Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0107

Chapter 107 – I Will Eat 


Looking in from outside, lips pursed up and hands flat against the glass, with left leg kicked up behind for balance was Abbé Mia. Mike was also stunned for a moment, then a snort of laughter burst out.

The view outside today was really cute.

Abbé Mia had put on the black and white waitress/maid outfit. Since it was constructed by the [System], it was made to fit. With her slim arms and legs, her bust actually looked quite large in comparison. The vest that cinched at the waist showed off her slim figure very well.

On her head was the white headband, her long blonde hair tied back in a sideways pony tail that settled over her right shoulder. Completing the look were the black and white knee socks and small black patent shoes. If she were to pair this look with a bright smile, it would really give off a lively girl feeling.

Abbé Mia herself was in shock. In the next moment, she withdrew her leg and stood straight as a pole, her cheeks bright red, her expression became 囧, she stared up into the sky, “What… why is it all transparent, to be seen by the boss, how awkward, ah, ah, ah!!!”

“You’re early today, Mia. Do come in.” Mike opened the door with a smile, he really hadn’t expect her to come so early, he never ask her to come early either.

“Boss Mike, when I was going home yesterday, I saw the restaurant’s schedule on the door. Since business hours starts at 7:30 am, I thought you’d be up early to make preparations, so I thought I’d come a little early to help out.” Abbé Mia came closer, her face still a little red, but she her face and body language were perfectly sincere. She added, “I’ve already had my breakfast.”

“En, there’s no need to come so early next time. I don’t need your help in the kitchen so it’s fine for you come just before the business hours.” Mike said, shaking his head as he opened the wider to let her in. This girl was certainly attentive, he was quite satisfied with her work ethic.

“I’ve helped out in the kitchens for many years, when it comes to prep work, I can do lots. Washing vegetables, cutting up ingredients, cleaning up the kitchen… I can do all that.” Abbé Mia said energetically. Compared to dealing with customers, this kind of work was something she was most experience with.

“That kind of work is not within your job range. Also, my dishes, I feel that you might not be able to handle it as yet. However, I will keep your offer in mind and might ask for your help in the future.” Mike kept his smile even as he shook his head. The delivery of ingredients were all arranged by the [System], so the never had to buy anything from outside. As for cutting up vegetables, the type of precision work needed here was not something that an ordinary kitchen help like Abbé Mia could take over. However, it really looked like this girl was quite motivated to work.

“You sit here and rest, Amy hasn’t woken up yet. I’m going to prepare the ingredients now. Since today is your first day of work, you should try and adapt to the work pace and rhythm first. Don’t be too depressed if you made a mistake, it’s fine as long as you do your best. Once the business hours starts, it will be very busy. So, please enjoy the down time now.” Mike poured Abbe Mia a glass of water, before making for the kitchen.

“Oh,” Abbe Mia had a feeling like she had been wrapped in a blanket. The warmth radiating from her heart made the rest of her body feel warm. Her previous boss had worked her like a donkey, squeezing every bit of work out of her from day till night, hating even the idea of letting her rest.

On the other hand, Boss Mike actually did not allow her to work beyond what was specified in their agreement. Moreover, his attitude and the way he spoke to her was as though he was speaking to an equal. After some hesitation, she sat down quietly in her chair, looking round at the beautiful dining hall. She thought, “For a single dish to cost 600 copper coins, the preparation method and cooking must be very complicated and precise, I better not trouble Boss Mike over it.”

Mike was in the middle of kneading the dough and cooking meat when he looked over at the quietly sitting Abbe Mia. He nodded to himself with satisfaction, looks aside, she was perfectly obedient, spoke few nonsense, was enthusiastic about her job and knew how to conduct herself in a proper manner. This kind of help was certainly not easy to find, he had clearly picked up a treasure.

At about 7 o’clock, Amy had washed and dressed herself, and came downstairs with Little Ugly Duckling. She stood at the kitchen entrance and was still rubbing her eyes, “Good morning, daddy.”

