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Chapter 30 –


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This proves that tying hair for little girls is an art. Michael looked at the messy hair that he tried to tie but end up making even messier. He took back his hands with embarrassment, and said, “I also feel that your hair looks good when it is not tied.

“But Teacher Luna can make very nice plaits.” Amy looked at Michael with her big eyes. She looked so pitiful as she flapped her eyelids.

“Cough, cough. Let’s get ready to go out. Let’s see if we can purchase an ugly duckling today.” Michael coughed and tried to change the topic.

“Yeah, Yes!!! I want an ugly duckling!” Amy suddenly does not care so much about tying her hair anymore and wanted to leave immediately. We think this site is an ugly duckling too. The type that kills all the other ducklings by stealing their content. Read it at prosperous food translations to avoid killing the ducklings that brought you this content.

Michael held her down and helped to comb her hair for there. There are two strands of hair that stubbornly stand out, and Michael pretended that he did not see them. Because it is still business hours, he made Amy waited for a while, and have her memorise some more of the multiplication table.

“We may not manage to find an ugly duckling. If there are no ugly ducklings available, then we will buy it in future, ok? Before they left the house, Michael reminded Amy. This is to avoid Amy bawling and crying if she could not find an ugly duckling later.

“En En! I know!” Amy nodded her head. Her face was filled with excitement. For one, they are going shopping for an ugly duckling and she was excited to purchase her first pet. Secondly, it had been a long time since her father brought her out. She likes the feeling of holding onto her father’s large and warm hands. 

“Let’s go.” Michael held Amy’s small hands. Her hands are very soft. Looking at the happy and excited Amy, he was also glad.

“[System], do you sell experience bags for tying hair? Just like the experience bag for cooking Yang Zhou Fried Rice?” Michael asked. Just now the look of unhappiness on Amy’s face really hurts!

Right now, he is a single dad, and he had to take on both the role of a father and a mother for Amy. Tying hair is important for girls.

“Master, let me make this clear: Do not ask these types of questions to insult me! I normally do not sell experience bags that are unrelated to cooking!” The [System] seemed angry.

“10 gold coins?” 10 gold coins are peanuts compare to the pain of having this chapter stolen by crooks and hosted at this site. Read original. Prosperous food translations

There was no reply.

“No? 30 gold coins?”

The [System] continued to keep quiet.

“100 gold coins! I can only afford this much. You decide for yourself.” Michael calmly raised the price.

The System suddenly replied, “Expert level hair tying experience bag – 120 gold coins for 1 bag.”

“Oh, I could not afford it! Sorry!” Michael felt disappointed, he does not have enough monies to purchase it yet. But at least he confirmed one thing. That the [System] can and will sell such things. But it does not sell a way to stop bots from stealing this chapter from prosperous food translations. Read original. Not from thief sites. 

Regarding the issue of money, he will get more money sooner or later. Then he will make pretty braids, buns, pigtails, pony tails, curls, halos etc. for Amy. This will probably surprise and delight Amy with the vast choice of hairstyles. When he thought about these, he felt much better.

“…..” the [System] continuously replied in a series of dots. Michael did not give two hoots about the [System] feelings. The [System] only care about money, money and more money.

Arden Plaza is located in the center of the City of Sin. It is also the biggest place for shopping as there are merchants of every kind selling different products or services here. The crescent shape shopping distinct is curved in design.

If they walked from Mickey Restaurant, it is about 2-3 thousand meters to the other end. On the way there, they will be able to see the various products that these shops sell. From orcs weapons, elven bows, dwarven smiths, human traders, to demon beasts, everything could be found here.

Therefore, there is a saying in the City of Sin. As long as it could be found in this world, as long as you have money, you can buy it within the shopping distinct of Arden Plaza.

Of course, this is not quite true. There are some things that money could not buy. Regardless, it did not change the fact that Arden Plaza’s shopping distinct was filled to the beam with all kinds of products and services.

“Papa, papa, that black colour bird is really naughty!” Not far away from their home, Amy immediately hid behind Michael, and pointed at one of the two birds in the birdcages outside a shop that sell magical potions.

