Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0012

Chapter 12 –


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“En En.” Amy nodded her head in agreement, she was about to climb down from Michael’s body, but she suddenly stopped. Her eyes widen, and she stared at him, “Papa, you hugged me! You can hug me!”

Her eyes suddenly turned moist, and her face revealed how excited she was.

Other than sleeping time, she could not recall when she could rest in her father’s arms. Amy did not remember when the last time that her father had hugged her is. She knew that her father is physically weak, but she craved her father’s hug a lot. But she did not expect it to become a reality today.

Michael smiled as he gently pinched Amy on her nose, and nodded, “Right. Today I can finally hug Amy. In future, I may carry you and let you ride on my shoulders, or give you a ‘princess hug’. In future, I should be able to do whatever you want me to.”

While Amy was hugging him, he was also touched. Having a ‘normal’ constitution is required for just a simple task such as hugging his daughter. This time he must complete the task on time. He would not allow himself to revert the weak and sick invalid!

Amy placed her face into the chest of Michael, and rubbed her face against his chest like a cat, and purred, “It is great! Papa, it is really awesome!”

After double confirming with Amy that after she had released the blue fireball, she did not feel any more discomfort, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Amy also took the opportunity to demonstrate to her father her newfound powers. She could create a blue colour fireball at will, without any incantations. All she needs is to will it, and the fireball will immediately appear in the palm of her hand.

Regarding mages and magic, Michael did not know much about them. Neither did Michael McGonagall – he was a warrior and not a spell caster. Based on Michael McGonagall’s memories, he could not recall the face of Amy’s mother, and whatever image he had in his mind is blurry. However, Michael McGonagall could recall that she was a very powerful mage.

“Looks like her innate magical powers come from her mother’s bloodline. As for controlling a fireball at will, this talent should be pretty awesome? It is just that she could not control them very well.” Michael rubbed his hands against his chin.

It looks like Michael McGonagall was right to worry about Amy keeping a high profile. If the Elves learnt about Amy’s background, they are likely to take action. They could hurt her or take her away from him. All these are unacceptable for Michael.

“Should she go to the Grey Temple for her magic education? Or she should be home-schooled by a more reliable mage? I need to consider the tutor’s background if she is home-schooled.” Michael was thinking about all these. But right now, he did not have a single coin in his pocket, and he could not afford to pay for Amy’s education. Therefore, there is no hurry.

Michael looked at the menu that was placed on the table. The menu was covered in black leather, and is very comfortable to feel. As he opened the menu, there is only one item on the slightly grey page, written in big bold letters, [Yang Zhou Fried Rice, 600 copper coins/ plate. This is simple and clear and should not create any misunderstandings.

“This [System] is really professional.” Michael nodded with satisfaction as he closed the menu.

“Papa, our restaurant is opened for business today?” Amy stood beside Michael as she asked.

“Yes, after we have opened the door of the restaurant, it means that we are opened for business. Let’s hope that today we can sell some rainbow fried rice.” Michael smiled as he stroked Amy’s hair, and hold her hands as they walked towards the entrance of the restaurant.

Michael reached out with his hands. He breathed in deeply, and use his strength to pushed the door open.

On top of the door are two tiny bells. When the door was pushed open, the bells rang. The warm rays of the morning sun greeted the pair of father and daughter standing in the doorway, and cast their long shadows into the restaurant.

Standing at the door, he could see a signboard next to the entrance that reads, “Mickey Restaurant”. He held on to Amy’s little hand and muttered, “Being reborn may not be a bad thing.”

“Papa, what did you just say?” Amy looked at Michael in puzzlement.

“I said, Amy, it is great that you are here with me.” Michael looked at the little girl who did not even reach up to his wrist and smiled.

“I also felt that you are also great!” Amy happily ran in circles around Michael. Then she suddenly placed her hands over her mouth, like a trumpet, and hollered at the top of her voice, “Amy’s house restaurant is open for business! Come and eat here! There is very tasty rainbow fried rice woah……”

Michael could not help but smile at Amy’s actions. In his heart, he was very happy. He looked around. Right now, it is still early in the morning, and there were very few people in the vicinity.

Not far away, two muscular Orcs were training on the wide open field, as they roared and wrestled with each other. Further away, two human merchants were seated under a tree, discussing something. A tall elf carrying a longbow passed by, and behind the elf, two demon children seemed to be curious about the elf as they followed after him.

Michael was shocked to see this scene. Although he had seen the various races from Michael McGonagall’s memory, seeing these in person was a totally different experience.

The muscular and strong Orcs, the cunning Goblins, the long life Elves…. All these things that he had only experienced in online fantasy games suddenly become a reality, and he felt as if he had entered a totally new world.

His goal of staying here and creating a good life for himself and Amy suddenly seem to be much harder than he had anticipated. Michael could not help but frown. He turned around and look at his restaurant. This restaurant was opened in the City of Sin, a neutral zone that had all kinds of races living together in peace, and therefore, his customers may not be human. After all, in this City of Sin, Elves, Dragons, and Demons dwelled in this area, and they are a source of rich, fat purses for the enterprising stall owners.

The Aden Plaza is located in the middle of the City of Sin. At first, the town council planned to build a crescent moon shaped building around the Aden Plaza. The circular Aden Plaza would be the ‘circle’ of the moon, and the south side of the Aden Plaza should be empty.

In this crescent-shaped building, from the entrance to the exit, there are more than 1,000 merchants selling their wares. From restaurants, blacksmiths, red light districts, fighting pits, mage stores etc. Regardless of what you want to buy, as long as it is available for sale within the country, you could find it being offered for sale here. And the stores are owned and staffed by a wild assortment of races.

Walking into a restaurant, it could be manned by a fire demon and selling roast pancakes – the type of pancakes that are hand roasted by the fire demon.

After the peace treaty was signed, each of the races sought to avoid further conflicts and divided the lands among themselves, like dividing a piece of pie into 8 slices. And the City of Sin is located at the crossroads of all the lines that divided the land among the various races.

And here, in the City of Sin, it had frequent contact with all races and dare not to offend any of the 8 races. Therefore all 8 gates of this City are always opened, and all races can freely enter or exit the city.

Within this city, Orcs, Humans, Elves, Goblins, Demons, Giants, Dwarves and Dragons live in war and peace. This chaotic situation is why the City is hence named the City of Sin.

But after the initial chaos, a secretive society suddenly emerged in the City of Sin. This secret society is called the Grey Templars. They begin to sort out the mess and chaos, and set laws and guidelines for behaviour. Any conflicts will be sorted out by them. Gradually, law and order returned to the City of Sin and the various races live in peace.

And Michael’s restaurant is located at the end of the crescent moon, the tail of the crescent moon building.

Because the entrance to the building is located on the other end, there are very few people that travelled here.

Next to the restaurant is a blacksmith. Based on what he could recall, this blacksmith is owned by a dwarf.

A bit further there are a few shops that had closed down, and there is an advertisement attached to the storefront that the shop is available for rent.

Slightly further down is a shop specialising in selling potions. There are two cages hanging outside the door to this shop. Inside the cages are two parrots that appeared to be sleeping.

In this location, you are lucky to see a customer. Even if a customer seemed interested in dining here, when they see that a plate of fried rice cost 600 copper coins, they are likely to leave without ordering anything.  The probability of having a paying customer in this location is probably next to zero.

Michael sighed and suddenly felt that he is off to a rocky start.


Next Chapter:

Oh oh, will he ever have a single customer?

Taking all these factors into consideration, even if he had a few customers, how is he going to get 1,000 customers within 10 days?

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