Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0100

Chapter 100 – Different World BBQ Shop



Mike nodded, picked up a pencil and paper from her desk and began to sketch out the 9×9 multiplication table. For easier understanding, he also wrote down a division table and began to explain the decimal system in detail.

The current mathematical system the Nolan Continent used was something called the sexagesimal[1] system, or a base 60 positional numeral system, where the multiplication table has more than 1,700 numbers to memorize. Questions involving two or more digits gets quite complicated, and anyone who could efficiently calculate up to three digits or more could be considered an expert mathematician.

Therefore, the first thing one must do to implement the multiplication table was to get rid of this complicated sexagesimal way of counting. The decimal numeral system, also known as the base 10 positional numeral system. The decimal fractions were first developed by the Chinese and the oldest known multiplication tables using the base of 10 were found on bamboo strips dating about 305 BC during the Chinese Warring States period. That was the time when Chinese calculation method crush the rest of the world.

Luna looked on from the side, her eyes growing brighter and brighter even as her jaw fell further downward. Before becoming a math teacher, she had grown up in a household that values mathematics, therefore her ability to appreciate what was in front of her was different from Amy.

Though the concept of a base 10 decimal system was not quite well understood, Mike’s explanation was so simple and sensible that she could see incredible value of this method. Pair this system up with that innovative multiplication table, she could see endless possibilities within these two concepts.

“Mr. Michael, though I cannot fully understand your multiplication table and decimal system, I could certainly see the possibilities within it. However, I must admit, you are certainly a genius.” Luna said sincerely as she stared at Mike, when he had placed the pencil down on the table.

“I am no genius, I just have a little more knowledge than others.” Mike smiled and shook his head. These were all knowledge that he carried with him from his previous world. Personally, he also could not predict just what impact this piece of paper could have on this world.

“I will send this information to the Lost City immediately, I must admit, I do not have the ability to fully evaluate its value. However, I am sure that this can definitely be of use to the field of mathematics in Nolan Continent. The name ‘Mickey’ will not be forgotten.” Luna have the increasing impression that this humble looking Mike actually hid great depth, not only was his culinary skills impressive, to think that he was also a genius in the field of mathematics. For him to include the ‘mi’ part of Amy’s name in ‘Mickey’, the level of love and pampering could be said to have reached its peak.

What a curious and interesting man, was there anything that he could not do?

Amy was looking at Mike with bright eyes, even Teacher Luna called her daddy a genius, her daddy must be a truly awesome man.

Mike merely smiled and nodded. He had a feeling that there was no concept of author’s remuneration or patent system for inventions in this world. At any rate, he had no intention of using this to make money, let’s just consider it as down payment for future marketing for his restaurant, ba.

Of course, the purpose of coming to this school was not to teach them the new mathematical systems, but to find a magic teacher for Amy so, “Miss Luna, aside from bringing Amy here to see you, I’d like some advice from you. Are there any magic teachers in Sin City College who would accept money for private tuition? Amy is really interested in learning magic, however, she had yet to reach the age to enter this school, so I thought it would be a good idea to find a teacher to teach her some basics in magic.”

“I’m afraid that’s not possible, Sin City College’s teachers are not allowed to give tuition outside. If it’s found out by the main academy, their employment could be terminated and their qualifications revoked.” Luna reluctantly shook her head, she looked at Amy and said, “Moreover, if Amy really entered the school next year, she would have to wait until she has grown up a little before she could have access to magical lessons. Once she has past the verification tests set by specialized teachers could she start learning magic.”

She really hadn’t expected that Mike would personally come to the school in order to find a private magical tutor for Amy just because she was interested in learning magic.

“Is that so, well, I thank Miss Luna for letting us know this.” Mike was a little disappointed by this news, but since this was the standard rule of the school there was nothing he could do about it. Now that the original plan had fallen through, he would have to think of a different path.

“Since Amy is still young, there’s no reason to rush, magic can be a very dull and dry subject.” Luna told Amy with a smile.

“Teacher Luna, I really like magic. I think it’s really fun.” Amy shook her head.

Mike allowed Amy to play in Luna’s office for a little bit more before leaving the school grounds. As they walked passed the main entrance, the old man and the orc both popped open their eyes and stared. They wondered just when did this pair of father and child entered this place.

“I have to hurry and send this to lord grandfather as soon as possible. It’s entirely possible that this will shake the very foundation of the world of mathematics, grandfather will certainly be excited to see this.” From her office, Luna looked at Mike’s slowly disappearing back, she could barely control the excitement from showing on her face as she walked quickly towards the table, picked up the two important pieces of paper, tucked them against her chest and rushed out.


“Daddy dearest, are we going home now?” Amy was clutching one of Mike’s finger as they walk, her head tipped up to look Mike. Her mood was quite good, everyone liked her song and praised her a lot. Also, she had used daddy’s multiplication table thing and beat Palmer in math. She truly felt that she was equal to them now.

“No, since we’re out, let’s play the whole day. Let’s have lunch outside.” Mike shook his head, being cooped up in the restaurant all day, every day was boring even for him. Since it’s meal time now, he wanted to bring Amy to one of the more popular looking barbecue shops. Today, he planned to taste restaurant food from a different world and find out what they’re like.

Little Ugly Duckling was tucked within the basket, asleep under a soft towel. As long as it didn’t make any noise, no one would know what was in the basket.

The moment they open the door, a fragrant smell of barbecued meat rushed out to a meet them. However, Mike could not stop a frown from creasing his brows, there was rank odour of goat with it, along with the nose stinging smell of some kind of spice, which had an even more powerful smell than pepper.

“Daddy, are we eating barbecue?” Amy’s eyes sparkled, she never had the chance to try roasted meat before.

“Yes.” Mike, who had been wondering if he should just leave nodded his head at Amy’s expectant look. They entered and he picked a seat close to a window and sat down.

This restaurant could be considered one of the more popular barbecue place at Aden Square and there was usually a queue at night during dinner time. Even though it was noon, the 20 over tables available were almost fully seated.

Mike glanced at the plates from other tables. The table in front of him had pieces of mutton on it, the colour leaned towards black and there were some kind of black sauce over it. It was also freckled with bits of spices that look half burnt. Two other customers on the next table were eating something that looked like beef, they were chatting and eating cheerfully. It looked like the people here were quite happy with the food here.

“The sauce is uneven, the spices seasoned at the wrong time, charcoal fire temperature too high, cooking time too long; this kind of barbecue skills could still be considered restaurant level?” In one glance, Mike already felt like throwing up.

“Fuh…. endure this, smile, you are also a restaurant manager. If you really spit up all your complaints now you’ll be consider a trouble maker.” Mike did his best to calm himself and opened the menu. He ordered two portions of the special grilled options, one lamb and one beef. He had ordered the most expensive item on the menu, which was 88 copper coins per portion.

“Well, that explains the looks on those people who came into our restaurant.” Mike frowned as he replaced the menu on the table. The cheapest item here was the child’s menus, which only costed 20 copper coin, not enough for him to buy even a single egg from the [System].


Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com

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[1] Sexagesimal – a numeral system with 60 as its base instead of 10




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