Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0027

Chapter 27 –


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Michael took the second plate of the [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] for Sally and place it in front of her. “Please enjoy!”

“Thank you.” Sally politely replied. She picked up the spoon. Right now, she is focused only on the fried rice in front of her. She placed a spoonful of rice into her mouth, and chewed slowly. This allows her to enjoy the various taste of each ingredient as it slowly melted in her mouth. Sally was intoxicated by this new sensation.

“Papa, 12 gold coins, I counted it in an instant!” Amy took the money and looked at Michael. Her face was saying, “Quick, quick, praise me! Praise me!”

“En, you are really smart! What you have learned is very useful, and you collected the right amount of money! Looks like you have a good mastery of what you have learnt today.” Michael smiled as he stroked Amy on her hair, and accept the monies in her hands. Amy is really a clever girl and learns very fast.

“En En, tomorrow I will also try hard.” Amy nodded her head in happiness. So the multiplication table is not that hard, just that 3 x 6… 3 x 6 … Aiya, I will think about it tomorrow!

“Papa, I am also hungry.”

“I cook for you immediately.” Michael nodded his head, and placed the monies into a locked drawer. Then he entered the kitchen.Amy sat opposite Sally, and looked at the graceful and elegant Sally ate her meal. Sally noticed the little pairs of eyes watching her, and sat upright, and eats slowly in a more refined manner.When Sally had finally finished the last morsel of her meal, she discovered that Amy had followed her style of sitting, and could not resist laughing.Amy noticed that Sally had finished her meal, then she remarked, “Sister Sally, you look very pretty when you eat.”

“When you grow up, you will also be like me!” Sally smiled and nodded. As soon as she said this, she was surprised at herself. In the land of the elves, she does not like the children elves. Why is it that she is so patient with and encouraging to Amy?

“En En.” Amy happily nodded her head, and ask, “Sister Sally, are you full?””That right!” Sally nodded her head and put down the spoon. In order to maintain her figure, she had not eaten so full for a long time. Today is an exception – and one of the few times that she succumbed to temptation.

“Then that will be 2 x 6 = 12. 12 gold coins. Please pay for your meal.” Amy’s eyes gleamed and stretched out her hands towards Sally.Michael had just prepared the meal for Amy. When he saw this, he wanted to laugh. This little girl really loves to collect the monies.

“1 dragon coin, 2 gold coins.” Sally took out the monies and placed them in Amy’s hands. Before she let go of the coins, she was hesitant. But once she thought of the taste of the tantalising food, she let go of the coins.She felt that she had a good deal in terms of pricing for the meal.After Sally picked up the longbow and the quiver of arrows, she looked at Michael and asked, “I am curious to know how come there is the taste of waters from the Spring of Life in each plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice.”

“I do not understand what you are talking about. I did not add any waters from the Spring of Life in cooking Yang Zhou Fried Rice.” Michael smiled and shook his head. He did not lie.It looks like Sally is no ordinary elf to be able to distinguish the taste of waters from the Spring of Life.

Sally was focused on Michael’s eyes, and could not detect any panic in his eyes. She nodded, “You are Boss Mike, right? The Yang Zhou Fried Rice you made is very delicious. I will be back!” After saying this, she made her way towards the door.

“Have a great day!” Michael placed the plate of fried in his hand on the table for Amy.He was calm and did not even flinched when questioned by Sally. Ever since the restaurant is opened, he had believed that it is impossible to hide anything. That the rice had the taste similar to the waters from the Spring of Life is an open secret. As long as the [System] is there, he will be able to procure more rice.

Even if he is questioned, he will flat out deny any knowledge of this. Surely this [System] will not allow him to be killed?

“My services do not include protecting [Master].” The cold voice of the [System] rang out in Michael’s brain.

“I have already died once, and am not afraid of death,” Michael replied.

“[Master], please value your own life.” The [System] was silent for a while before it replied.”Frankly, I do not wish to die either. Why not help me increase my body constitution and strength? Just increase it to around 10-20 points. If I can kill dragons easily, then no one will dare to create trouble in this restaurant. In this way, I can focus on cooking and become a [God of Cooking].” Michael shamelessly said.

This time the [System] considered for a very long time before it replied, “If you want to increase your body constitution, you need to complete the tasks before I can increase your constitution for you. After evaluating everything, I suggested that you depend on your daughter to ensure the safety of the restaurant.”

“Amy?” Michael was stunned by this revelation. He looked that Amy who was preparing to bite the dragon coin in her hand, and was unwilling to let her experiences danger. But the [System] is quite reliable, so it means that she had some ways of eliminating any dangers?

Could it be the fireball skill that she had?

“Papa, this is a dragon coin. This afternoon, you said that 10 gold coins = 1 dragon coin. Did I collect the wrong amount of monies?” Amy looked at Michael. When he picked up the dragon coin, there were small teeth marks on one side of the dragon coin.

“That is collect. You did not make any mistakes! Well done!’ Michael nodded his head. For now, he is not in any immediate danger. Therefore, there is no need to consider these issues first.

He looked that dragon coin in his hand. This dragon coin is the same size as a gold coin. But unlike the gold coin, there is a white colour stone in the middle of a dragon coin. On this stone, there is an emblem of a golden colour dragon. It is also slightly heavier than a gold coin.

Right now, it is the biggest possible currency in the land.”

Then I will eat my meal now.” Amy was delighted with the praises and words of encouragement. She happily picked up the spoon and helped herself to the fried rice. As she eats, she swayed her body and looked very happy.

Michael kept the monies and placed them in the same locked drawer. He glanced outside of the glass. It seems unlikely that he would have any more customers tonight. Then he made his way to the kitchen to cook a plate of fried rice for his dinner.After eating the Yang Zhou Fried Rice, Michael felt very comfortable, and all his fatigue from cooking had disappeared.

Amy had just eaten the extra bowl of fried rice that Michael had given her when she suddenly cried out, “Papa, I… I feel very hot again!”

“Feeling hot again?” Michael was flustered. As soon as he thought of what happened this morning, he thought of a solution. “Amy, do not panic. Think about the fireball that you have released this morning. Let all the fire in your body out.”

“Release it?” Amy thought about it, and in the palm of hands, a massive blue coloured fire immediately appeared. The air around the fire seemed to wrap, and the fire seemed even hotter as it turned white hot.Michael could not help stepping back in alarm. The fire in Amy’s hands slowly becomes smaller and smaller, and returned to a small fireball.

Michael suddenly understood what the [System] was trying to tell him




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