Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0022

Chapter 22 –


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Michael opened his mouth, and no words come out. The thoughts of a glutton and a normal child are definitely different. He could not help laughing, “All right! Tomorrow we will go out to and see if there is anyone selling an ugly duckling! If there is one, we can buy one and keep it as a pet.”

“Papa, you are really nice!” Amy happily shook Michael’s hand. She was already very sleepy. In a short while, she fell asleep while holding Michael’s finger. While sleeping, she was still mumbling about the roasted swan.

“It looks like she really craved for the roasted goose meat! I should quickly find out how to cook a roasted goose.” Michael thought. He slowly withdrew his finger from Amy’s tiny hand. Looking at the adorable sleeping figure of Amy, he could resist kissing her on her forehead.

Then he picked up the second set of chef uniform and proceeded to the bathroom to bathe.

Before he took a shower, Michael placed Amy’s clothes into the was.h.i.+ng machine. When he came out from the bathroom, the clothes had already been washed. He hung it outside the window. It should dry by tomorrow.

Then he tossed his wet uniforms into the washing machine.

Michael made his way to the restaurant and cleaned up the kitchen. Then he took a piece of paper and a pen and sat behind the counter. He began to consider his options.

Right now the most pressing issue for him is to complete the task. He needs to sell at least 3000 gold coins worth of ingredients.

To complete this task, he reckoned that he needs to sell 500+ plates of Yang Zhou Fried Rice.

Earlier, he had overlooked a very important point. He could first purchase the ingredients from the profit he made and do not use them immediately. In this way, the number of plates of fried rice that he must sell within 10 days will lower by approximately half. This creates less pressure for him.

Of course, to sell 500+ plates of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] is also a colossal task for him. Right now, he had only sold 4 plates of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice], and all 4 plates were sold to the same person.

“Do I need to go out and solicit for customers?” Β Michael wrote down 4 on the paper and looked out of the window. There were only a few children in the vicinity, and these children were playing happily in the open area nearby.

This location is really remote. If his store was located near the entrance, the design of the building would definitely attract more customers to the restaurant. But right now, there are only a few people who have noticed the restaurant.

“Let’s hope that there will be more customers at night.” Michael unlocked the door to the restaurant and flipped over the sign to indicate that the restaurant is opened for business. At this time, it is approximately 4 pm in the afternoon.

There are no customers, and Amy is sound asleep. Michael could only sit on the stool next to the counter and daydream.

He combed through the memories of Michael McGonagall, and slowly adjusted the memories so that it will become his knowledge. Right now, what he was searching for is information relating to the various races in this world as well as the situation in this world.

As he suspected, this world is a lot more dangerous than that of Earth. Even with the grey templars around to keep the order within the City of Sin, there are still skirmishes between the various races. As long as the minor fights did not lead to death, the punishment would be light.

“Even if I cannot restore my body to peak condition, I must at least increase my current constitution to have the power to protect Amy and this restaurant.”

Outside of the restaurant, a tall and skinny elf dressed in a silver dress adorned with gold stripes pause for a moment. Her clear blue eyes were looking at Mickey’s restaurant.

“Yi? How come there is a restaurant in this remote area? And… it is so pretty!” Sally evaluated this restaurant and the exterior faΓ§ade of the 2 story shophouse. Her pretty, delicate face was filled with astonishment and delight.

Because she was forced to marry, she lied to her family and left her home. She had no intention of leaving her future to someone that she had never met. From the Windstorm Forest, she had travelled all the way west, and finally reached the fabled City of Sin.

She had stayed here for 2 days and had discovered many interesting things that were being offered for sale. She felt a bit unaccustomed to having so many different races living together in this small community. After all, in her hometown, there were no other races than the elves.

And she knows that her father had already dispatched some men to look for her. Therefore, she purposely avoided the inns and restaurants that were opened by the elves. However, the design of restaurants and inns that were operated by the other races were rather ugly. Last night, she finally found an accommodation that was acceptable to her. This inn was operated by a female human. It is not as grand or as pretty as the accommodation she had in Windstorm forest, but it is quite clean. More importantly, only females had stayed in that room.

The problem of finding a roof over her head had been solved, but she is now faced with a new problem.

Sally had walked around the entire Arden Plaza. Most of the restaurants look very oily and disgusting. There were even some insects buzzing around some of the less reputable restaurants. Inside the restaurant, the tables and chairs were filled to the brim, and the various race just sat together on a table to eat.

This made her paused.

She is a noble among the elf, and could not stand sitting on the same table as an Orc! She also refused to sit at the same table as a Dwarf!

The two fruits that she had in the morning had long been digested. She had walked all over the entire Arden Plaza in the afternoon, and her stomach was rumbling in hunger. But she would rather starve herself than to eat in these filthy and disgusting restaurants.

Just when she was about to give up and visit a restaurant that was owned by the elves, she discovered this restaurant that was located in a remote corner of Arden Plaza.

This restaurant was even more beautiful than her home. There was a wall of crystal that is sparkling clear, and there is not even a spark of dust on this crystal wall. The crystal wall looks very light and even in texture.

Even the Elven Queen did not have a crystal that is half as big as this wall. That piece of crystal is the treasure of the Elven Queen and is kept carefully in the palace. But here, the huge crystal is just one wall of this building. The boss of this place is a really rich man that embodies the peak of luxury.

She could peer through the crystal walk and look into the insides of the restaurant. The brown colour wooden tables were arranged with some s.p.a.ce between them, permitting a bit of privacy between diners. There may be 16 tables here, but even if all the tables were full, it should still afford the diners on each table some s.p.a.ce.

Of course, the crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling is what attracted her attention the most. These crystals have been fashioned into a highly attract lights, and the arrangement of the crystals and lights were highly elaborate and beautiful.

“If I could go in and have a satisfying meal, that would be perfect!” She thought. The thought haunted her mind and refused to go away. But there was something that made her undecided. There is no sign on the door that says only elves are permitted in this restaurant. What if there are dwarves or orcs that sat down at the same table as me?

At this moment, her tummy growls in hunger. The sense of hunger overwhelmed all the other thoughts. She placed the longbow on her back and walked towards that restaurant, and she looked confident and firm.

In the City of Sin, words are not as effective as power. She is confident that her archery skills could drive all these races out of the restaurant.

The doorbell chimed and woke Michael up from his daydream. He looked towards the door and was surprised when a tall elf entered the restaurant.

The golden colour hair was tied up into a horsetail, her skin soft and white, her face facial extremely attractive, two pointed ears on the side and a pair of blue coloured eyes that indicate she was a noble among the elves. She was wearing a silver colour dress that was decorated with gold stripes on the side, and it reveals her long, smooth and white legs. A longbow was strung on her back, and a quiver and arrows were in a bag on her right.

“Welcome!” Michael got up from the chair, smiled and greet the guest. This would hopefully, be the 2nd customer


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