Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0029

Chapter 29 –


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At 6.30 am in the next morning, Michael woke up. In a world where there were no games or movies to kill time, the night seemed especially long. The good news is that the quality of sleep was much better.

“Oh, yes, [System], do you sell TV? There are computers? Cell phones? PS4? WiFi?” When he brushed his teeth, Michael suddenly thought of the system and couldn’t help but ask in his heart.

“Please show some respect! This system does not provide non-kitchen appliances! Does not provide free WiFi!” The system protested loudly.

“Don’t panic, I do not have the money to buy it at this time.” Michael calmly spits out the toothpaste in his mouth. Base on the [System] reply, most of the items can be purchased with money. However, right now, he does not have sufficient funds to afford these luxuries. And also if WiFi is not free, it means that if you pay for it, it is available.

After bathing, Michael took out the little skirt that he had washed and dried. He placed the clothes on the bed. Today they are going out to purchase an ugly duckling for Amy, and her pyjamas are not suitable for going out in.

Michael opened the door and take a look. The sign had already been changed to include the restaurant opening hours. There is also a device there that countdown to the rest day when the restaurant will be close. Right now this countdown timer shows the figure 6.

This world also uses the same twenty-four hours system as that of Earth. With the efforts of dwarf artisans, clockwork watches have become popular.

There are also crystal watches that are considered superior to the clockwork watches. But the prices of these crystal watches are very expensive, and only the wealthy and affluent can afford one of these.

Because the restaurant is not open for business at this time, Michael decided to jog in the square in front of the restaurant to improve his constitution. His constitution is really very bad. He felt breathless after running for a while, and after 20 minutes, he could not continue to jog anymore.

“Boss Mike, what are you doing so early in the morning?” Moby just opened the door and looked surprised to see a breathless Michael.

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“I am just having some exercise! Boss Moby had already started doing business so early in morning?” Michael smiled back. Mickey restaurant and Moby’s weapons shop were only a meter apart from each other. In the past, he could hear the sound of the hammer as it beat against the weapon and the anvil. But now that his restaurant had been renovated, it had excellent soundproof walls and the noise of the smithy next door could not be heard from within the restaurant.

“Yeah, I’m going to go to your restaurant to have two plates of Yangzhou fried rice and start work.” Moby nodded. After eating two meals yesterday, he had completely fallen in love with the taste Yangzhou fried rice.

And this morning, Moby feels very comfortable. All the fatigue he felt every morning was gone. Even his waist, which used to be very painful each morning he woke up, doesn’t hurt this morning.

“The restaurant is open at 7:30 in the morning. The specific hours of business are written on the door sign. I will open the restaurant for business in a short while. Right now, I am going back to clean the place and prepare the ingredients.” Michael smiled.

“Well then, I’ll wait for a while.” Moby groaned. Usually, when someone else’s restaurant had guests, they would immediately open for business. He did not expect Michael to set the business hours and stick to this schedule.

However, when Moby considered that Michael could make such delicious and magical Yangzhou fried rice, the rules seem quite reasonable.

Michael returned to the restaurant, went upstairs and washed his face. Amy had just woke up and changed her clothes. She walked over, raising her tiny arms and asked: “Papa, hug, hug!”

The little girl just woke up and her hair was quite messy. She looked very adorable with her outstretched hands and begging for a hug. Michael couldn’t help but lean over hugged her, “I hug you for a short while, and then you must brush your teeth and wash your face. We are opening the restaurant for business soon.”

“En En” Amy nodded her head, and hugged Michael on his neck. Then she released him and picked up her toothbrush and toothpaste. She looked up at Michael and said, “I know how to do it by myself. You go and get ready first!”

“All right!” Michael nodded with a smile. He pretended to go out, and but stood outside the door for a while to observe his daughter. When he noticed that Amy knows how to brush her teeth, he was relieved and went downstairs.

The time was exactly 7:30 when Michael opened the door. Moby was looking at the business hours on the small sign at the door. This content is provided by prosperous food translations.

“We are open for business, please come in,” Michael said with a polite smile.

“Great! Two plates of Yangzhou fried rice, please. I have been waiting for some time.” Moby smiled and walked up to the dining area.

“Grandpa Dwarf Moby, good morning!” Moby had just sat down when Amy rushed down. She saw him and greeted him politely. Amy looked at Michael and pointed to her messy hair and asked, “Papa, please can you help me tie my hair. It seems to be a bit too long.”

“Tie your hair?” Michael looked at the purple colour hairband in Amy’s hand. It was a bit embarra.s.sing. He didn’t really know how to do this kind of thing. He had to learn this. Luckily he had a perfect excuse, “Amy, sit first. I will help you tie your hair after I have cooked the breakfast for Grandpa Moby, ok?”

“Ok!” Amy nodded her head. She obediently kept her hair band and sat down as she waited for Michael.

Michael quickly served Moby the first plate of Yangzhou fried rice, and then continued to cook the second plate for Moby.

When Michael brought Amy’s Yangzhou fried rice out, Moby just finished eating both plates of Fried Rice.

“Two plates of fried rice, a total of twelve gold coins, please pay up.” Amy stood beside Moby, reaching out with her tiny hands and requested for payment.

“Twelve gold coins, little boss, please count.” Moby smiled and put the gold coins in the palm of Amy’s hand. He had grown accustomed to the little gal’s att.i.tude when she collected the money.

Moby smiled and said. : “Boss Mike, today’s Yangzhou fried rice is also very delicious! But there are not many people here, so the business is probably not too good?”

“Yes, there are few customers.” Michael nodded. This is also his sore spot. No matter how good the food he cooked is, it is of no use if no one dined here.

“Then I leave first. Maybe I can bring you two guests at noon. The type that is not worried about the cost of the meal.” Moby said with a smile, and looked at Amy, who was carefully counting the coins.

“Thank you,” Michael smiled. A positive word of mouth came is the quickest way to increase the number of guests.

“You’re welcome.” Moby waved his hand and left the restaurant.

Michael let Amy eat her breakfast first. Then he made a plate of fried rice for himself. Once he finished his meal, the hunger and fatigue after jogging in the morning were swept away. He was refreshed and felt good.

When Michael noticed that he did not have any more customers this morning, he gamely decided to help Amy to tie her hair. He looked at the hair band on Amy’s hand, and picked it up, and said, “Amy, I do not know how to tie the hair.”

“Papa, I believe in you.” Amy looked back at him with encouragement. She found a small mirror and looked into the small mirror with excitement. Teacher Luna had helped her to tie her hair before, but her father has never tied it yet.

“Then I begin.” Michael was still a bit nervous. He reached out and held Amy’s supple hair while thinking about the different hairstyles for girls. The easiest thing was to use a single ponytail, or to tie it into a ball.

10 minutes later, Amy put down the mirror in her hand, and looked back at her father. Michael was sweating buckets of perspiration and was trying to tie the hair nicely, without much success. She pouted and said, “Papa, I decided that my hair looks best when it is untied.”




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