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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0001

Chapter 1 – Our Family Loli


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“Daddy dearest…. Daddy dearest….”

A high pitch, childish voice was calling Michael Shen. His fingers twitched, and he instinctively reached out to stop whatever it was that was making the noise, and encountered something soft. His survival instinct flared, and he suddenly sat up, eyes popping open suddenly. He looked around, stunned.

Where is this?

A rescue? Transmigration?

Michael Shen could vaguely recall that he had been on a private charter boat. He had been very happy to find a king crab caught in his crab trap. He had been carefully reeling in the trap and was on the verge of hauling it on board, when a strong wave suddenly struck the side of boat. The impact tipped Michael Shen and his crab trap overboard. As he fell into the water, he dimly heard the sound of a woman screaming, and someone diving into the water. Then all was dark and quiet.

When he next woke up, he found himself in this European style room, and his hand was being held by a little girl, a child of about four or five years old from the looks of it.

Before Michael Shen could speak, his brain was suddenly overwhelmed by a ton of information. The information overload hit Michael Shen hard, and he ended up closing his eyes and covering ears to shut everything out. The feeling of shutting everything out was similar to the time he fell overboard and everything turned dark and quiet.

In his past life, Michael Shen could be considered a rich man, living the luxurious life of a second generation young master. However, rather than inheriting his father’s vast business empire, he had been more interested in gourmet food and fashioned himself as a top class food critic. He would put up his comments on each restaurant through Weibo[1]. Thanks to his acidic tongue. as well as his habit of commenting on as many Michelin starred restaurants as he could, he had over a million followers in his food blog in less 3 years.

Michael Shen felt that he had only expressed his honest, personal opinions of the food he had eaten, with only a tiny bit of exaggeration on their general weaknesses. However, everyday he would received thousands of cursed filled emails and messages, cursing him to fall into the sea and die, cursing his next life to be reborn as a chef.

Now that he thought about it, he had really fallen into the sea and drown. Could it be that the curses actually came true? Surely the heavens are not that mean?

He did not have time to dwell on these thoughts too long, when a sudden stream of information attracted his attention. It was a scene of swinging blades and splattering blood, he finally confirmed that he had crossed into the body of a crippled knight, who could not even master the strength to pick up his sword again.

The information and feelings within this body’s life slowly merged with his soul, and he had no way of stopping the process.

This was a world of dragons, demons, orcs, elves, dwarves, humans as well as other curious races that lived in this fantasy like continent.

A hundred years ago, a treaty to halt all fighting among various races had been signed. Under this agreement, the various races agreed to live peacefully in their own territories and to not make war with each other. Thus, bringing the war of species that had ravaged the continent for thousands of years to an end.

However, it was not easy to just ignore the thousands of years of war. The years of grudge and hatred could not be broken just because a piece of paper had been signed. In fact, there were still some localized fights and conflicts, however, these were mostly minor border conflicts, and the skirmishes were nothing like the large scale ethno-specie wars of before.

As for the man whose body Michael Shen now inhabit, he was a knight called Michael Alex. The man came from the Alex Clan, who had been responsible for defending the borders of the human empire for hundreds of years, not letting even a single orc cross into the human territory.

However, about 300 years ago, this flawless record was broken by an allied army between orcs and demons. Resulting in the destruction of the main branch of the Alex Clan, leaving only a few scattered members from minor branches alive. Michael Alex was the sole descendent from the proud main family of the noble Alex Clan.

Micheal Alex was an outstanding warrior. From the time he entered in the army, his skills in battle, as well as his ability to command an army, were exemplary, and he quickly gained the approval of his superiors and was awarded numerous medals for his valour and courage. In the span of a few short years, he quickly rose to become the youngest ever Gryphon Knight. His future was bright, and he was predicted to be next commander in chief of the army, and was on the brink of restoring glory and honour to the fallen Alex name.

If not for an incident 3 years ago, Micheal Alex would have gone on to become one of the great men who stands at the apex of this world.

Three years ago, in the dead of night, he was ambushed by a party of elves, demons, and human mages. They crippled his sword wielding hand and sliced the hamstring of one leg. Finally, for some inexplicable reason, the attacking party threw a year old child at him.

This child was his child, born of the Elven Princess. Although it was a time of peace between various races, interracial marriage was not permitted and Michael was betrayed by his most trusted comrades. He was ambushed and was crippled as a result.

Fortunately, he still had some trusted friends who did their best to heal his broken body. Thanks to them, he could walk and do simple tasks with his hands, but he could no longer wield a sword. He changed his appearance and brought his child with him to Chaos City, hoping to start his life anew.

