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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0110

Chapter 110 – Deadbeat Dad


Though Abbé Mia had been quite anxious, when she heard Sargerass’ agitated explanation, her own anxiety suddenly lessoned. In fact, she even felt a little amused by his antics. It looked like even the demon customers who patronized this restaurant were quite an interesting bunch. The smile on her face resurfaced and she nodded, “Welcome.”

Sargerass was struck by Abbé Mia’s smile, for a moment he just stood there, stunned. That smile was as pure as the clearest dew in the morning, so much so that his stone heart, sleeping under layers of magma, gave a sudden trembled.

To think that such a smile still exist in this wretched world, his general mood, which had been a little depressed, lifted a little at the power of this pure smile. After a little derisive laugh, he placed his iron chair next to the nearest to the entrance and sat down. This little girl was most likely this restaurant’s new staff, so he did his best to speak in a lower tone and smiled gamely, “I want five [Juicy Burgers].”

“Very well, please wait a moment.” Abbé Mia smiled with a little nod, and headed towards the kitchen. She had collected everyone else’s orders and was now on her way to inform Mike on the order sequence.

“Good morning, ah, Big Baldy.” Amy called out familiarly, though he looked really fierce, she had the feeling that he was kind of sincere.

“Morning,” Sargerass hurriedly nodded his greeting. The feeling he get from Amy was ‘cannot provoke, must never provoke…’, also, this little girl was really adorable, especially when she poked fun at Klaus. Just thinking about it still made him burst into laughter at random, right now she was sitting right in front of Klaus, which really tested his self restraint.

With Abbé Mia’s help, Mike only had to focus on his cooking. One after another, [Juicy Burgers] were sent out to customers, plates of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] also came out at a steady pace. The restaurant’s efficiency rate increased by at least 30%.

“[System], can you exchange this oven for a bigger model?” Mike asked as he glanced at the white loaves baking in the oven. He estimate that they’ll be done in about ten minutes.

“The host does not have the right to upgrade kitchen appliances.” [System] answered.

“In that case, there’s no need to upgrade, I want another one just like this.” Mike said without thinking too deeply of it.

“Adding appliances is considered part of restaurant renovation, the host unfortunately do not have permission to buy a new oven.” the [System] answered again.

“[System], have you ever heard of the story of Zhou the Exploiter? Specifically that part about the Midnight Rooster Crow[1].” Mike raised his eyebrows.

“Would the host please be careful with his use of analogies. This situation clearly did not reflect that story. The [System] has not made any rooster crow at midnight. However, if the host wish to increase his sales volume, he may extend the business hours.” the [System] answered.

“Tsk, tsk, you still have the cheek to say you’re nothing like Zhao the Exploiter? Making the rooster crow at midnight is merely the means, the purpose is to extend the working hours of his poor exploited workers.” Mike said disdainfully. Then, he continued. “My business hours will not be extended by even a minute.”

“You know what, I am very comfortable now, I have nice things to wear and good food to eat. Even so, money is still very hard to earn, so I don’t see why I should spend a whole 50,000 gold on something I really don’t need, like a restaurant upgrade.”

The [System] sank into silence, after a long time it said, “There are many advantages to having a Level 1 Restaurant. You will unlock purchase rights for middle range cooking appliances as well as current lower range appliances; the [System] will also increase the defensive strength of the restaurant, which will increase the safety of your family. Additionally, there will be a free renovation for both interior and exterior portions of the restaurant. These are merely some of the benefits you will enjoy, there will also be a very nice surprise gift waiting for you.”

“Amy is so incredibly talented even without mentioning her great magical potential, I can just hang around and be a deadbeat dad[2]. As for whatever protection system or surprise gift, not interested.” Mike said carelessly.

This time, the [System] remained silent for a much longer time. Two sets of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] later, it finally seemed to have come to a decision, “For a lower range [Juicy Burger] bread baking oven, 15 gold coins. Purchase limited to 1 item only!”

“How about a discount?” the corner of Mike’s lips twitched up, otherwise, his face remained neutral.

“Ovens produced by the [System] have a stable heating range with no hotspots, buns baked using this…” [System] began indignantly.

“Lalala, I’m not listening,” Mike shook his head, he really could not be bothered to listen to the [System] boast about his products, he went on lightly, “Fine, I want one, but send it tonight.”

Although it did not really show on his face, he was feeling really smug. As expected, the best strategy was to be dismissive of it’s products and services, that way instead of it being a seller’s market, he’d flipped the situation to the buyer’s advantage.

