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Chapter 17 –


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Michael entered the kitchen. The rice cooker had just finished cooking the rice. He took out one bowl of rice and left it to cool. Then he used the credit to purchase the rest of the ingredients, and begin to cook the second plate of fried rice for Moby.

Regarding the issue of limiting the consumption of food by each customer, right now Michael will not even consider it. Selling 1,000+ plates of Yang Zhou Fried Rice to meet the target is no joking matter. But if, and only if, the business became very good in future, he may consider this option.

Creating a limit on the number of times a customer may eat a dish would mean the customers will leave after they had eaten one plate. This, in turn, would allow more customers to try the food that he had made.

As for the [System]’s suggestion, it is definitely unacceptable at this time. He is not stupid. The darn [System] is out to get him, and make him fail the task. Then he would become an invalid again.

“My suggestion is to help [Master] achieve greater success on the route to becoming a God of Cooking.” The [System]’s voice rang out.

Michael frowned. He did not antic.i.p.ate that his thoughts had been read by the [System]. Since the situation is like this, he immediately replied, “[System], then to allow me to achieve greater success on the route to becoming a God of Cooking, may I suggest something?”

“[Master] please go ahead.” The [System] replied.

“I feel that you should half the price of all the ingredients,” Michael replied in earnest.

“All the ingredients provided by the [System] are of the finest quality and…..”, The [System] immediately explained.

“I have the same attitude towards your suggestion as you have towards my suggestion.” Michael did not wait for the [System] to finish talking, and immediately came up with a killer retort.

“……” the [System] could not say another word, and all it could reply was a series of dots.

Michael grinned, and immediately prepared the ingredients.

What a joke! In his past life, he was famous for his quick wits and having an acidic tongue. He could out-scold and out-talk a group of angry restaurant employees, and had never lost a single verbal battle before. If he wants to argue in earnest, the [System] is definitely no match for him.

Moby was sitting on the chair and feeling the change over his body. After eating a plate of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice], his body feels like it is being massaged by warm and comfortable feeling. After a short while, the warm and comfortable feeling slowly reclined. But the decrease in fatigue is real. He clutched his fists, and felt that his body is as refreshed as if he had just woke up from bed this morning, and in a prime condition.

“Looking at the effects of this dish, it is as good as half a bottle of a medium restoration potion. And the best thing is that there are no side effects. One bottle of medium restoration potion cost 20 gold coins. Each day I need to use one bottle of potion. And 2 bowls of fried rice is extremely delicious, and the effects are much better than the restoration potion. Best of all, it only cost 12 gold coins. If I consider it this way, I have gained a huge advantage!” Moby quickly calculated his costs, and when he finished calculating, his eyes gleamed.

Each weapon requires the ma.s.sive iron hammer that weights almost 100 jin to pound at it for tens of thousand times. The high prices of weapons is because creating a good weapon required high skills in refining the weapon, and also a high amount of effort.

These few years, Moby’s body is no longer as good as when he was much younger. Each day, to ensure that he completed his work on time, he must drink a medium restoration potion at noon so that he had the strength to continue working. The potion taste horrible and the smell is enough to make him puke in disgust.

In addition, drinking the potion regularly had adverse side effects. He had felt that his body is slowly getting worse. At this rate, he could only continue performing at his best for 5 more years.

When he could no longer perform at his best, it would signal the closure of the smithy that he had worked in for decades.

Although the price of 1000 gold coins for a weapon he forge had allow him to make some profits, he was clear that for what he wants to do, the amount of money he had is still far from enough. 5 years is too short a span of time for him to achieve his goals. He needs to work at the forge in his peak condition for at least 10 years to realise his dream.

This plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice is like a beacon of light that illuminate the path he should take through the anguish that had enveloped him. This path offers him hope to get out of the pit of despair that he had found himself in.

“Let’s eat one more plate of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] and confirm my conjecture. If the effect of restoring the fatigue on my body is not bad, then I will come here and eat it everyday!”Moby thought to himself.