It was a hard, poverty ridden life, after a long and futile struggle, the life of the once great and noble Michael Alex was claimed by a particularly harsh winter wind, and gave Michael Shen the opportunity to transmigrate.

Thus was the end of a great hero, which made Michael Shen sigh with regret. However, he had no intention of taking up the sword and becoming vengeful knight for Michael Alex. He was actually more worried about how to properly survive in this world with his newly acquired daughter.

“Please go in peace, I can’t help you with revenge, but I will raise your child properly.” Michael Shen promised sincerely at whatever lingering spirit that may still be around. For a moment, it felt like that the room felt a little lighter, as though some vague darkness had just left the room.

He was still Michael Shen, however, he also had Michael Alex’s memories and feelings.

“In the future, let’s just be Mike, ba.” Mike thought to himself.

When he next opened his eyes, Mike’s vision felt clear, but then the miserably weak feeling of his body suddenly dragged him down.

“Daddy dearest… are you alright?” a little loli[3] asked anxiously, her hand clutched against his chest.

Mike’s eyes grew gentle, knelt on his bed next to him was a little loli with long silver hair that just brushed the tops of her shoulders. A pair of azure eyes shimmered most touchingly at him. He could just barely see the little pointed ears, inherited from the Elf Princess, half hidden under her silver hair. The little loli was dressed in some old grey clothes made of cheap hemp, her clothes looked more like a cluster of dusters than proper clothes. However, the poor clothing did nothing to detract her adorable charm, which really tempted a person to kiss those plump cheeks.

So, this was Michael Alex’s daughter — Amy, now his own daughter.

Michael Shen himself have never married in his past life, and had no children of his own. He had no idea how to get along with children, but after absorbing the memories and feelings of his predecessor, looking at Amy’s face was like looking at the face of his own flesh and blood. There was a feeling of wanting to be closer to her which flustered him a bit. In his past life, his own parents had been too busy with the business of making money and scaling the social ladder to spend time with him. Therefore, he had no intention to be anything like his parents, and was in fact quite looking forward to becoming a father.

“I… I’m fine, there’s no need to worry about me, Amy.” he tried speaking Amy’s name, even as he clumsily touched her hair, his voice hoarse.

Amy’s hair felt soft, and easy to touch. A corner of his heart trembled. This was his daughter, ah! This close feeling between blood relation was really curious.

“En, en, it’s good that daddy is fine.” Amy rubbed her head against Mike’s hand, her eyes turned into little crescents, just like a cute little kitten. The little lips pouted, “But, daddy dearest, I’m hungry, make something for Amy, ba.”

Mike felt like he was on the verge of melting from the overwhelming cuteness, if she wanted the stars from the sky he would probably try to pick them for her. But, cooking, just the thought of it gave him a headache.

Though he had eaten all kinds of delicious food in his past life, his experience with cooking was close to zero. He’d never even touched a kitchen knife in his life. When he tried to recall the memories from this body, the only thing that appeared were some coarse recipes that killed whatever motivation he had for cooking. He was debating whether to just eat out when-

A strange sound rang through his mind, a gender neutral voice said, “Making of a Master Chef System[2], Activate!”

Mike nearly jumped out of his skin, what the heck? Making of a Master Chef System? Just how did this thing got into his head? Could it have anything to do with his transmigration?

The neutral, slightly mechanical voice continued, “Because the host have recklessly destroyed years old reputation of hundreds of restaurants in his past life, you have accumulated the resentment and curses of countless number of chefs. Therefore, your punishment in this life will be to become a chef. The heavens have created the Making of a Master Chef System just for you, your cooking will be judged according to the very standards you have created. You will be assigned missions. Each completed mission will earn you a reward. Every failed missions will earn you an appropriate punishment.”

As the voice within his head continued, Mike’s consciousness suddenly returned, the f*ck! Just what is this? He had transmigrated into this world because his evaluation of those restaurants was too honest? To sharp tongued? They send him here into this other world to what, turn over a new leaf? Let this Chef Making of whatever System teach him how to cook?

Finally, the second curse from the many emails and messages emerged from his memory: ‘May you be a chef in your next life!

Within Mike’s head, a single line of words appear:

Raise Your Head and Worship the Sky, the Heaven Spares No One…



[1] Weibo – Biggest social media platform in China


[2] Making of a Master Chef System – It used to be called God of Cooking System, but since Gordon Ramsey’s face popped up when I searched for 厨神I decided to go with Master Chef. Especially since I’ve decided to re-edit the whole thing.

[3] Loli – or lolita, cute little girl



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