“Good morning, Little Amy,” Mike smiled down at her, looked at his flour covered hand, came over to peck her lightly on the head. He pointed towards the dining hall, “Mia is here already, go and play with her first. I’ll make breakfast.”

“Okay.” Amy nodded and said, “but, daddy, my morning [Yang Zhou Fried Rice], can we wait until Half Beardy Old Man come first? He said he wants to treat me something nice, so I’ll just have a [Juicy Burger], ba.”

“Alright,” Mike nodded. Klaus hadn’t come to the restaurant the day before, since then the little girl had mentioned this a few times. She clearly wanted him to keep his promise.

“Good morning, Sister Mia.” Amy hugged Little Ugly Duckling in her arms, looking at Abbé Mia with bright eyes. “Wow, Sister Mia is so pretty today, that new dress is really nice.”

Abbé Mia smiled shyly at Amy’s compliment, she looked at Amy and said, “Amy is also very pretty, if fact, you’re much prettier than me.”

“En, I think so too.” said Amy after thinking for a bit, she climbed onto a chair and sat in front of Abbé Mia.

“Miao miao~” Little Ugly Duckling looked at Abbé Mia. It still looked a little unhappy about having this person touched its head yesterday, however, it also felt that this person looked a bit more easy on the eyes today.

“Is this a kitten?” Abbé Mia looked at Little Ugly Duckling curiously, this was the first time she had ever seen a cat in this colour.

“No, he’s actually a duckling, but he’s too ugly, so that’s why I call him Little Ugly Duckling. When he’s all grown up, he’ll be a swan.” Amy explained earnestly.

“A duckling that will grow up to be a swan?” Abbé Mia looked at the kitten in Amy’s arms curiously, for a moment, the gears in her brain ground to a halt.

“That’s right, I’m just waiting for him to grow up.” Amy nodded, remembering the words Abbé Mia muttered that day they found her fainted in front of the shop. “I think you’ll really like him too.”

“En, he’s certainly a cute little fellow.” Abbé Mia looked at Little Ugly Duckling and said hesitantly, “Is it alright if I hold him for a bit?”

“Of course, but we should also ask Little Ugly Duckling if it’s okay.” Amy nodded, and looked down at Little Ugly Duckling.

Little Ugly Duckling placed one paw over its eyes, the other held out in front of it’s body. A clear ‘I refuse’ posture.

“Looks like he still doesn’t want you to hold him.” Amy shrugged helplessly.

“What an interesting little guy,” Abbé Mia withdraw her hands, not at all dismayed at the rejection. The smell of stewing meat floated over from the kitchen, the heavy fragrance made her mouth water almost uncontrollably. This fragrance was not at all like [Yang Zhou Fried Rice], therefore, it had to be the 300 copper coin [Juicy Burger]. The smell alone filled her with curiosity and expectations.

“Here,” Mike brought out a plate of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] and two [Juicy Burgers] over. He gave one of the [Juicy Burgers] to Amy, sat down next to her and began to eat his breakfast.

The best time to eat [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] was early in the morning, the rice grown with water from the Spring of Life will boost the body to its optimum condition. If one were to eat a [Juicy Burger] now and activate the blood. This would actually dispel morning fatigue and boost one’s mental powers to the max.

Abbe Mia looked at the [Juicy Burger] in Amy’s hand, unable to keep from swallowing at the strong meaty smell.

“Sister Mia, do you want to know what [Juicy Burger] taste like?” Amy looked at the [Juicy Burger] in her hands and then at Abbe Mia.

Abbe Mia unconsciously nodded her head, her body honest perfectly. However, would Amy actually let her try some? Should she actually eat it? She was at a tangle with all these thoughts.

“Then, let me eat some for you.” Amy smiled brightly, then chomped into her [Juicy Burger]. A happy expression beamed across and she exclaimed, “[Juicy Burger] is actually really super delicious!”



[Translators Note: I do hope we get to see Abbe Mia’s previous employer, I’m just wondering what bag of douche this person is.] [PS: I’ll be on call for 24/3 for the next three days, so there may or may not be any updates until Monday.]



Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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