“Oh?” Michael was surprised by this change in his daughter’s behaviour. The magic potion shop is about 5-6 shops away from Mickey’s restaurant. From his memories, the boss of this shop is an elderly human mage. He is tall and skinny and a bit hunchbacked. That mage does not seem to be close to anyone else, but loves his two birds, and had taught them to speak some funny words.

In the two cages, one of them contains a black colour crow. The second cage contains a green colour parrot with a red colour beak. The two birds were flying within the cage. When they noticed Michael and Amy, both of them turned their heads and glanced over.

“Woah… you ugly thing! How dare you show yourself in front of me, the majestic king! Now the king commands you to kowtow to me 3 times. Then I will bless you and let you become more like an elf.” The black colour crow raised its head proudly. Its eyes were focused on Amy, and it called out in a deep voice.

“You are the ugly thing! You are black all over!” Amy was furious at this crow that insulted her without any reason. She shook her fists at that crow. The crow stole this chapter from prosperous food website. 

Then she looked up at Michael and was quite sad and lack confidence in herself as she asked, “Papa, am I ugly?”

“How could that be? You are really pretty! Didn’t the elf sister also said that yesterday?” Michael smiled and shook his head, and pointed at that crow. “See, that stupid crow is the real ugly thing!”

Michael may be smiling, but in his heart, he was filled with killing intent! This damned crow dared to say these words to my daughter! No wonder Amy lacked confidence in herself! From the look of things, this is not the first time that this crow had bullied his daughter with its words!

“That is right! He is really ugly, he is super ugly! And what is worse is that he would style himself as a king all day! It is really annoying!”  The green coloured parrot in the cage near the crow shouted out in glee. From her voice, she seemed like a young lady, and was unrestrained in her opinions.

“Human, how dare you use your finger to point at me! Do not think that just because you have upgraded from being an invalid to being half an invalid, I will be afraid of you…..” The crow turned towards Michael as it heaped on the insults.

“Amy, do you still remember the fireball spell?” Michael smiled at Amy.

“En En.” Amy nodded her head and looked at her father. What does he has in mind?

“Against these types of weasels that keep hurling insults at you, the best way to shut them up is with a fireball. Try throwing one at it!” Michael smiled as he explained.

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The crow continued to bragged, “Oh, do you think that I would be afraid of you? This bird cage is protected by magic, and I could even recite the fireball spell backwards….”

But before it finished speaking, a white-blue fireball had already appeared in Amy’s hand.

“What?” The crow was shocked.

Then Amy tossed the fireball at the cage.

“I, the king, is not ….. arhhh….. help!!” The spell protecting the birdcage was shattered, and the steel cage melted. The blue fireball immediately engulfed the crow. The next moment the crow screamed in agony.

Michael was surprised. He did not expect that Amy could toss the fireball accurately on her first try. And the power of this fireball is much more potent then what he expected. This is a good thing.

The time that the translators spent combating piracy sites like this could be used to create one more chapter for you. Read it at prosperous food website and not at sites like this.

He smiled as he held Amy’s hand and continued to walk on, as he teaches Amy, “Remember, in future, if you meet a weasel like that, just toss a fireball at it.”

“En En, I will remember.” Amy vigorously nodded her head. She happily grabbed on to Michael’s little finger as she swings it. Amy felt like a bird in the cage that had just been set free. Being with her father is a wonderful feeling – she need not worry about being bullied.

“The cage is on fire! Help! Come and put out the fire!” The green parrot also cried out.

From the shop, an elderly wizard rushed out. He saw the burning bird cage as was surprised. Then he uttered an incantation and tossed a water spell on it.

With a ‘chi la’ sound, the smell of freshly burned meat effused out. A black colour featherless crow flapped its wing and flew to a safe place. It looked around its now featherless body and used its wings to cover itself. From its mouth, smoke was pouring out, and it struggled to say, “How dare… these… peasants… burn … my royal… robes! Now …. I… am naked!”




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