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Strange World Alchemist Chef – 027 – Fruit Juice

Chapter 027 – Fruit Juice


“Wear this robe properly and, remember, don’t say anything, allright?”

In a quiet alleyway, Wu Xuan helped Yue Xin’er into her robe having worn his own and had pulled on the hood to conceal his identity. If he had been a true alchemist there will be no need to hide his identity.

Of course, if he had been a true alchemist, there will be no need for him to sneak out and sell his magic juice. He would be able to sell the elixirs to the family’s Elixir Pavilion, aside from money he would also gain merit within the family.

Yue Xin’er put on the robe in puzzlement, unsure what Wu Xuan was thinking, but she merely nodded her head obediently, not daring to say anything more.

Once everything was ready, Wu Xuan placed a newly bought mask over his face, and brought Yue Xin’er over to the Ten Thousand Medicine Hall.

The Ten Thousand Medicine Hall actually has branches all over the region, this shop was only one of many. Looking up at the luxurious and eye catching 10 storey building, located on a fairly large piece of land, anyone would be able to sense the immense wealth behind this shop.

The atmosphere around the shop was quiet and elegant. Instead of a bustling street, it was located in a slightly remote location. The prestige of the Ten Thousand Medicine Hall in the Black Dragon City could be could be considered the best within the Empire, the variety of magic pills on sale were many and varied, covering different ranks and levels. The medicinal herbs on offer were also incredible, as long as the herb or fruit could be found in this world, they would definitely have it.

Naturally, there’s no need to mention the price, which was enough to make people speechless with shock. Some of the items could not be exchanged with money, and could only be bartered with other rare herb or magic pills; they could even purchase medicines by completing missions or other tasks in exchange for what they wanted.

The Ten Thousand Medicine Hall could be described as a shop that sells magic pills, it could also be a place that purchase magic pills and herbs, it is also a kind of mercenary mission office where one could complete tasks in exchange for money, pills or herb.

As long as you were willing to pay, you will be able to get whatever you want. The one who really desired ten thousand medicines was actually the Ten Thousand Medicine Hall itself. It could not merely depend on money to secure a supply of medicines and herbs, they have to find all kinds of ways to get their hands on rare herbs and groom their own pride of alchemist to make all kinds of elixirs and magic pills for them. Otherwise, their supply of pills and elixirs will be wiped out by the hoard of cultivators in no time at all.

Such a magnificent building with numerous amounts of precious items within it would definitely be guarded by all kinds of experts. Since Wu Xuan and Yue Xin’er stood out with their odd clothing, there were plenty of eyes tracking their movements from the moment they entered the Ten Thousand Medicine Hall.

However, no one came over to stop them, the customers within the shop were many and were dressed in all kinds of outfit. Quite a few were also dressed in concealing outfits. With so many valuables around, it was inevitable to have some shady characters who would murder for someone else’s property. For those who wish to shake off those on their tail, they would hide their faces so that they would not be so easily targeted by these opportunists.

The Ten Thousand Medicine Hall did not care who their customers were, as long as they could pay the price. Of course, if the exchange item was a too famous stolen item they would have to think twice whether to accept. Such as the emperor’s jade seal, who on earth would dare to accept such a thing!

Therefore, Wu Xuan and Yue Xin’er’s disguise were nothing much. The guard at the door merely gave them a glance, before looking straight ahead again.

Wu Xuan sighed out slowly, all the general guards, those that could be seen anyway, were all powerful fellows with high cultivation rate. As expected of the Ten Thousand Medicine Hall, mere guards were already so powerful, who knew how powerful the true protectors of this place would be like?

Wu Xuan pulled Yue Xin’er by the hand and entered, the guards said nothing. However, Wu Xuan knew that if he were to exhibit any suspicious behaviour, he would definitely be captured and probably killed on sight.

“Honourable customer, may I be of assistance?”

They have just entered, and were immediately greeted by a beautiful young lady who stood up from her place behind a counter. A perfectly professional smile on face. No matter what the customer looked like or how they dressed, she would still offer the same professional smile.

“We’re here to sell.” Wu Xuan did not bother to alter his voice, it was enough to conceal his face.

