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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0008

Chapter 8 –


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The fried rice that was freshly cooked still emit some steam. The scent of the fried egg mixed with scallions immediately drifted towards the Amy, who was sitting in front of the plate. Amy took a deep breath, as if she was ‘drinking’ in the smell through her nose. Her big eyes almost gleamed as she looked at the plate of fried rice.

The grains of rice that were covered with the yolk seemed to be sparkle with a golden hue. And the plate not only contained the golden colored rice, it also included a sea of colors, from green, red, white etc. All these colors seemed to be combined into one dish. Amy swallowed her saliva, and asked her father in curiosity, “Papa, did you plucked the rainbow from the sky and fried it?”

“What?” Michael, who was sitting opposite Amy was rendered speechless by this innocent question. When he looked at the plate of fried that seemed to contain a myriad of colors, it really looked as if he had snatched the rainbow and cooked it. Children really asked the most interesting questions and have a unique perspective!

Smiling, he crossed his fingers under the table as he replied, “Yeah, how did you know? This is rainbow fried rice. Come on, try it while it is still hot.”

“No, you must try it first. Only and only then will I eat it.” Amy shook her head, and used a spoon to scoop up some rice. She held the spoon towards Michael’s mouth.

“You eat first. Papa is not hungry. Later I will cook one more plate for myself.” Michael smiled as he shook his head.

“No! Papa, you woke up so early to cook breakfast for me. I am sure you are hungrier than I am.” Amy pouted her lips as she said this. The spoon is still handing in the air. Because Amy is still very young, and she did not have much strength, the spoon is quite shaky. But she had no intention of talking back the spoon.

“All right, then I will take a bite first.” Michael smiled as he ate the rice on the spoon. As he swallowed the spoonful of rice, he could not help but feel warm in his heart. This little kid had already swallowed her saliva several times, revealing how much she wanted to eat this. But still, she gave him the first bite.

This feeling of being cared for is really wonderful.

“Then I will begin my meal, arh” Amy cheerful pulled back the spoon, and scoop up another spoonful of fried rice. Then with a serious expression on her face, she looked at the plate before her and apologized, “Rainbow, I am so sorry! I am going to eat you!”

Michael could not help grinning. The little girl is really innocent and simple. With one hand rubbing his chin in anticipation and anxiety, he watched Amy eat. He was quite nervous – would his daughter enjoy the food that he had created for her?

Although he felt that the plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice is very tasty, he was worried that the people in this world would not like the taste of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice]. After all, [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] is a dish from a different planet, and all cultures had their own ideas of what is considered tasty.

Amy put the spoonful of fried rice into her mouth, and her eyes lit up. Her elf-like pointed ears seemed to wiggle in delight.

The fragrant smell of the egg that tenderly enveloped each grain of rice, the succulent prawns, the salty taste of the ham, the sweet taste of the mushrooms, the crisp taste of winter bamboo shoots, all combined together in this mouthful of fried rice in perfect harmony.

In her mouth, the flavor of these taste was released, teasing and delighting her taste buds with their exquisite flavors. The taste is so delicate, rich and sweet, that Amy was at a lack of words to describe the taste.

In her heart, the pancakes that used to be her favorite food suddenly tasted like rocks when compared to this plate of fried rice. There is simply no way to compare them, and she had lost all appetite for pancakes.

Once she tried a spoonful of the fried rice, she could not resist taking a second spoonful. One spoonful after another, she could not help herself and devoured every grain on her spoon. If there is any grain that is left over, she would happily lick the spoon clean. At this moment in time, she felt so blessed, so lucky and happy.

“The rainbow fried rice is so tasty! Papa, you are awesome…” While Amy was devouring her meal with relish, she did not forget to compliment her father. But her eyes never left the plate of fried rice. Immediately after she finished her sentence, she continued to polish off the remaining fried rice with the same vigor, and had no intention of stopping.

“Eat slowly.” Michael got up from the chair, poured a glass of water, and placed it on the table. Looking at Amy’s twitching ears, his face with plastered with a satisfied smile.

