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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0115

Chapter 115 – Elf Under the Tree of Life


Within the land of the elves was a gigantic mountain was a huge cave. Within that mountain was cave, and within the cave was an incredibly tall tree that stood over a 100 meters high. The base of the tree was so wide that it would take over a dozen people to circle it. The lowest branches started at the 50 meters above ground level and were very long and thin, similar to swaying willow branches that stretched all the way down to sweep the ground. The tens of thousands of fragile looking branches seemed to fill the entire cave.

On every branch were countless heart shaped leaves. In the darkness of the cave, the entire tree glowed with a soft green light that felt strangely warm and alive.

Moreover, there were tiny glowing fireflies that flitted and dance among the swaying branches, giving the cave a rather fairy like feel to it.

Under this tree stood a woman in a long white dress, her chin was tipped up as she stared at the winking fireflies. Her long silver hair scattered down behind her back carelessly, her skin as white as snow, her eyes as limpid as a painting. In the middle of her forehead was a golden symbol in the shape of a little moon. Poking through her hair was a pair of slightly pointed ears so delicate that light seemed to pass through them, her beautiful forehead was slightly creased, as though she was in deep thought.

Around her, the sweeping branches automatically parted to let her through, the leaves shook a little as she past by them, appearing fearful yet eager to please.

“Your Highness Irina,” a bright clear voice came from the mouth of the cave. An elf girl dressed in green dashed into the cave. Defying the stereotype of elves, she tripped and brushed against the swaying branches that seemed to drag against her face and clothes like fingers, making it very difficult for her to get to Irina. This made it difficult to travel quickly and she struggled to suppress the frustration on her face.

“Bean Sprouts, what’s with all that excitement?” Irina kept her eyes on the darting insects, her voice disinterested.

“Your Highness, didn’t you say you’ll stop using calling me this…” there was a tired look on Felice’s face. She half glared at Her Highness Irina with some helplessness. Though the people around her highness tended to be given some really odd nicknames, surely ‘Bean Sprouts’ was just too horrible, ba!

Irina turned around to stare at Felice’s chest, she nodded seriously. “Very well, Bean Sprouts, but your chest is just too small, at this rate you’ll actually turn into a hollow barrel.”

“Your Highness, I’m still young, I can grow bigger!” Felice looked down at her own chest once, but quickly recovered to announced this with utmost confidence.

“When I was 18, I was already this big,” Irina looked into Felice’s eyes, and shook her head, “they never grew one single bit after that.

“Your Highness, this is nothing, I’m fine like this…” Felice bit her lip, trying her hardest to resist the hurt from showing on her face.

“Relax, I was just joking out of boredom. If you want to cry, go somewhere and cry where I can see you.” Irina said with a smile.

Felice fell silent, she hovered between wanting to cry and laugh, as expected, talking with Her Highness always made her cross, however there was nowhere for her to vent her frustrations. Suddenly, her eyes brightened, “Your Highness, I’m here to give you some news, news from the Lot City.”

“Speak.” Irina’s delicate eyebrow twitched as she stared at Felice, her voice inexplicably rose a little.

Felice knew that she had Her Highness’ attention and her own face grew solemn as she spoke in a low voice, “A secret report came from Snar today, after 3 months of investigation he has confirmed that a certain person and the little mistress are most likely still alive. He used his talent to investigate the scene of the fire and the immediate surroundings and found some promising leads. He specifically said that he’ll report to you personally as soon as he returns.”

“Good.” Irina nodded her head, while there was no obvious change to her expression, her fist tightened visibly. Suddenly, she flapped her hand at Felice, “If there’s nothing else, leave, I don’t wish to see your crying face.”

“One more thing, yesterday Lady Helena had once more proposed her majesty for someone else to take your place as princess of the elves. This time, the proposed candidate is Miss Sally.” Miss Felice looked worriedly at Irina.

“That old witch Helena certainly has a good idea, that snot nose chick certainly is not a bad little girl. That brat used to follow me around all the time when she was a wee sprout,” Irina nodded approvingly, however her next words were cold. “On the other hand, that old witch seemed to have speed up her plans, didn’t that woman knows if I really want her dead, no one can actually stop me?”

The Tree of Life felt the change in her mood and its branches started to sway in response, making strange huffing sounds

Felice lowered her head, too afraid to say anything. The Sacred Tree of the elf race had been obedient to Irina and Irina only since she was 18 years old. Thanks to this unique ability, she was practically invincible.

“Leave, ba.” it looked like Irina had finally calmed down.

“Yes.” Felice answered, before making her way towards the exit. The soft, fragile looking branches swayed apart like curtains, opening a road for her to leave. When the stone doors of the cave entrance ground close, the entire cavern was silent once more.

“Amy… Michael… just where are you?” in the quiet of the cavernous stone room, a voice murmured. The branches of the Tree of Life started to float upwards like glowing strands of hair. Countless fireflies gathered in a stream, weaving around Irina like a strand of glowing ribbon as she stood under the tree. The scene was both beautiful and tragically lonely.

… …

The next day, when Mike got out of bed, Amy and Little Ugly Duckling were still sleeping. He lightly kissed Amy on the forehead, if Amy’s mother were to kiss her like this, surely Amy would be very happy, ba?

After looking down at his daughter for a bit, Mike finally came downstairs to prepare the day’s ingredients. Abbe Mia came knocking around 5 o’clock.

“Good morning, Boss Mike.” Abbe Mia greeted Mike with a wide smile, her cheerful face filled with energy. It looked like yesterday’s early hours and hard work hadn’t fazed her a bit.

“Good morning, Mia. Didn’t I tell you to come a little later?” Mike nodded at her in acknowledgement, he also noticed the half a piece of sweet crispy biscuit in her hand.

“I’m used to waking up early and just couldn’t sleep any more. So I thought I’d come early to help out where I could, I’ll come in after I’ve finished this.” Abbe Mia was a little embarrassed to be caught with food in her hand and immediately crammed the leftover biscuit into her mouth. The dry and moisture sucking biscuit nearly choked her as she tried to force it down her throat, she coughed and wheezed, her face rapidly turning red.

“Just come in, I’ll get you some water.” Mike said a little helplessly, and quickly poured a glass of water for the still coughing Abbe Mia.

“Thank you.” Abbe Mia finally managed to say after gulping down two mouthfuls of water, she sighed, still looking a little awkward.

“Then have a sit, ba. There’s nothing for you to do yet, but in a while I will be making a new dish, perhaps you can help me do a taste test.” Mike smiled, to allow his trial employee to enjoy such wonderful privileges and high wages, he’s certainly was a wonderful employer, right? Come next month, when he didn’t have to save money so urgently, he might even give Abbe Mia a little raise or bonus.

Moreover, this little girl was wonderfully diligent, yesterday’s takings increased by 30% while his own labour had dropped a whole lot. He really had scored a great treasure, if he had had to hire regular wait staff, two of them probably wouldn’t be able to match one Abbe Mia’s efficiency..

“En.” though Abbe Mia really wished she could do something to help, one look at Mike’s retreating back made her swallow her words. She did not have the confidence to offer her assistance in the making of such bewitchingly delicious food, Boss Mike had to have a pair of unique hands to make these things, ba.

“A new product? Just what could it be?” she kept curious eyes on Mike as he worked. That [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] and [Juicy Burger] were already so outstandingly delicious, what other delicious food could Boss Mike make? The more she thought about it, the more excited she got.


[Translator’s Note: Dun dun dun, and here we have the elf princess! And loads of other named characters.]




Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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