“May this one ask what honourable customer would be selling? Is it magic pills or medicinal plants?” The beautiful lady’s eyes brightened, the odder the customer’s dress, the more interesting their product. After all, if it were not valuable or interesting, would there be any need for them to hide their faces?

If whatever they offer was really valuable, her commission would be good too. The smile on her face grew sweeter.

“Level two elixir, Muscle & Bone Strengthening Elixir.”

Wu Xuan placed the package containing the bottles of elixir/juice on the counter, sounds of several bottles clicking together were heard.

Level two elixir, Muscle & Bone Strengthening Elixir! The beautiful lady’s heart sank, her smile turned rigid for a moment before flickering back to its professional state. The goods offered was too low class, only level two, furthermore it was the Muscle & Bone Strengthening Elixir. Alchemists who could make this were just too many.

Though it’s like this, the Ten Thousand Medicine Hall would still accept it. Though the Muscle & Bone Strengthening Elixir was inexpensive, there was a stable demand for it, so they would definitely be able to sell it.

The beautiful maid opened up the package and placed each bottle upon the counter. After counting out the bottles, she said in a demure voice, “Honoured Guest, there are a total of 15 bottles here. We shall now inspect its content.”

She randomly picked out one of the bottles and sniffed it lightly, and frowned. “Honoured customer, this is… are these some kind of fruit juice? Excuse me, but we do not accept fruit syrup here, would honoured guest please sell these outside. Many thanks.”

The moment she opened the bottle, the sweet yet tart fragrance of oranges immediately permeated the air. The fruit syrup she mentioned was actually fruit juice, fruit syrup were actually quite popular with the people here and there were plenty for sale at the open air markets.

Out of courtesy, the beautiful lady did not raise her voice or make a scene. The moment the scent hit her nose, she knew immediately that it was fruit syrup. To think that this person dared to sell this as Muscle & Bone Strengthening Elixir? Just one bottle of Muscle & Bone Strengthening Elixir was worth several carts of fruit syrup, how dare this person try to swindle the Ten Thousand Medicine Hall!

Wu Xuan was stunned for a moment, then, he coughed lightly into his fist, “This is a new type of elixir, if miss did not trust me, then would miss please try one out. Or invite one of your own alchemist to inspect it.”

He knew that his product was odd, if he were to bring out his Body Refining Noodles for sale, this woman would probably have cursed him out of this place. Bringing noodles here for sale, was he trying to promote some kind of takeout food?

“A new type of elixir?” The beautiful lady’s eyes brightened immediately, she stood up and said, “Would honourable customer please wait for a while, I shall invite one of our alchemist… Miss Zhao, good day to you.”

Right this moment, a pretty young girl came strolling towards the front parlour of the Ten Thousand Medicine Hall. Her figure was slender and pure looking, her age was young, possibly only sixteen. Her face was perfectly indifferent and calm, as though nothing in this world could ever excite her.

Wu Xuan raised his eyes to look, in his heart he sighed, what a pretty little brat! After a few more years her beauty would be capable of ruining cities and bringing down countries[1].

“En, what is it?” This young Miss Zhao said as she calmly came over to them.

The beautiful maid immediately reported, “Miss Zhao, this honourable customer here said that he had brought in a new type of Muscle & Bone Strengthening Elixir, however, I am unqualified to test it out. Would Miss Zhao please assist?”

“A new type of Muscle & Bone Strengthening Elixir?” Miss Zhao’s delicate eyebrows rose slightly. Her eyes glanced over Wu Xuan lightly before settling itself on the rows of bottles, and nodded. “Very well, I shall test them out.”

The beautiful maid turned towards Wu Xuan and explained, “Dear honourable customers, this is Miss Zhao Qian, she is a level 4 alchemist, would dear customers be satisfied to have her check out the elixirs?”

Wu Xuan was a little stunned as he looked over this Zhao Qian,a Level 4 alchemist at such a young age! Was talent something that’s not worth money any more?

Finally, he nodded, “No problem.”

Zhao Qian picked up one of the new type Muscle & Bone Strengthening Elixir and lightly sniffed. She looked at the beautiful maid with a frown. “Is this mixed fruit syrup?”

Wu Xuan’s face twitched. Even a Level 4 alchemist couldn’t smell it out? Or was the effect of his elixir too low?


[1] Devastatingly beautiful




Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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