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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0011

Chapter 11 –


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After he had eaten the plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice, Michael sat down and tried to examine if there were any other side effects on his body. As he suspected, all these precious ingredients, when combined together, did not just increased the favour of the meal.

The most obvious effect on him is that the plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice can relieve his tiredness. This morning, after cooking two plates of Yang Zhou Fried Rice, he was mildly tried. But after he had finished eating the plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice, it was as if all the fatigue in his body had disappeared. Right now, he felt very warm and comfortable, and fully recharged. This effect is even better than after he drank a can of Red Bull drink on Earth.

“This should be because of the rice. If I continued to eat the rice for all 3 meals a day, my constitution should slowly increase.” Michael thought to himself. To him, the most precious ingredient is the rice that was cultivated using waters from the spring of life.

“Amy, how did you feel after eating the rainbow fried rice?”  Michael asked. Amy is a half-elf, and should not have any adverse effects after eating the rice that was cultivated using waters from the spring of life?

“I feel that it is super tasty!” Amy placed the small bowl on the table. She quickly licked a grain of rice that was struck to the edge of the bowl. Then she looked at her father, Michael, and nodded her head in earnest.

Michael was a bit surprised by Amy’s answer. It is not what he was expecting to hear. But her answer was not ‘wrong’ either. He tried again, “Then other than the food being tasty and good looking? Is any part of your body uncomfortable or anything?”

“My body?” Amy thought for a moment, then she shook her head. After a short while, she nodded her head.

Michael immediately stood up, and moved closer to Amy. He was full of anxiety as he asked, “Which part of your body felt uncomfortable?”

“It is …. It is like my body seemed to have a fire that is burning. Last time I also felt it, but it was never as intense as now. It is a bit uncomfortable. Papa, what happened to me?” Amy looked at Michael in fright and puzzlement. Her face had turned bright red. But she remained calm.

Michael, on the other hand, was a mess as he panicked. He had thought that Amy, being a half-elf, should have some positive effects after eating the rice that was watered by the spring of life. But looking at the current situation, it seemed to trigger a negative effect instead.

Looking at Amy who had turned beet red, Michael could not figure out a solution. This is not like a child who had a fever or a caught a cold. He had never encountered such a situation before, and was a loss of what to do. Seeing Amy’s whole body was also turning red, he thought of a solution, “Amy, come with me, we will go to the church and ……”

“Papa, I suddenly seem to know what I should do.” Amy waved her hands, and shook her head. She immediately raised her right hand and held it in front of her. On her palm, something was gathering there.

“Amy, what are you doing?” Michael did not understand what Amy was trying to do.

Suddenly, from the palm of her hands, a column of blue flames was magically conjured. It rose to a height of half a meter. The heat of the blue fire seemed to wrap the surrounding area, as if it can easily turn everything into ash.

Michael reflectively stepped back from the fire. In his haste to retreat, he knocked over a chair. In astonishment, he stare at the fire in Amy’s hand.

As he watched, the column of blue fire seemed to dance, and slowly become smaller and smaller. But as it shrink, the heat of the fire seemed to intensify. Finally it became an intensely hot blue coloured fireball that was no bigger than Amy’s palm.

“Amy, are you all right?” Michael anxiously asked. This fireball may be small, but the heat that it radiates is no joking matter. He could felt great danger from the fireball. He was very concerned about Amy, but the heat emitting from the fireball forced him to keep a distance from Amy. This only made him more anxious and worried.

“Papa, I am all right. Look at this ball of fire. Isn’t it cute? Is this magic?” Amy shook her head. Her face that used to be red had now returned to a normal colour. Looking at the fireball in her hands, she was very happy. It was as if she had found an interesting new toy.

Michael heaved a sigh of relief. Looking at the colour of Amy’s face, it looks like with the appearance of the fireball, her body had returned to normal. But when he looked at the fireball in Amy’s hand, his eyes turned into silts as he considered the strange scene in front of him. He was not sure if this is really magic. Accordingly to the role-playing games that he had played on Earth, isn’t fireball.s supposed to be red in colour?

Amy saw that Michael’s eyes had become slit-like, and seemed to panic. With a wave of her hands, the fireball in her hands disappeared. She put down her hand and bowed her head like a child who was caught being naughty, “Papa, please do not be angry. I know I am wrong. In future, I will not mention anything about learning magic.” Having said that, she glanced at Michael. Her face seemed to be full of grievance.

“En?” Michael was surprised by Amy’s att.i.tude. He searched the memories of Michael McGonagall, and finally discovered why she was so scared. In the past, in order to hide their identity and to protect Amy, Michael McGonagall tried to keep a low profile.

Each time Amy leaves the house, she must wear a hat that would cover her pointed ears.  This is to avoid people from discovering that she is a half-elf. And from the time she was very young, she had displayed an interest in learning magic. But Michael McGonagall wants her to have nothing to do with magic, and would not heard of her learning magic.

Michael looked at Amy. He could not help feeling sad for her. Michael McGonagall wanted to protect Amy, and chose to hide her abilities, and let her live like a human. Michael could understand her late father’s actions.

But understanding does not mean that he agreed with the actions of Micheal McGonagall. Forcing Amy to bury her talents is not something that he would do. In his personal opinion, there is nothing wrong with keeping a low profile. But saying that Amy should avoid magic to purposely keep a low profile and hence be medicore is nothing more than a lie to comfort Michael McGonagall.

On Earth, there is a saying, “There is nothing scary about being mediocre. The scary thing is after being mediocre for a lifetime, you still bluff yourself that this is the life you want to lead.”

Michael McGanogall could not be considered mediocre – at his prime, he was a powerful knight commander. But the fact that he wanted Amy to be an ordinary citizen with a mediocre life is unacceptable to Michael.

Amy had the bloodline of one of the strongest human and an Elven princess.  She could be a genius!

Michael was convinced that Amy is a genius, especially after Amy had demonstrated her control of magic. Just now, no one had taught Amy how to create a fireball or to release her magic. It was natural to her. Even in his prime, Michael McGonagall would not take that superheated fireball head on.

Looking at Amy who was fidgeting with her fingers, Michael could not bear to blame her. Such a cute daughter, she should be able to do what she wanted to do and live her own dreams. Working hard to make her dreams a reality is something that he, as a father, is supposed to do.

“Amy, raise your head and look at me.” Michael smiled as he said.

“Papa, I will not learn….” Amy hestitated and slowly lifted her head. Although today her dad is more approachable, she could still remember that when she last requested her dad to let her learn magic, her father erupted in anger. She did not want to agonize her father, and did not want him to be unhappy.

Michael interrupted his daughter and looked into his daughter eyes as he squatted down said, “Er, Amy, from today onwards, I will not stop you from learning magic. After the restaurant is opened and we earn enough monies, I will send you to a magic school to learn magic.”

“Really?” Amy was astounded. She looked at Michael, she was really glad, but she could not believe what she had heard.

“Of course it is real.” Michael nodded his head. “But I will need some time to raise the money for your school fees. Because this restaurant only opens today….”

“Papa, you are awesome! I love you!” Michael had not finished explaining, but Amy had already jumped down from the chair. With a shriek of delight, she jumped into his hands, and gave her a kiss on his cheeks.

In a serious voice, she said, “I will definitely become a very powerful mage, and protect Papa. This is my dream.”

“That is great! I believe that you could do it!” Michael nodded his head in agreement. Having a dream is wonderful. He smiled as he said, “Now, let’s open the restaurant for business. Mickey Restaurant. Our restaurant.”Next Chapter:

At long last, the restaurant is opened for business, and immediately got off to a poor start! What happened?




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