Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0111

Chapter 111 – Maid Wardrobe Malfunction

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They all had an early lunch together, as per Abbé Mia’s request, he prepared two [Juicy Burgers] for her. He made Amy and himself a [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] each, plus an additional [Juicy Burger]

“Sister Mia, you go ahead and try it. [Juicy Burger] is really super delicious, oh.” Amy was eating her fried rice and eyeing the [Juicy Burger] in Abbé Mia’s hands.

“En,” Abbé Mia nodded, her eyes fixed upon the meat stuffed bun in her hand. She had already served up plenty of these to customers and the sheer ecstasy on their faces gave her some idea of its deliciousness. Who knew how many litres of saliva she had secretly swallowed as she rushed around serving delicious food to happy customers. After working all morning, she finally had one of these in her hands, with an expectant expression, she took a large bite.

“This flavour!” Abbé Mia couldn’t help exclaiming!

Soft, plump buns hugging a thick slice of stewed belly meat. When she bit down, fragrant meat juice gushed out. The tender meat almost melted on her mouth, coating her tongue. It felt like every single taste bud was singing an aria of deliciousness. Compared to the relatively subtle [Yang Zhou Fried Rice], the taste of this dish has more punch to it. As the flavour pierce through her senses, she could not help closing in bliss. Even after she swallowed, a little reluctantly, she could still feel the lingering sensation of braised pork and sauce in her mouth every time she breathed in.

The wonderfully blissful sensation, however, suddenly turned explosive when the food hit her stomach. Heat surge through her blood, spreading through her body. Her face grew bright red, and she had a feeling that something was about to explode from her body, she wanted to stand up on the table and roared like a dragon towards the sky.

Two buttons popped off her chest, revealing pure white skin, and from under her skirt came a low thud, and a scaled dragon’s tail toppled the chair backwards.

Mike and Amy both looked down at the same time, their throats moved as they swallowed their mouthful of rice. The surprise on their faces quite similar.

“To think she actually burst out of her clothes! Also, is this a return to ancestor phenomenon?” Mike frowning gaze swept over the white valley revealed in front of him towards on the dragon tail under the skirt. He really hadn’t expected to be treated to a wardrobe malfunction scene in this world.

The fine scales on the tail were only as large as a woman’s little fingernail, each scale gleamed like pure gold. It twitched left and right, as if anxious at being looked at. If she could turned into a full dragon, she would probably be a giant gold dragon.

“Wow, it’s a dragon tail!” Amy looked up at Abbé Mia, sighing out in amazement.

Little Ugly Duckling also poked its head out to have a look, it was surprisingly unafraid, in fact it even showed it’s teeth and hissed. Perhaps it saw the tail as a rival as it swiped its claws threateningly at it.

“Should be fine, ba.” Mike frowned. If she really did returned to ancestor into a full dragon, it should be a good thing for Abbé Mia. After all, giant dragons stood at the pinnacle of power in Nolan Continent and were born powerful.

Abbé Mia finally stopped her dragon roar, her eyes slowly opened. A gold light flashed out from her golden eye, her delicate cheeks rosy, her forehead beaded with sweat, and there was a hazy look in her eyes. It felt like a giant beast that had been trapped inside her body had finally been set free, there was a warm drowsy feeling inside her, so much that her legs actually felt a little tender.

Warmth slithered up her body like smoky snakes, it was as though there was some mysterious energy was constantly feeding the giant beast inside her. It was the first time she encountered this kind of feeling, it was so comfortable that she sighed, almost melting with relief. Then, her hazy eyes focused on a spoon, then at the amazed faces of Mike and Amy.

She lowered her head, and saw her exposed upper chest. Abbé Mia’s face, which had returned to it’s normal colour, blazed much redder than before. She stiffened and covered her chest.

In response to her agitation, the dragon’s tail knocked over another chair to the ground. She turned back instinctively, and saw the tail sticking out from under her skirt. Shocked, she stammered, “Thi… this… what is this?” Her little face paled, it looked she was ready to cry.

“Mia, don’t worry. Since, you’re a half dragon this [Juicy Burger] must have agitated your blood and possibly triggered a return to ancestor phenomenon or perhaps even an evolution. Actually, this might be a good thing for you.” Mike got up and gently touched Abbe Mia on the shoulder, looking gently at her.

She was only a 17 year old girl, who had grown up without a sense of security, and lived in fear of her own body. For her to suddenly see a dragon tail popped up out of nowhere, there was no way that she could calm down immediately.

Abbe Mia saw Mike’s gentle eyes, and her mood slowly calmed, one hand clutching at her blouse, she looked at Mike with red, questioning eyes, “But, but, I don’t want a tail, I don’t want people to look at me with weird eyes. It’s bad enough to have horns, having a tail is just…”

“There’s nothing weird about it, it looks very cute.” Mike shook his head as he smiled down at her encouragingly.

“That’s right, that’s right, it’s a very cute looking dragon tail. If Sister Mia actually turn into a giant dragon, please bring Amy and Little Ugly Duckling fly in the sky.” Amy chimed in encouragingly.

“But, I just want to be a normal person. I want to work as a regular waitress in a nice restaurant, with this kind of look…” Abbe Mia’s face twisted with despair, still the hand on her shoulder warmed her a little. Amy and Mike were also looking at her kindly, which comforted her, until she turned around and saw that golden dragon tail and her face fell back into helplessness and worry.

Mike looked at Abbe Mia and felt pity for her. Normally, when someone found that they have dragon bloodline, or a potential to turn into an actual dragon, they would be ecstatic.

If she wanted revenge against all the people who had wronged her in the past, they would now be helpless in front of her.

However, her first thought was worrying that she will lose an ordinary waitressing job thanks to the appearance of a tail. She did not seem to harbour hate against those shameless people who had exploited her all her life. Abbé Mia’s only focus was to live a quiet and peaceful life.

“Don’t worry, even with a tail you’re still our staff.” Mike said earnestly.

“Boss Mike,” Abbe Mia looked up at Mike, her eyes red.

“Also, maybe if you concentrate, you can even put the tail away.” Mike smiled as he took his hand from her shoulder. People who had eaten [Juicy Burger] and undergone drastic changes were not limited to Abbe Mia, Amy and Sargerass also experienced great power boost from it. Since the [System] said that there will be no adverse effects, it’s entirely possible that this change might actually be controllable.

“Put it away?” Abbe Mia’s eyes brightened. Then, she closed her eyes and clenched her fist tightly. After a while, golden light shone from her body, and suddenly the tail under her skirt disappeared.

“Yi, the dragon tail is gone.” Amy ducked her head under the table in surprised.

“It’s really gone!” Abbé Mia popped her eyes opened in surprised delight. She was so happy that she did a light twirl, her skirt floated lightly with no extra appendages. She looked up at Mike a little excitedly, “Boss Mike, I can really make it go away.”

“That’s good, aside from that, are there any other changes?” Mike also breathed a sigh of relief, looks like the [System]’s word was good.

“I feel kind of like my body is filled with endless power, like, I could work all day and not be tired.” Abbé Mia held up her fist, looking down at her own body in pleasant surprise.

“Well, that’s a good thing.” Mike said with a smile. Then, he looked over at the table where the [Juicy Burger] with one bite taken out still sat. “Do you still want to eat that?”


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Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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