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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0102

Chapter 102 – This is a Dream, Right?


Collapsed in front of their restaurant was a girl, dressed in coarse a grey gown and tattered trousers. One hand outstretched towards the restaurant, her head flopped to the side. Her hair was tied in one a long pony tail and they could only see one side of her face. She looked very thin, her loose clothes make her looked even smaller than she was.

“Just what happen to this sister?” Amy looked down at the girl worriedly, even Little Ugly Duckling mewed twice to voice its opinion.

“And why has she fainted just right here?” Mike, too, was very curious. He squatted down to investigate. Her breathing was a little weak, but still normal. There were no obvious injuries on her body, and it did not looked like she was suffering from any kind of illness. So that leaves starvation, it was entirely possible that she had fainted from acute hunger.

Also, there were a pair of horns on her head, a little like deer’s antlers. It looked like this was no ordinary girl, the only question was whether she was a demon or of the orc species. Elves don’t tend to grow horns.

“R… roast duck…” suddenly, the girl whispered.

“Roast duck! Daddy dearest, she really is the Little Match Girl, a grown up Match Sister!” Amy’s eyes brightened, she looked at the girl with pity in her eyes. “Let’s help her out, ba. Look how pitiful she is, only, Little Ugly Duckling is still so little…”

“Miao miao~!!” Little Ugly Duckling immediately felt uneasy and began to voiced its protest.

“Alright, we’ll help her.” Mike looked left, and looked right. There weren’t many people around right now, and he had no idea how long this young woman had been lying here.

If she had been taken away by some unscrupulous characters, this thin and weak looking girl would not meet a good end. He stood up and opened the door. After placing the basket on one of the tables, he supported the girl and they slowly shuffled their way in.

Even now, Mike still have some trouble when it came to picking Amy up, therefore there was no way he could do anything drastic like a gentlemanly princess carry. Thankfully this girl was pretty light, and could still shuffle along a little. When he finally sat her down on a chair, he managed to prop her up on the backrest of the sturdy chair.

“What a pretty elder sister.” Amy looked up at the golden haired girl with sparkling eyes.

When Mike took a closer look at the girl, even he was surprised. Her facial features were exquisite and looked to be about seventeen or eighteen years old. Only, her eyebrows were sharp straight lines that raised to the side, they reminded him of little swords. Those strong eyebrows seemed to indicate that a tough character resided behind that soft, gentle face.

However, that soft face was so pale and dry that it looked almost scary, even her lips were pale and cracked. Who knows how long this person have been denied food and drink. The girl seemed to shrink into the wooden chair, looking very like a frightened kitten, the sight of this really sparked something painful in his heart.

“Could she be a dragon?” Mike looked at the horns on the girls’ head. Now that the thought occurred to him, those horns did looked a little dragon-ish. However, he kept the thought to himself as he fetched a glass of warm water from the kitchen and helped the girl drink, but though the girl swallowed the water, she still appeared quite out of it.

“Daddy, is the elder sister ok?” Amy asked worriedly.

“She should be hungry, I’m going to make some rainbow rice for her. When she’s more awake, she can eat it.” Mike nodded to himself, if she still remained this way, he might have to turn some rice into congee and feed her that.

“En, en, daddy dearest, you’re the best. Amy also want to be a good person like daddy.” Amy looked up at Mike with a worshipful look on her face.

“That’s right, we should be kind to people and offer help whenever we can. However, it’s important to keep our own safety in mind, and not over do things, not even kindness.” Mike smiled down at Amy.

“Amy understands.” Amy said as she nodded her head seriously.

Mike went to the kitchen to fry the rice, Amy hugged Little Ugly Duckling and sat in front of the girl, keeping a worried eye on her. Little Ugly Duckling stretched out its tiny claws, and started scraping along the edge of the table, making little scrape, scrape, scrape sounds.

The girl continued to sit, half curled up on the chair. After drinking the warm water, she seemed to have calmed down a little, the skin between her sharp eyebrows knitted into a shallow frown. It seemed that she really wanted to wake up, but for some reason found it hard to muster the will to do so.

Within the semi-open kitchen, a wonderfully alluring scent drifted out. Little Ugly Duckling stopped scraping its claws against the table and pointed its nose towards the kitchen. A look of great yearning wobbled its huge eyes.

“You can stop that, that’s not for you at all.” Amy said mildly.

“Miao miao!!” Little Ugly Duckling mewed twice frustratedly, before finally burrowing itself into Amy’s arms, head tucked under its paws, eyes closed against a cruel and unjust world.

As the fragrant scent of fried rice floated enticingly over, the golden haired girl’s nose started to twitched, her thin eyelids trembled, it looked like she was struggling hard to open her eyes.

“Daddy dearest, the elder sister looks like she’s going to wake up!” Amy spotted the subtle movements made by the girl and happily rushed to the kitchen to announced this.

Perhaps startled by Amy’s voice, Abbé Mia slowly opened her eyes. Her left eye was brilliant golden, a bright contrast against her left black pupil. Both eyes slowly began to focus and take in the images of the room around her. What she saw was a beautifully decorated restaurant. Delicate crystal lamps hung from the ceiling, illuminating a room filled with clean square tables. Seated opposite her was a cute little half elf girl, an orange kitten tucked in her arms.

“En? Where is this? Am I dreaming?” Abbé Mia was still feeling a little fuzzy and disorientated. The last thing in her memory was being hungry and confused. She had finally collapsed in front of a beautiful looking restaurant, she remembered thinking that its palace like existence really shouldn’t exist in Aden Square, before everything around her fell into echoing darkness.

When she next opened her eyes, she was inside that ridiculously beautiful restaurant. The inside was just as beautiful as the outside indicated, there was even a cute and adorable half-elf girl in front of her, and that kitten in her arms, fluffy cuteness incarnate, ah!

In conclusion, this was a dream!

The thing that cinched this as a dream was the wonderful scent floating around her. She had never encountered this kind of alluringly delicious smell in her life, just what kind of heavenly food was this? Her stomach began to growl, and her mouth watered, she spent some effort to look towards where the smell came from and saw a tall, slim, good looking uncle bearing a plate of brightly coloured food in his hands, a smile on his face.

This gentle and domesticated scene, how wonderful it was to have such a lovely dream just before she starved to death.

Naturally, Abbé Mia’s entire attention was now captured by the plate of food that was emitting such delicious smell, the brightly coloured ingredients were cut in perfectly even size, it was like someone had taken a slice of the rainbow, chopped it up into tiny pieces before stir frying the it with egg. The aroma of other ingredients danced harmoniously just under the cloud of eggy goodness, enticing her nose with their deliciousness.

“Go ahead and eat, ba.” Mike placed the plate lightly in front of Abbé Mia with a smile. This young girl still looked a little dazed, but it’s good that she had woken up, at least she can feed herself.

Also, those eyes of hers, one black, and one gold surprised him a little. Those kind of eyes were rare even in this kind of fantasy world setting.

“Thank you,” even though this was a dream, Abbé Mia still thank the dream person politely. Then, she reached out a hand, picked up the spoon, and scooped up a bit of the fried rice.

Each grain of rice was perfectly enveloped by egg, surrounded by many types of ingredients cut in the same size as a grain of rice. The surface of everything seemed to sparkle from the oil used to stir fry it. Did the man really fried these many ingredients together? Such curious cooking method was nothing she had ever seen before.

Unable to resist any more, she opened her mouth wide and stuffed the spoon in, her eyes lit up!


[Alright, Abbé Mia’s description seemed kind of familiar. Here’s a hint.]


Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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