Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0023

Chapter 23 –


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Sally pushed open the door and entered the restaurant. She was evaluating interior décor. When she heard Michael’s voice and saw him, her eyes flashed with surprise.

This restaurant is actually owned by a male human. This man looks different from the heavily bearded and unkempt men that worked in other restaurants. He looks tidy.

His hair is cut short, and there is no beard. His moustache is neatly trimmed and not revolting. Instead, it made him looks quite matured. His pair of black eyes contains a hint that he is not simple.

The clothes he wore is simple, and contains only black and white colour. But the design of the clothes is very neat. The most important thing is that there is no dust or grease on his clothes. All these gave her quite a good impression of Michael.

Although this man is a bit skinny, he had the aura of a sword. Sally had only felt this type of aura once before, on a very strong human knight that visited the elven town. His aura was very strong and overwhelming, like that of a ma.s.sive giant sword, and left a big impression on her.

But the man in front of her is different. The feeling of the sword in his aura was not so sharp. Rather, it was like more hidden, and not overwhelming. Plus, he does not seem to the type that could carry a heavy giant sword, nor is he a knight.

Elves have interacted with humans before. Therefore, Sally finds the human race to be more acceptable compared to orcs or dwarves. Of course, this feeling does not extend to all humans. Only a few selected ones.

Sally nodded her head. This may be an acknowledgement to Michael’s greeting. Then she continued to examine the interior décor.

The décor of this restaurant is quite special. It had a unique feel to it, and seemed draw inspiration from all races in this world. For example, on the wall of the restaurant, there is a painting of a canyon. This canyon is the famous Windstorm Canyon in Windstrom Forest. Sally grew up in this area, and could immediately recognise the painting.

The next painting is a one of a human city. In her father’s private library, She had seen a drawing of this picture before. It should be the capital of Luo Si empire – the city of Luo Du.

And there are several other paintings that she guessed are the famous places for each race. Just looking at these paintings, she could tell that the boss of this restaurant is a well-travelled man, and is not simple.

As for the crystal chandelier, it looks even pretty from up close. The arrangement of the crystals is so delicate and wonderful that it looks almost natural.

While Sally was evaluating him and the surroundings, Michael was also evaluating this elf. This is the first time that he had ever seen an elf. She is very pretty and her facial features are very sharp. When she looked up at the crystal chandelier in the ceiling, she revealed her snow-white neck. In this pose, she looks like a proud white swan.

“When Amy grows up, she will definitely be prettier than this elf.” Michael thought. The corner of his lips curled into a smile as he thought of Amy.

He appreciated the beauty of this Elven lady. But he did think not of her in a s.e.xual way.

Sally slide a finger on the surface of the table nearest to her. There is no greasy feel and no dust on the table. It is as clean as the tables in her home. Initially, she was feeling very nervous and frustrated at being unable to find a suitable place to eat. Seeing how clean the place is made her more relaxed.

Sally could not help but look at Michael again. This human male is about 30 years of age. Compared to the 800 years lifespan of an Elf, the lifespan of humans is very short. But still, he could afford to have such a beautiful restaurant. This attracted her curiosity, and made Michael seemed more mysterious.

And, from the time she had entered this restaurant, this man had been staring at her. But she did not feel revolted by this. Perhaps it is because he does not seem to l.u.s.t after her. She could feel that other than looking at her in politeness, the rest is just appreciation for her natural beauty.

Every pretty woman would not be offended when they saw looks of appreciation for their beauty. Sally is no exception.

She placed the longbow and quiver on the table, then pulled out a chair and sat down. Then she asked, “Please, what food do you offer here?”

“There is a menu on the table, you may first browse our menu.” Michael pointed towards the menu on the table.

Sally took the menu from the table. The smooth, comfortable feel of the leather made her felt very happy. But when she opened the menu and looked at it, she was stunned. Is it totally empty?

Oh, there are some small words on the menu. Such a big dining hall, such a beautiful interior décor, and it only sells one dish?

Sally felt that she had entered a very strange place. Is this the type of shop that her mother had warned her about? Is this shop specially designed to cheat her of her monies?

“[Yang Zhou Fried rice] – 1 plate – 600 copper coins” After reading these words, she was stunned. Then she re-read it again. When she confirmed that she did not make a mistake. She looked up at Michael with slit-like eyes. She was trying to evaluate if Michael is a swindler.

This is such a grand and beautiful restaurant. Therefore, she expected the price to be quite high. But he just sells only one dish. And it is stated clearly on the menu that the price is 600 copper coins. This is not cheap.

The inn in which she lived in only cost 100 copper coins per night.

When she was in the land of the elves, she had heard that humans are good chefs. But what is this thing called Yang Zhou Fried Rice? Is it really worth 600 copper coins? She wanted to find these out from Michael’s face.

But she quickly gave up. Michael’s face revealed nothing but his consistent smile. It made her feel comfortable but aloof. She could not find out what he was thinking about.

In the past, Sally had no qualms about spending 600 copper coins on a meal. Just the décor of this place is worth spending 1 gold coin just to sit here and rest.

But when she escaped from her home, she had only brought several dragon coins with her. On the way here, she had spent a few dragon coins. She did not wish to return home because she had run out of funds. Therefore, she should save money and try to make her remaining funds last as long as possible.

600 copper coins for a plate of rice is quite extravagant for her. And this dish seems like it does not contain much food. Maybe she would not be full after eating this.

“Boss Mike, I am back! 2 orders of Yang Zhou Fried Rice, please! Serve one plate first, and when I finished the first one, then you serve the second plate. It is tastiest when it is hot.” At this time, the doorbell rang again, and from outside of the door, Moby’s loud voice rang out.

“All right, please wait a moment.” Michael was surprised when he saw Moby again. This time Moby had changed into a grey robe, and he was wearing a pair of clean, black colour shoes. The heavy hammer that he was carrying in the afternoon was nowhere to be seen. Michael was quite touched by his gesture.

“No worries, take your time.” Moby smiled and nodded his head. He looked around the restaurant, and could not see Amy anywhere. For some strange reasons, when he could not see Amy, Moby felt disappointed. He notices Sally with her longbow and a notched arrow, and he immediately looked away.

Moby sat on a table far away from Sally.

“Guest, please take your time to decide. When you want to place an order, just give me a shout.” Michael informed Sally and immediately made his way into the kitchen. He prepared to cook the fried rice.

As he thought, having regular customers is a good thing.

“En” As soon as Moby set foot into this restaurant, Sally immediately became highly alert. She had already notched her longbow at Moby in a flash. Seeing that Moby did not look at her with lustful eyes like other dwarves, and that he had sat a good distance from her, she finally relaxed the hold on her longbow and kept the arrow in the quiver.

“Should I leave, or should I stay and try the food?” Sally was wondering. She looked at Moby who was waiting for his meal. When he came in, he immediately placed his order. Right now, he was happily waiting for his meal. Is this dish of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] that tasty?

“Let’s first take a look at this dish and see what it is. If it really looks good,…” Sally clutched her fist and already made her decision.






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