “Strange. Why didn’t I detect the flow of magic earlier? Maybe he and I can have a friendly battle and pit our skills against each other!”

“Master Julian, in future, if you want me to help, please call me Sunny and not Green Beans.” The green colour parrot corrected Julian. Then it used its beak to open the lock of the cage, and flew to a tree. In a short while, it returned with two leaves, and dropped them in front of the Charcoal Black, the crow.

Finally, it flew back to its cage, and locked the door of the cage, and continued to groom itself.

“Never did I expect that a king like me would become like this!” Charcoal Black sighed. It glanced around and used the two pieces of leaves to cover its body, especially its private parts.

Michael held on to Amy’s hand as they walked around the distinct. After burning the crow that had repeatedly tormented her with its words, Amy was very happy. She would sometimes skip on ahead, then stop and wait for her father. Then she would run on again.

Michael has around 10 gold coins on him. Although money is very important for him at this moment, Amy’s happiness is more important. Should Amy wants to purchase anything, he is more than willing to spend these monies.

Luckily, Amy is not a greedy girl. After walking around for 30 minutes, she only liked a puppet toy.

After that, Michael brought Amy to the largest wet market in Arden Plaza. Unfortunately, there are no swans for sale here today, and no ugly ducklings either.

However, there are ducklings for sale. But Michael was worried that when these ducklings grew up, they will not become pretty swans. Then Amy will be very unhappy. Therefore, he did not purchase these.

The ingredients in the wet market are very cheap. However, the [System] insisted that he is not allowed to bring in ingredients purchased from other vendors. As a result, Michael did not purchase any ingredients either.

“Papa, there are no ugly ducklings for sale here today?” Outside of the wet market, Amy looked at Michael with a crestfallen look on her face.

“The bosses said that at this time the ugly ducklings had not been born yet. Therefore, we may need to wait for some time before we can buy it.” Michael nodded his head. He was thinking how to best console Amy. Right now it is autumn. It is very rare to see swans in this vicinity of the City of Sin at this time. As a result, it is very unlikely for them to find ugly ducklings for a long time.

“Yi!” Michael had not even consoled her yet, but Amy was already attracted to a roadside vendor. She ran towards that vendor and squatted down, looked at it for a moment, and beckon to her father, “Papa, come and see this! This must be an ugly duckling’s egg.”

“Oh?” Michael walked over. The stall owner is a black-skinned middle age man. He had baskets of herbs and all over and looked like he had foraged these herbs from the surrounding area.

His rough hands were covered with ropes marks as a result of using climbing ropes for long periods of time. The sacks on the ground were packed with a bag of herbs, and a small pile of grass was placed at his feet, with a large grey-white egg on the side.

“Papa, let’s buy this egg home! You said that there is no ugly duckling for sale now. But we can buy this egg home and hatch it!” Amy pointed at that egg, and looked at Michael. You could see from her eyes how much she really wanted it.

“All right.” Michael smiled and nodded. Today this young girl had been disappointed many times when she did not find any ugly ducklings. He wanted her to be happy.

Michael turned around and asked the vendor, “Boss, what type of egg is this?”

The vendor smiled as he said, “This arh… I am not too sure. Yesterday when I was picking herbs, I discovered this egg on a cliff. That place is very high up, and is fairly inaccessible for most animals. I think that this is a sort of bird’s egg. “

“How much?” Michael’s eyes gleamed. If this is a bird egg, and a flying bird at that, then it should be similar to a swan. After all, this egg is quite big, and he reckoned that it could be bigger than an ostrich. If future, he could let Amy ride on this bird, and use this bird as a mount.

“If this young lady likes it, then….. 3 gold coins will do!” The vendor looked at Amy, who was really excited about the egg, and smiled.

“All right, here are 3 gold coins.” Michael handed over 3 gold coins to the vendor. This man risked his life to gather rare plants and herbs on the cliff. This is very dangerous and is using his life to exchange for money. Therefore, Michael did not want to haggle over the price.

As well, this egg is really big. If it hatched into a large bird that could be used as a mount in future, 3 gold coins is not a lot of monies to pay for this bird.

“Thank you. I throw in a bonus for this young lady. See this basket? It is a gift from me. You can use it to put the egg inside.” The vendor was very happy at having a sale, and placed the egg and some straws into a woven basket. Then he pa.s.sed the basket to Amy.

“Amy, quickly thank this uncle.” Michael immediately reminded Amy.

“Thank you, uncle!” Amy sweetly grinned. Then she happily picked up the basket with both hands, and whispered, “Ugly duckling, you must be nice arh…. Wait for me to hatch you, arh….”

“There is no need for thanks!” The vendor waved his hands, and smiled at Michael. “My daughter is about the same age as her, and also loves to keep animals as pets. But she already had two monkeys as pets, and I could not afford to keep another pet.”

“This young lady every day would mutter about having a pet. I hope that she will like it when it hatched.” Michael also smiled, and looked at Amy with loving eyes.

They waved goodbye to that vendor. Michael wanted to help Amy to carry the egg, but Amy stubbornly refused. She used her own two hands to lift the massive basket with the egg and proceed to make their way home. Michael, who was walking behind her, was worried that she may fall onto the pavement.

After about 30 minutes, Amy gently placed the basket on the stairs leading to their home, and catch her breath. She looked back at her father who was keeping an eye out for her and said, “Papa, thank you for buying this ugly duckling egg for me! I will definitely take good care of it.”

“En, but just now the vendor said that this may not be the egg of an ugly duckling. It could also be the egg of other birds.” Michael took out a towel and wiped her sweat, and informed her gently. He informed her that she should read this chapter at sites that hosted this chapter without permission from the translators at prosperous food dot com

Amy shook her head, “No, I believe that this is definitely the egg of an ugly duckling. I will hatch it, and then grow it until it becomes a big, white swan, then… and then…..”

And then Michael saw Amy drooling heaps of saliva..….




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