Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0015

Chapter 15 –


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“There is nothing wrong with the menu. It is just that this restaurant has just opened. Therefore, we only offer a limited number of dishes at this time. In future, we will slowly release new dishes.” Michael shook his head, and replied.

“What I am talking about is not the number of dishes you are offering, but the prices of the dish! What is [Yang Zhou Fried Rice], and why it cost 600 copper coins for just one plate? Is this made from Dragon’s meat?” Moby shook his head, and seem quite agitated as he pointed at the menu.

This restaurant had a very nice décor, and the boss is quite nice. But he did not expect to be treated like an idiot. The words on the menu were so small. If he did not see carefully and immediately order without reading the menu, he would have to pay 600 copper coins.

For this amount of amount, he could go to Fayer restaurant and get a huge plate of roast meat, and two pots of quality wine. When he returned, he could still fill his wine flask.

At this time, Moby felt that Michael had used up all his goodwill. He was right – humans are the most cunning and most deceptive creatures.

“Apologies, this is not made from Dragon Meat, but the price of this dish is correct. I feel that a plate of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] is definitely worth this price. Frankly speaking, it is worth more than this price. As a customer, the choice to order this dish rests with you.” Michael did not explained much, and just left the choice to Moby.

Michael had anticipated that guests will definitely find the prices of the food that he offers suspicious. But he had absolute confidence in the food he cook. A plate of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] is definitely worth 600 copper coins!

If not for the fact that he needs to complete the mission of selling 1,000+ plates of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice], he would set the price at 6,000 copper coins. The rice itself is cultivated using waters from the spring of life, and is unique! So are the other rare ingredients! Only in this restaurant may customers try such precious ingredients at a price of just 600 copper coins!

Moby glared at Michael, and tried hard to suppress his fury. This human is very thick-skinned. He could says these words without his face changing colours. Although the décor is very nice, the most important thing is still the food that a restaurant offers. The windows, the tables, the menu, the decors, all these are of secondary importance when compared to the food.

And what the hell is this thing called [Yang Zhou Fried Rice]? From the menu, he could not tell what this is. In the first place, what is [Yang Zhou]? Also rice needs to be boiled in water until the water evaporated before you can eat them. How can you just fry the rice and eat them?

Moby had been staying in this place for decades. He had tried the food in all the restaurants in the City of Sin and had never even heard of this dish.

Moby stared at Michael. Michael just continued to stand there with an expressionless face, and did not show a single trace of hurrying him or pressuring him to make a decision. It was as if he was waiting for his decision.

Moby had been in business for decades. He had seen all sorts of people. There are very few people who can continue to keep calm when he is angry. Those that managed to do so are all people with great powers. After all, his muscles and massive hammer are not just for show.

At this time, he begins to have some suspicions. Maybe this dish is unique to this store? Maybe it is really worth 600 copper coins? After a slight hesitation, he asked, “You said that this price is correct. Then can you guarantee that this [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] is delicious?”

“Whether it is delicious or not depends on the tastes of the person eating it. I apologise, but I could not guarantee.” Michael shook his head. He was a food critic and understood that no matter how tasty a dish is, someone will feel that it taste bad.

Looking at Moby’s face, which was turning red from angry, Michael sighed in his heart. Looks like he had just lost the first customer in his restaurant.

“You!” Moby was even more furious. Other shops will immediately start to praise their food as if it is the best thing under heaven, but this guy… He just replied that he could not guarantee.

A chef that could not guarantee the taste of the food is nothing more than a crook. Later, if the food tastes bad, the chef will just blame it on ‘your personal taste’, and shrugged and disclaim any responsibilities.

This man is really too cunning! I better not dine here!

“Papa, Papa, I am hungry!” At this time, Amy who was watching the exchange of words between the two men, suddenly interjected. She was looking at Moby and wondering why this Grandpa dwarf seemed to take so long to make a decision. This rainbow fried rice is so delicious and still he hesitated. Her father should have finished cooking her share of the rainbow fried rice?

Moby was about to leave when he caught the looks of disdain that Amy was throwing at him. He was embarrassed and did not stand up immediately. Looking at this young lady, she seemed to be upset that he had interrupted her lunch?

“All right, I will immediately go and cook a plate of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] for you.” Michael smiled as he rubbed Amy’s head.

He turned to Moby, “Please take your time to slowly decide. Once you have decided, just call for me.”

Having said this, he immediately returned to the kitchen and prepare to fry the rice.

Amy climbed up the stood next to the counter, and she clasped her hands below her chin, fluttered her eyelashes, and spoke in earnest. “Rainbow fried rice is really tasty! I love it very much! Grandpa dwarf, you are sure you do not want to try it?”

“So… adorable!” Moby felt that his heart, which had been as hard as steel, seemed to melt. He almost shouted out, “Of course, I want a plate!”

But thinking about his earlier suspicions and anger, he thought that if he immediately placed an order, it will be quite embarrassing. He hardened his heart, and crossed his arms over his chest, and coolly stated, “I will watch for a while, and will decide shortly.”

“All right! I am very sure you will love the taste!” Amy shrugged her shoulders, and looked as if she had seen through him. She paid no further attention to Moby, and immediately looked at the kitchen in anticipation.

“I will not love this… this [Yang Zhou Fried Rice]!” Moby muttered under his breath. He felt that he was being despised by this young lady again. But looking at this adorable little girl, he could not bear to do a thing about it. All he could do is to forgive her transgressions.

“I want to see if the [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] is really that tasty, or this young lady had been corrupted by that man and are in cohorts with him.” Moby thought to himself, and sat down and waited patiently. All thoughts of leaving the restaurant had long fled his head.

In the training grounds, he had practiced tens of thousand times. In real life, he had cooked it twice. Therefore, Michael was pretty quick and only took 10 minutes to cook a plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice for Amy.

When he exited the kitchen with a plate of fried rice, he was surprised to note that Moby the dwarf is still seated in the restaurant. He had thought that this dwarf, who is quite foul-tempered, would had stomped off earlier.

“Oh, it smells wonderful! Papa, you are awesome!” Amy jumped down from the tall stool and her eyes were fixated on the plate of fried rice in Michael hands. She was so happy that she clapped and shouted in glee.

“This is [Yang Zhou Fried Rice]? It is looks as if it is nothing special! Although it is pleasant to look at, there is no meat on it. It probably tastes horrible.” Moby was quite looking forward to this dish, but when he set his eyes on it, he felt quite disappointed.

Michael placed the plate of fried rice on a table opposite Moby, and informed Amy, “Wash your hands first, then come and eat.”

“En En.” Amy rushed into the kitchen, stepped on a small stool and washed her hands. Then she ran back to the dining area, and climbed on top of a chair. She first smell the food, and her eyes immediately widen and gleamed.

At this time, the fragrance of the fried rice had drifted towards Moby’s table. Just a whiff of the aroma, and he immediately widen his eyes in surprise as he stared at the fried rice in front of Amy, “It really smells good! It is really tempting!”

“I will eat now!” Amy picked up a spoon and announced what she is doing. Then she immediately scooped up a spoonful of the fried rice and stuffed it into her mouth. She looked super happy and the expression on her face shown how much she enjoyed the taste. One spoonful after another, she slowly ate. As she eats, she also swayed her body as if she was dancing in delight, and could not stop herself.

“Gu Lu…” Moby heard the sound of him swallowing his saliva. He immediately turned towards Michael and shouted, “Boss, one plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice, please!”





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