Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0094 -Better Skill, Higher Pay

Chapter 94 – Better Skill, Higher Pay


Silence fell. The customers exchanged dismayed looks. They all looked at Amy with her narrowed eyes and little downturn mouth trying her best to look fierce, a kitten blinked its wide eyes next to her face. They swallowed back all their arguments, pleas and recriminations.

“Let’s just slip away quietly… how could such an angry face be so cute,” Sargerass took one look at Amy’s expression and quietly left. Looks like his only option was to buy some roast meat for his journey and hopefully score another high level mission. Perhaps, tomorrow he’ll be able to eat 10 [Juicy Burgers] all in one  go.

“Pu~~ How cute!” One of the female customers laughed out loud.

Quite a few of the customers who had hung around were there when Amy’s fireball caused a lava demon to cry out in pain. Others saw her fireball burnt up a consecrated wizard’s beard, and instead of being angry at her, this wizard even tried to make her into his disciple.

Therefore, Amy’s words actually had quite the powerful threat behind it. After all, this little child actually dare to cast fire spells against a lava demon, and didn’t they just saw that very same lava demon quietly slipped away? If you really think about it, would this little girl hesitate to throw fire at them who had much lower resistance power than a lava demon?

“That Boss Mike sure has a way of doing things, stubborn as heck, but spoiled his daughter too much. Haa, I’m not happy, but I can’t get angry at that guy, so annoying!” one of the customers sighed, but couldn’t help laughing in the end.

“That’s right, I’ve walked over 20 minutes just to get here, you know. But well, if you think about properly with Boss Mike being the only staff in his restaurant, I guess it’s only natural that he’d want time to spend with his beloved daughter.” answered the person walking next to him.

The rest of the customers were basically members of the sunflower seed gallery[1], people who had never seen Amy’s prowess with the fireball. However, when they saw the rest of the customers dispersed without hesitation, they were all smart enough to leave after a slight hesitation.

“What a useful little helper.” Mike came out of the kitchen with a glass of water in time to see this little scene. He couldn’t help a little pleased laugh, and here he had been cracking his brains trying to think up ways to get rid of the customers without offending them too much. He never expect Amy to just pop open the door and outright threatened the customers away. It’s not a nice thing to do, but it certainly saved him time.

“Daddy, I made those people go away, I was really fierce and they were really scared.” Amy said happily, smiling up cutely at Mike, her large blue eyes seeming to say ‘Quick, praise me!’

“En, Amy did a wonderful job, you’re a big help to daddy.” Mike smiled down at the little girl. To be honest, even her fierce face was very cute, the fact that the customers actually left after her ‘fierce threat’ gave him the feeling that those customers of his were rather cute too.

“En, en, from now on, Amy will help daddy in lots more things.” Amy nodded her little head, before drinking her glass of water in two large gulps. Then, she looked down at Ugly Duckling at her feet, “But Daddy, do you think we should bring Little Ugly Duckling to see Teacher Luna? I’m worried that his ugliness might scared her, let’s just leave it at home, ba.”

“Miao miao!” when it heard that it they planned to leave it behind, it immediately began protesting in the cutest and most vehement way possible. It’s huge cute eyes imploring most piteously.

“Little Ugly Duckling hadn’t had his breakfast yet, so we’ll bringing him with us. We’ll buy some goat milk for him on the way.” Mike said shaking his head, he had the feeling that Teacher Luna would probably like that little guy.

In reality, the small orange cat like creature as big as the palm of a man’s hand was really cute, unfortunately, Amy’s first impression of this creature was too strong and would probably see it as an ugly thing for the foreseeable future. However,their relationship seemed to have improved in the past few days.

“Alright, when we see Teacher Luna later, you must cover you face and not scare her. You’re not allowed to scare my other friends either.” Amy warned.

Who knew whether Little Ugly Duckling really knows what his master said, but it seemed to give a little nod and looked like it knew what was going on.

After breakfast, Mike got out the basket that once held Ugly Duckling’s egg and placed an empty milk bottle wrapped in a soft cloth inside. If Amy actually gets tired of carrying Little Ugly Duckling around, he could also put it into the basket. The basket will also come in handy for shopping.

After breakfast, Mike changed into a black and grey Chinese style changpao that past as everyday wear in this world. It kind of reminded him of the Han style outfit from his world, but with less layers. The overall look was much simpler too.

This was after all a different world where danger lurked everywhere, clothes were designed so that people in them would be able to move easily and fight or flee.

Moreover, Mike’s clothes was provided by the [System], which meant that aside from whatever special material it was made of, it was completely tailor made. Moreover, the material of the clothes was something much smoother and better quality than the cotton and nylon from his previous world. Also, the black and grey colours of the clothes made him looked mature and dignified, the only out of place thing was the basket in his hand.

When they passed the potions shop, Amy took the time to exchange a few barbed remarks with Charcoal and Green Beans.

Little Ugly Duckling seemed to dislike the potty mouth Charcoal but since he could not even jump above Amy’s knees, there was no way he could physically harass the bird. It could only mewed indignantly from Amy’s arms.

Mike smiled at the spectacle as he exchanged nods with Julian, before leading Amy away to their destination.

“Daddy, are we going to the school now?” Amy asked as she looked up at Mike.

“Let’s stop somewhere else first, then we’ll go to the school =.” Mike shook his head with a smile. In addition to that and the employment agency, there was still one other place he wanted to stop by.

“En, okay.” Amy nodded, though she really wanted to sing her new song for Teacher Luna, since her father said he had something else to do, of course she will listen to him.

The employment agency, also known as a talent agency, was something that was formed within the City of Sin as it grew more prosperous. These agencies originally made their money matching craftsmen with simple workshops, eventually working their way to helping adventuring teams find the right members for their parties. The company eventually grew too big and split into specialized areas like child rearing and education related branches.

Mike brought Amy to a door with the words ‘Guangluo Employment Agency emblazoned on it. The shop was about 20 square meters in size and the most eye catching thing within the room were two rectangular wooden boards attached to the wall with pieces of paper stuck on it. The handwriting on the papers varied, listing the kind of jobs available, the number of people required as well as the type of compensation one could expect at the end of the job. However, most potential employer ended their offer with ‘compensation negotiable’.

Mike gave the pieces of papers a glance. In addition to normal jobs like different kinds of craftsmanship, there were also requests for different kinds of party members, magic users, tanks, etc. Normally one expects to find this kind of team recruitment papers in guilds, but apparently no one really regulates this kind of thing in Sin City.

Basic, normal people job like wait staff and nanny were listed on the other wooden board. It looked like basic employment perks included 3 meals a day with the average salary of 3,000 copper coins per month. Since the job required employee to work all day, the compensation did not look too good, but neither was it bad. At least it was liveable.

These were the normal job requests, as Mike soon found out. His eyes travelled across most of the job offers, eventually travelling towards the lower right area where of the board and an amazed expression dawned on his face.

“Recruiting: A succubus or elf girlfriend, starting salary at 5 gold a day. Negotiable based on looks and skills.”

“Recruiting: A demon henchman, must have a scary face, able to fight off Level 3 wizards at least. The most important point is a scary face! The scarier the face, the higher the salary!”

“Recruiting: A handsome guy of elf or human race, must be super beautiful looking, must know how to compliment women, must be able to do it 7 times a night. Starting pay 10 gold per day, the more skilled (in bed) the higher the pay!”

… …


[Translator: … out of curiosity, is it actually possible for men to do it 7 time a day?]


[1] sunflower seed gallery – peanut gallery or curious onlookers







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