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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0095 – Normal Wait Staff

Chapter 95 – Normal Wait Staff


“Just what is this nonsense!” Mike frowned, he really hadn’t expected an employment agency to double up as a pimp house. How immoral!

Though it was still early in the morning, the agency was already crowded with people from all kinds of races, humans, demons, beastmen and even angels. They all gathered in front the two boards looking intently at all the pieces of papers stuck onto it. Now and then, someone will call out a series of numbers and a staff member would rush over to assist them. It looked like all those gathered here were job seekers, the process appeared to be quite efficient.

Presently, a gorgeous looking succubus female came up. It threw a wink at Mike when he did not respond, she merely proceeded with a huff towards the board. After rapidly scanning through the options, her beautiful face lit up and she yelled out, “Proprietor, I want this girlfriend position, bet you I could get 10 gold a night.”

“Coming,” a voice called back, the crowd parted to let a middle age man with a thin moustache shaped like the Chinese character ‘八’ come through. He saw the father daughter pair first and cast a smile at both of them before greeting the succubus. “Miss Barbar, will your skills even 15 gold is achievable, do please come over here and register. We will immediately inform the financier, it’s entirely possible that you’d be called to work right away tonight.”

“Very good,” the succubus nodded, then she flipped her long fiery red hair at Mike before making her slow, seductive way towards the registration table. The twisting movement showed off her narrow waist and round bottom very nicely.

Mike frowned at the cloud of cheap perfume in his face. As a rich young master in his past life, just what kind of woman he had not seen before, he had no interest in overly made up bitches[1] like her.

His taste in women had changed several times with age, however he never really understand the appeal of women like these. His dislike bordered on disgust. By the way, his feelings had nothing to do with her race, that succubus he saw the last time he went out with Amy elicited feelings of admiration, naturally it was only the kind of admiration one gave to a nice looking painting.

“Humph!” Amy watched the succubus with guarded eyes as she quietly tucked her too warm hand away. That scarily white face woman dared to try and seduce daddy dearest, had she came even a step closer she would have found a a fireball to that scary face of hers!

“Good morning to you, Sir. I am Chris, the owner of Guangluo Agency, may I help you?” a middle aged, balding man came up to Mike with a smile, he even smiled down at Amy.

Seeing the cute half elf girl surprised him, from their clothes, he had a feeling that Mike was probably a moneyed person.

To have a half elf child meant that this man was financially well off enough to entice an elf to be his wife. Moreover, he was bringing a half blooded daughter around openly with him, which meant either the man himself had clout or had a backer powerful enough for him to ignore all the social awkwardness that came with having a half blood child.

“I’m looking for a wait staff for my restaurant,” though Mike still felt that this place was a little suspicious, in the end though, this was an ‘Other World’. Therefore he could not use his previous world common sense here, moreover there was a red light district just behind Aden Square, so this kind of thing was probably common place. Since this place looked quite big, it was probably just something that they do due to an overflow of people looking for jobs.

“Very good, are there any specific requests?” Chris nodded and continued, “Right now our agency provides three different levels of wait staff. Third Class : Regular looks, medium work ethic, low range salary. Second Class : Medium looks, good work ethic, medium range salary. First Class : Very beautiful, you may choose from a variety of human, succubus and angel, high range salary. These tended to be restaurant mascots or promoter, which is why their salary range is quite high. On the other hand, their work ethic is low.”

“So looks are the discerning factor for pay?” Mike could only frown, those with a good face wouldn’t have to work hard, this world was certainly a place that valued a person’s looks.

“A lot of restaurants would be able to make a lot of money with a beautiful succubus tending the bar. The volume of wine sold would double with just her presence alone, so it’s a worthwhile investment.” Chris’ lowered his voice temptingly. “Also, majority of the high level wage earners don’t mind providing extra services to a young good looking boss, as for work, well, that could be solved by hiring two medium range worker. Isn’t it a win for everyone?”

“Do you have information on the mid range workers? I’d like to have a look.” As a man, he knew what Chris was talking about, but his restaurant have no need for fancy looking waitresses to pull customers in. He’d rather not see the faces of bitches like that day in day out, every single day. What he needed now was a hard worker with swift hands and feet, a staff who could deal with the high intensity work of serving meals three times a day. As for looks, as long they don’t look too ugly, it’s fine.

If there’s a worker who fits this description, he had no problem giving them a higher salary. After all, the restaurant business was steadily rising and to increase the efficiency rate, he would need a hard working staff more than a useless flower vase.

“Is that so, very well, please come this way. There are private rooms on the second floor, so you may take your time.” Chris nodded, and led them upstairs.

Half an hour later, a slightly disappointed Mike led Amy out of the Agency by hand. He was given a lot of information, but none of the potential wait staff caught his eye, some were too elderly, others were too temperamental. Looks were not important for Mike, but temperament was high on his list. There’s no use getting a hard working staff that snaps at customers.

“Boss Mike, I shall keep an eye out for someone who meets your requirements. As soon as I have news, I shall send it to your restaurant.” Chris followed them out, bowing and smiling all the while. If he had even half an impression that this Boss Mike was here to make trouble, he would be tempted to yell at someone. This person spent up to half an hour looking through his list and left without picking anyone.

“It’s fine, thank you for your hard work.” Mike nodded at him.

“Good-bye Uncle Bird Nest.” Amy raised her little palm at Chris in a princess wave.

“Good… good-bye.” Chris’ face twitched a little, just what is this Uncle Bird Nest, but continued to smile on.

They bought goats milk for Little Ugly Duckling, after which Mike brought Amy to a place called the Intelligence Agency. It was kind of like a private detective office ran by humans. He spent 10 gold coins requesting information on Klaus as well as that gloomy potions seller Julian, the more detailed the better.

The attention these two old men had on Amy was getting more and more awkward, therefore he wanted more information on these two, both good and bad, before committing his precious daughter to either of them.

Mike himself have no time to collect information of course, so it made sense to spend gold on professionals to do the job for him. It’s much more efficient to just spend the profit of a few [Juicy Burgers] on this than to find things out by himself.

“Daddy, are we going to the school now?” Amy looked up at Mike. After stopping at the first two places, Little Ugly Duckling had fallen asleep in her arms.

“En, let’s go right now.” Mike smiled and helped Amy tucked Little Ugly Duckling into the basket. The little thing rolled twice on the soft towel, but did not wake up.




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[1] bitch – seriously, the author used Chinese characters ‘碧池’ to say ‘bitch’ – the direct translation is big pool, lol!





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