Amy’s facial expressions and actions do not need any explanations – she loves the food. At this moment, Michael felt that he had finally reaped the fruits of his labors in the training grounds. Just seeing Amy’s satisfied face made all his efforts on the training grounds worth it.

“I guess I am slowly falling in love with the idea of cooking.” Michael thought to himself. Looking at this daughter enjoying the food with relish, he felt very happy.

Watching the expression of delight with each spoonful of the fried rice on Amy’s face and her twitching ears made him felt a bit hungry.

When Amy finished all the fried rice, she used her hands to hold up the plate and licked it clean. Even the tiny grain of prawn that managed to escape her spoon not spared from her tongue. Putting down the plate, Amy was full anticipation as she looked up at her dad. “Papa, I still want some more! I want more rainbow fried rice! Rainbow fried rice is really tasty!”

“Oh, you are not full yet?” Michael was surprised. He looked the empty plate – there was not a single grain of rice left on it. He had cooked a portion that was enough for a grown man, and his daughter had devoured everything and she still wants more.

“En En, I still want to eat.” Amy nodded her head, and flapped her eyelashes. Her face was full of antic.i.p.ation as she looked into her father’s face.

But she quickly thought of something, and glanced at the kitchen. Then with a slight hesitation, and biting her lower lips, she conceited, “But Papa had not eaten yet! Do we have enough rice? I do not need to eat anymore.”

“Of course we have enough rice. Just now Papa had eaten a big spoonful of the fried rice, that is why Amy is still hungry. Papa will now go to cook one more plate, and we share the food, ok?” Michael grinned as he stroke Amy’s hair. The little girl is so considerate, and kind – it is impossible not to love her.

He recalled that although Amy is only 4 years old, she could eat 2 bowls of rice at one sitting, and had an appetite that was not inferior to an adult. This is probably the first time that his daughter had tasted something as nice as the fried rice he made, and of course she would desire more.

But it is only early in the morning, and Michael is not willing to let Amy eat too much. Later he would give her a small bowl of rice, but that’s it.

“OK! Papa, today your cooking skills are superb!” Amy clapped her hands in delight, and her eyes could not conceal her admiration for her father.

Michael got up, cleared the plate on the table, and walked into the kitchen.

Suddenly the cold voice of the [System] rang out “The duration in which all ingredients are provided for free had ended. From this moment onwards, [Master] must purchase the ingredients before he can use them. Below are the prices of each ingredient. Please check the prices.”

“Purchase?” Michael was shocked. Then he dimly recalled that when he had completed the previous task set by the [System], the [System] did mention that he had unlocked the ability to purchase ingredients.

At that time, he was too absorbed in eating the Yang Zhou Fried Rice, and did not really paid it much attention. He thought that all ingredients were free, like on the training grounds. Therefore, he was stunned when he learned that he needs to pay for the ingredients.

Looking at the price of each ingredient, Michael suddenly swore. He almost roared out aloud, “d.a.m.n! [System], did you make a mistake in the price list?”

“The price list is accurate.” The cold voice of the [System] replied.

“The prawn costs 50 coppers for just one piece of prawn? And the green bean is 1 copper for just for one? This is daylight robbery!” Michael could not help but frown.

On the menu, it wrote:

List of Ingredients for one Portion of Fried Rice.


Cost per unit (Copper Coins) x Required Quantity = Total Cost (Copper Coins)

Big Prawns 50 x 2 =100 copper

Eggs 30 x 2 = 60 copper

Ham 40 x 1 = 40 copper

Mushroom 30 x 1 = 30 copper

Bamboo Shoots 30 x 1 = 30 copper

Rice 30 x 1 = 30 copper

Shallots 1 x 5 = 5 copper

Scallion 1 x 1 = 1  copper

Grand Total = 296 copper


“Just the cost of one plate of fried rice is enough for me to purchase 296 pancakes!” With this sort of price, how does anyone do business?

Next Chapter:

Oh dear! The [System] insist on payment for the food. What is dear Michael going to do? He had already promised to cook one more plate of fried rice for his daughter. The problem? He does not even have a single cent!




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