Though he was not completely opposed to being a Salt Fish Old Dad, he still cherished the idea of being a good dad to his precious daughter and be able to protect her in this crucial period of time. That was his rough plan for the future.

“15 gold have been deducted, the oven is now being constructed, it will be delivered tonight.” a line of words appeared in his mind’s eye, it looked like the [System] had no intention of speaking to him.

Mike continued cooking in a relative good mood.

Since Abbé Mia came today, Mike prepared extra 16 [Juicy Burgers] on top the normal portions, all of which were sold off before the end of the breakfast rush. The restaurant’s efficiency rate had clearly gone up.

When 9 o’clock arrived, Mike came out from the kitchen. He gave Abbé Mia a meaningful smile, hinting for her to stop taking orders. He then addressed the dining hall, “Dear customers, the morning business hours is now over. [Juicy Burgers] have also sold out. Customers who wish to eat more please come during our next opening hours.”

“So it’s that time, ah…” some of the customers looked little regretful, however, they were all familiar with the restaurant rules and all of them reluctantly left.

“Boss Mike, is this really…” Abbé Mia looked at the backs of the exiting customers, desperately wanting to say something. For a whole bunch of customers to collectively get up and leave a restaurant had to be something not too good, ba.

“Our restaurant adheres to strict business hours, which have been set up since the opening of this restaurant.” Mike explained with a smile as he went over to the door and flipped over the sign.

Abbé Mia nodded thoughtfully as she processed this information. Finally, a smile appeared on her face, Boss Mike’s restaurant was already different from all the rest, and this wasn’t the oddest thing thus far.

“Though you’ve made two mistakes on the orders, it’s only your first day of work so this kind of result is considered not bad. Continue to work hard, ba.” Mike looked at Abbé Mia, encouragement clear in his eyes.

“En, en, I will.” Abbé Mia said sincerely as she nodded her head, a flush of happiness reddened her cheeks, eyes sparkling with happiness.

To be acknowledged by the customers and praised by the boss. This was the first time that she knew, ever since she was a small child, that she could do a good job. That she was not a useless person in society.

Mike smiled back at her, nodding his approval. Though Abbé Mia looked delicate, she had demonstrated great strength and enthusiasm for her work, whether it’s receiving customers, taking orders, sending out dishes or clearing up tables, these were all done by her alone. Though two small mistakes had occurred, nothing too bad happened, furthermore, she had apologized to the customers with a sincere smile, elevating any lingering awkwardness in the situation.

For her to achieve this kind of result on her first try in this kind of work was beyond Mike’s expectations, it looked like her potential in this area was quite good.

“That’s right, Sister Mia is so awesome. We’ve made a lot more money today than before.” Amy was seated in front of the counter table, counting out gold coins. Her eyes sparkling like stars. It looked like her love for gold coins was only second to her love of delicious food.

“Well then, please clean up the dining hall first. Oh, before that, please come with me and I’ll show you how to work the dishwasher.” Mike led Abbé Mia into the kitchen, opened up the dishwasher drawer and gave her some simple instructions on how to operate the machine.

The machine was an idiot proof, one button operated appliance. Though Abbé Mia get the feeling that being able to wash several plates at once with just a push of a button quite magical, she quickly learned how to use it. After all, everything else in the restaurant was already quite unique. In fact, aside from pots and pans, the things in the kitchen were all stuff that she had never seen before.

“Let’s go and take a walk outside, Amy. We’ll get some goats milk for Little Ugly Duckling too.” Mike walked out of the kitchen, with Amy in hand. The other good thing about having staff was, of course, some leisure time to oneself.


[Translator: This chapter is a little late, I had a resume to write up, in Japanese. Ahahaha…]


[1] Midnight Rooster Crow – It’s a moral story written by Gao Yubao, where a landlord called Zhao the Exploiter would make his servants work early with a rooster crow that crows at midnight, forcing them to start the day’s work hours before daybreak. The workmen soon discovered that the landlord had been creeping into the chicken coop to make the rooster crow. So one night, they ambushed him and beat him up under the cover of darkness shouting ‘Thief! Thief!’

The landlord got beaten within an inch of his life, but, because of his own schemes, he couldn’t punish the workers without looking stupid and had to swallow his humiliation quietly.

[2] Deadbeat Dad – originally I translate it as Salt Fish Old Dad – it seemed to be clever reference to xian yu fan shen, where the salt fish became a live fish again. A deadbeat or written off person coming back to power. Hence, the decision to go with Deadbeat Dad




Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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