At first he was unhappy about having to spend so much money on a meal. But compare the disgusting potion that tasted worse than medicine, this plate of fried rice is like a slice of heaven. What’s more, the price of one plate of fried rice is so much cheaper than that nasty potion. If the effect is just as good, it is not hard to decide what to choose.

“Grandpa Dwarf, just now didn’t you said that you would not love this taste?” Amy had finished her plate of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice], and she licked her lips in satisfaction. She looked at Moby and grinned and her face look so innocent and naïve.

Moby’s face turned red, and he coughed, “Just now I was testing the boss, and see if he had confidence in his food. I did not expect him to have such outstanding cooking skills, but have no confidence. Therefore, what I am doing now is to raise his confidence.”

“Really?” Amy looked at Moby with skepticism.

“Of course it is true! I am not the type of man who have not tried a food and immediately declare that it is not tasty,” Moby nodded his head in earnest, and his voice reveal his pride.

“Then I will consider it as true.” Amy look at Moby with a sigh of helplessness. She climbed down from the chair, picked up her plate, and entered the kitchen.

“I …. I ….” Moby felt that he had been despised yet again! Looking at the looks of helplessness on the young lady’s eyes, it seemed as if she had seen through his lies.

Michael was listening to the conversation between the proud Moby and his daughter, Amy. When he heard how Amy easily rendered Moby speechless with rage, he could not help smiling.

This young lady is very talented and is indeed my daughter! If she learned how to manage her acidic tongue, with her natural adorable looks, she could make anyone suspect the reason for their existence, and yet they would not be able to get angry. This is a super killer combo that could KO anyone!

“If you want more rice, I will cook some more later, and give you a small bowl.” Michael smiled as he picked up the plate from Amy’s hand.

“Papa, you are really nice to me!” Amy looked up at Michael. Her face was filled with admiration. After he had woke up yesterday, he had changed a lot. And these changes are really too good!

From the dining area, Moby could observe the pair of father and daughter. When he saw the looks that Amy was giving her father, he was momentary stunned. At that moment in time, he could recall seeing the face of a young dwarf that was filled with admiration as he looked up to the figure of an adult dwarf swinging his ma.s.sive hammer at the forge.

It has been so many years since I last saw him. How had he been? It seemed that I owe him a lot.

“Wait outside in the dining area, ok? I need to cook for the guest first.” Michael smiled as he nodded his head.

“Ok!” Amy obediently nodded, and happily made her way out of the kitchen. She climbed on top of the tall stool next to the counter, and with both hands clasped under her chin, she looked at Moby and said, “Grandpa Dwarf, please be patient. Your fried rice will be ready soon. Just be nice and and wait a few more minutes.”

“En.” At this time Moby suddenly collected his thoughts, and nodded his head. Looking at Amy, he could not help smiling.

“Guest, your fried rice.” Shortly after, Michael exited from the kitchen with a plate of fried rice, and he place the plate of freshly cooked rice in front of Moby and smiled.

“Great!” Moby nodded his head. Looking at the fried rice that look as exquisite as a work of fine art, he immediately placed a large spoonful of the rice into his mouth. The taste was as intoxicating as ever. And with the first bite of the fried rice, the warm and refreshing feeling that he looking forward to reappear, and proceed to sooth his tired body.

“Oh! It is indeed effective! And its effect is much better than the bottle of medium restoration potion!” Moby was surprised and delighted!

He did not know if it was because he had already eaten one plate of fried rice. But he felt that when he ate a second plate, it did not just soothe his tired muscles. It also seemed to work on his old injury and made them much better. Although the effect is very mild, that spot had tormented him a lot, especially during rainy weather. But right now, that spot had never felt more relaxed and comfortable, as if an expert masseur was gently soothing his sore and tired muscles and restoring it.

“Boss, please may I order one more plate of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice]?” Moby had not even finished eating the plate of fried rice in front of him, but he had already raised his head and placed an advance order. In his eyes, he was full of respect for Michael.








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