Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0019

Chapter 19 –


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Michael was stunned at Amy’s quick change in mood. Amy must have felt that she did not help to collect money as she had not successfully collected the money by herself.

He placed the bowl of fried rice for Amy on the dining table, and looked in Amy’s eyes. Michael felt a bit of pain in his heart – Amy seemed to lack confidence in herself. In his eyes, Amy is just 4 years old. That she is willing to help out is already a huge blessing for him.

“Why did you say that? You are not useless! Today we manage to sell 4 plates of fried rice was all due to you. Also, you are good at maths. You could calculate that price of 4 plates of fried rice is 2400 copper coins! But Grandpa Moby did not have so much copper coins on him. Therefore, he could only use these gold coins to subst.i.tute.” Michael looked into Amy’s eyes, and shook his head to indicate that Amy was not useless.

“Really?” Hearing Michael’s words, Amy’s eyes shone. But she still seems to lack confidence.

“Of course it is real! It is my fault that you have not seen a gold coin. This is because Papa had not earned a single gold coin before. If you must blame someone, then the blame should fall on me. That is because I did not inform you about the exchange rate between copper coins, silver coins, gold coins and dragon coins. All these coins may be used to purchase items. I am sorry not for informing you early. Forgive me?” Michael nodded his head, and his face showed his regret.

“No, no! I am not blaming you, Papa. Papa loves me the most.” Amy shook her head, and looked a bit shamed, “Teacher Luna had taught me before. But… but… so many copper coins, become how many gold coins, I could not remember. There are so many things to count and I …..”

Michael eyebrows twitched. He almost could not resist laughing. This explanation is so cute! But looking at Amy’s eyes that dare not to look at him, he could not help feeling uncomfortable.

The external environment has a great influence on one’s character, especially at the early age when Amy is slowly shaping her own views and forming habits.

In the past, they were very poor. In addition, there were humans and elves that despised the half-elves. All these made her feel a little inferior and not very confident.

Luckily Amy is still young, and these feelings just barely taken root. Michael is confident that he could slowly help her adjust and become a confident young lady.

“In future I will not allow others to look down on or laugh at Amy. With my own hands, I will make sure she will grow up to become a happy and confident princess.” Michael told himself.

When it comes to maths, this world’s standard of maths is quite weak when compare to that of Earth. They could do simple calculations involving addition and subtraction, but take some time to calculate anything involving two or more digits.

This world has just emerged from centuries of war. In the past, preference was given to training in battle skills instead of academics. The world has just recently achieved peace. Therefore, it is not strange that academics are quite weak at this time.

Michael had some ideas to build up Amy’s confidence.

On Earth, China could be counted among the countries with the highest standards of Maths [1].  One of the reasons is that that there is a song that make it easy for students to learn about multiplication [2].

“Let’s finish our meal first. After we have eaten, I will teach you a song. Once you learned this song, you should be much better in maths than your peers in the Chaos school. As well, this song will make it easier for you to count how much a customer should pay.” Michael stroked Amy’s hair and placed the small bowl of fried rice in front of her.

“Really? Better than the (elder) brothers and sisters in the Chaos school?” Amy’s eyes lit up. But she looked at Michael with some scepticism. To her, the brothers and sisters in the school had the opportunity to attend lessons every day and are really clever.

“Of course it is real! When did Papa ever lied to you before?” Michael nodded his head.

“En En, Papa had never lied to me! I will do my best and learn this.” Amy nodded her head, and obediently eat her food.

Looking at Amy who was enjoying her meal, Michael also picked up a spoon and begun to eat. The multiplication table song makes it easy for children to learn the multiplication table. If Amy could master this, she would have a big advantage over the children that are still learning to count with their fingers. The confidence building 101 course had begun, and this is the first step.

After they had eaten their fill, Michael picked up the bowls, spoons and plate and took them into the kitchen. Looking at the oily plates, he loath the task of cleaning up. He hesitated for a short moment and tried to make contact with the [System]. “[System], do you sell dish-washers?”

“[System] is not an electronic goods merchant.” The [System] replied.

“One word, sell or not? I will pay for it!”

The [System] kept quiet for a while, then it replied, “Basic Dishwasher, maximum load 5 plates, 10 spoons, price 3 gold coins.”

“This [System] is really a money grubber. It does not have any principles…” Michael rolled his eyes. By now, he had understood the [System] well. This price is within the acceptable range, “So cheap? Then I want one. Please deduct the cost from the credit first.”

“Credit approved. The dishwater had been installed in the kitchen.” The [System] replied.

Michael looked around and saw a silver colour dishwasher at one side of the kitchen. It has already been connected to the power supply near the top of the stove.

This thing looks quite new and high-tech. He opened the lid and put in the dirty dishes and spoons. The he closed the cover and press the start b.u.t.ton. Within one minute, the lid of the door opened by itself. All the plates inside it are now sparkling clean.

Ah, the comforts of modern life are really convenient! Michael took out the cleaned plate and spoons and kept them.

At this time, he suddenly saw Amy at the door leading to the kitchen. She was waiting for him and look anxious as she ask, “Papa, now what do I need to learn?”

Michael looked around the restaurant. It does not look like there will be any more customers coming in soon. He quickly replied to Amy, “The multiplication table song. Amy, please wait for me for a moment. I will go up and get some paper and a pen. Today you try to memorise it and see how much you can recall.”

Then he immediately rushed upstairs and got a piece of paper and a pen. After that, he sat down and wrote down the multiplication table.

The words in this world is naturally different from the text on the earth. However, the generic text is somewhat similar to the Oracle of Chinese characters. The numbers are the same as the Arabic numerals. There are always some striking similarities in the development of history.

Michael was blessed with the memories of Michael McGonagall, and as such, understood this world’s written text and speech.

“Papa, your handwriting is very nice.” Amy stood beside Michael was he was writing, and clapped her hands when she complimented him. She was full of awe for her father.

In the past, she felt that teacher Luna’s handwriting is the nicest. But right now, her father’s handwriting is much tidier and neater than that of teacher Luna. It look as if it was type-written.

Being praised and looked with admiration upon by Amy made him recalled his past life. When he was young, he was forced to practice his handwriting for one hour every day. Right now, after being praised by Amy, he felt that all these effort he had put into his handwriting is worthwhile. At least someone appreciated it.

He smiled and said, “When we have time, Papa will teach you how to write. Would you like that?”

“Yes, please!” Amy happily nodded her head. She did not understand the rows and columns of the multiplication table, “Papa, is this the multiplication table song?”


[1] Hong Kong is ranked #2, Macau #3, Taiwan #4, China #6 in the world for PISA score for Maths (2017) – See ; Hong Kong and Macau are part of China, a special administrative region. China claims that Taiwan belongs to China as well. Argh… it is complicated. But this boast is quite true. T

[2]Multiplication table song in Chinese,  It is nice and catchy.




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