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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0113

Chapter 113 – Gain Michael Alex, Gain the World

Mike had spent more than 50 days perfecting one savoury and one lightly flavoured beancurd dish. If he could return to the past, he would have slapped the past him shouting, “Those with too much leisure time should not make groundless comparisons!”

All those random requirements were all made up in his own head in pursuit of experiencing the perfect beancurd. After going remaking over a thousand practice dishes, he still wasn’t at all sure whether these will past muster with [System].

However, these were definitely the most perfect savoury and sweet beancurds he managed to achieve. Whether it was the making of the actual beancurd, sweet syrup, or savoury sauce, all have achieved the very peak of his ability. The smell of warm tofu floated in the air, when mixed with fragrance of savoury sauce even he couldn’t help himself as he swallowed.

For anyone who loves sweet beancurds, they would definitely be more interested in the bowl on the left. After all even he couldn’t resist the gentle fragrance of warm, tender beancurd combined with a sparklingly attractive sweet syrup. It made him really want to try some.

While waiting for [System] to judge his beancurds, Mike felt both anxious and expectant.

When it came to the matter of cooking, the [System] was merciless and there was no room for discussion or bargaining. This was one of the things it would not budge on.

However, Mike never thought of getting around his cooking tasks and did his best to perfect each dish as he went. This was something that he had decided on much earlier.

The [System] remained silent for awhile, before saying, “According to the host’s original requirements, the results are as follows:

  1. Colour: White as jade, zero impurities – Achieved
  2. Texture: Tender and melt in mouth texture, gentle soybean fragrance – Achieved
  3. Sides: Fresh and delicious, refreshing and tasty, fragrant but not cloying – Achieved
  4. Sauce: Sparkling red-orange colour, refreshing taste, not at all cloying – Achieved

“The requirements for the [Savoury Beancurd] had been achieved. The host did not have any specifications for [Sweet Beancurds]. However, according to the [System’s] impersonal and unbiased judgement, the [Sweet Beancurd] have also achieved the same degree of perfection as the [Savoury Beancurd].”

“All four requirements have been achieve, congratulations to the host for learning both [Sweet and Savoury Beancurds].”

“Fuh…” Mike gave a long sigh, a gratified smile appeared on his face. To be able to fulfil his own ridiculous requirements from his too leisurely past life, he’d consider these several tens of days not wasted. Moreover, he could now give Amy some delicious beancurds for breakfast.

For the perfect breakfast, there’s nothing better than a [Juicy Burger] followed by a lovely tender [Beancurd].

“Quick, let me out. I want to boil some soybeans!” Mike called loudly, he had no intention of bargaining with the [System]. Though he was really tempted to try the [Savoury Beancurd], the desire to go back home was much stronger.

The scene before him melted away and Mike popped opened his eyes in bed. After laying in the warm bed for a moment, he switched on the bedside lamp. He squinted at the alarm clock, and found that the time was about 2:30 am.

“Looks like I can make some for breakfast before our opening hours starts. I can give Amy a nice little surprise.” Mike smiled to himself and gently extracted himself from bed, and began to put on his clothes in preparation to go downstairs.

“Mommy… is that you? Are you waiting for me?” at this very moment, Amy suddenly started to mumble.

Mike’s footstep paused, he walked slowly to Amy’s bedside. Amy laid on her little bed, her mouth moving slightly, her eyelids scrunched shut, long eyelashes trembled, her face looked surprised and happy, but also a little grieved.

“But… won’t you look at me? I can’t remember your face, just a little look, just a little bit…” Amy’s voice began to quiver, her little hands held up to grasp at something.

“Good Little Amy, daddy’s here. Daddy’s right here.” Mike gently held Amy’s little hands in his own.

Mike’s heart sank, though he did his best to give her all the love and security he could, it looked like she still misses her mother. After all, she was still a tiny four year old girl. While other children could throw tantrums and act spoiled in their mother’s arms, she never really knew her own mother.

Little Ugly Duckling also woke up and was gently mewing and licking Amy’s arm, it looked quite concerned.

“Daddy dearest…” having her little fists clasped within Mike’s large warm hands slowly calmed Amy down, she murmured his name a couple more times before subsiding.

“Just what happened that year? And where is that woman?” Mike tucked Amy’s hands under the quilt, stroked Little Ugly Duckling’s head and frowned to himself. He stood by the little bed, looking down at Amy’s face. He clenched his fists and said quietly to himself. “Alright, though I decided not to look too deeply into the matters in the past, looks like I’ll have to put in some effort looking for Amy’s mother. Surely having her mother beside her will make Amy happier, ba? This little brat, to think that she already learned how to hide her true feelings even at this age, she’s really too sensible for her own good.”

Mike went downstairs, doing his best to recall all memories regarding the elf princess. However, who knows whether Michael Alex himself had withheld these memories or that someone had tempered with them, all attempts to recall the princess was met with a blank space.

“From the way these people do things, she must have been compelled to obey. Otherwise, if it was her own desire, there was no need to risk a war with the Empire by targeting one of their best knights.” Mike took out some paper and pencil from the cupboard and wrote down names of people as well as their power.

Michael Alex was a rather proud man, if she meant to break the relationship off, there was no way he would force the issue. However, if there was a third party who wish to break them apart, then that fateful encounter could have been the result.

However, the party that had managed to heavily injure him, those crippling injuries were paid for by the lives of two rank 9 knights, three rank 9 demons, and one rank 10 wizard. Such was the battle strength of Nolan Continent’s most powerful rank 9 Gryphon Knight.

“Michael Alex, elf princess, the royal family, Magic Tower, elf race, demon…” Mike read the list softly. These were the powerful people likely to be pulling strings or be directly involved in the matter. Michael Alex himself had already analysed the incident thoroughly, therefore all he had to do was sift through the man’s memories.

The possible suspect from the royal family was the second prince. The Lost Empire’s King has four sons, the third prince was lame on the right leg, and the fourth prince was only 7 years old. Therefore, only the 30 year old first prince and 26 year old second prince could be possible candidates as heirs for the throne.

The first prince had a good relationship with the military and experienced actual fighting a few times. Michael Alex had also fought shoulder to shoulder with the first prince, and was looked on favourably by the prince. In short, this prince has the backing of the military, and by default, Michael Alex.

The second prince, who was rather talented with magic, grew up within the Magic Tower. It was said that though no single mage within the tower had the honour of being his personal teacher, he who humbled himself before all magical fields called himself the disciple of all, and were actually quite respectful even to the humblest of mage within the tower, thereby winning the hearts of mages.

Therefore the power and influence of these two brothers could be said to be evenly matched, and no one dared to bet who would end up winning the struggle for the throne.

However, at this crucial point, a Gryphon Knight was found to have single handedly slaughtered dragons, saving the lives of the people not once, but over and over again. The name Michael Alex suddenly overturned the might of the mages within the hearts of the people and soon, within the whole of Nolan Continent, a brilliant name was on everyone’s lips. Michael Alex.

Soon a saying started to go around: “Gain Michael Alex, Gain the World!”


[Translator’s Note: I probably won’t be able to translate anything much in the next few days since I have an interview coming up. It’s a translating job (Japanese to English), so anyone looking forward to Okonomiyaki Chain Store should be happy. ^_^]




Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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