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Reborn-Super Chef – 073 – More Meaningful Education

Chapter 73 – More Meaningful Education


Since Ye Chui already prepared an extra wait staff uniform, the arrival of Sun Yi fit this vacancy spot perfectly. After confirming that Han Yuyan would not be offended by having another wait staff here to actually do her job, he immediately stuffed Sun Yi into the new waiter’s outfit on the spot.

When he found out that Ye Chui was the owner of this little family restaurant, Sun Yi could not hide his shock, “To think that little brother is the boss of this place? You’re really a dark horse… no wonder, no wonder.”

The words ‘no wonder’ was directed at Ye Chui’s knife skills, he did not know who this Elder Han was, but the mere mention of his name was enough to flip a certain judge’s attitude 180 degrees, which meant that old man clearly has some clout. Since Ye Chui has such a mountain behind him it’s no wonder he could open his own family restaurant even at this age.

“Right, your job as waiter is to hand out one free tea, take down customers’ orders and wash dirty dishes, starting salary will be 1,000. Do you have any questions?” Ye Chui continued.

Sun Yi’s face looked a little unhappy, he rubbed the back of his neck for a bit before nodding, “Ok, I’m fine with it.”

“Very well, you’ll start right away. There’s a pile of dishes in the sink right now.” Ye Chui pointed at the kitchen.

 “Ok, I’ll start on it right now.” Sun Yi said with a bright smile, as he pulled up his sleeves and stride towards the kitchen.

Tian Xiaodu looked at the young man’s back with some admiration. “This kid seems pretty good, he’s fast with on his feet and pretty diligent, ah. It reminds me of that time I first met Fang Tao…”

At the mention of his former apprentice’s name, Tian Xiaodu’s expression changed, finally he only heaved a deep sigh.

“Fang Tao?” Ye Chui gave a little hehe laugh, “I, too, get the feeling that he’s quite similar to Fang Tao.”

Ye Chui’s words were a little pointed, though he had only met Sun Yi yesterday, he had the impression than this kid’s character was a little slick and crafty. If he did not remember wrong, the young man mentioned that his previous job netted him about 2,000 to 3,000 a month, for him to take a 1,000 job after spending just a little time thinking over it was just unnatural. Moreover, the timing of his appearance was just too suspicious…

Ye Chui continued to look thoughtful, a faintly neutral smile played about his lips.

Looking at Sun Yi, Ye Chui suddenly thought of the incident at the examination hall yesterday. He had no intention of ignoring what had happened with Zhao Hongyu. Once lunch break was over, Sun Yi quickly came over to clear the dishes, Ye Chui checked the time and took out his phone to call An Jing’s number. Right now she’s probably busy with her after classes.

The call went through immediately, and An Jing’s voice was heard, “Brother, is anything the matter?”

“Are you busy right now, An Jing?” Ye Chui asked with a smile.

“Not really, we’re having a break between classes now.” An Jing said.

“That’s great. Listen, since today is our restaurant’s opening day, you should call over some of your classmates. Especially those guys we met at the spring outing, I remember there’s Zhang Chun, Hao Peng…” Ye Chui randomly mentioned a few names, they were all students who were lured in by Ye Chui’s grilled fish on that little hill. “Just tell them that I’ll be treating them to a meal.”

“Brother, that’s not too good, ba…” An Jing was worried that this would have a bad impact on their business.

“Relax, we’re just starting out so there aren’t too many customers at our place. It’s fine to treat a few of them.” Ye Chui smiled as he answered, he had to urge her a few more times before she agreed, “Okay, I’ll text them.”

6pm was the time when school ended.

Within the first year, class number 3, of Xi Zhou school, thanks to An Jing’s text message, of the 32 students, those who had gotten the An Jing’s message were all doing their best to not to fidget with excitement. The memory of Ye Chui’s grilled fish still lingered on their taste buds. They were all 15 or 16 year old teenagers, so to them Ye Chui was someone quite amazing. Naturally, they were beyond ecstatic to receive an invitation from Ye Chui.

Seated in the last row in the classroom was a distressed Zhao Hongyu. What happened at the spring outing really made him lose face, which really lowered his social position within the school quite a bit. Yesterday he planned to embarrass Ye Chui, but was the one humiliated. His father even got into a quarrel with Wang Haichun over the phone, though they always had had a good relationship before, that connection was now over just like that…

Zhao Hongyu became extremely gloomy every time he thought about it. He stared at An Jing who was busily packing up her things with a complicated expression. His eyes then slid over to where his die hard followers were about to leave, he suddenly stood up and called them over, “Zhang Chun, Hao Peng, where are you guys going? Let’s go to the teacher’s canteen, my treat!”

The school canteen was split into the teacher’s canteen and student’s canteen. Naturally the standard of the dishes from the teacher’s canteen was a few steps above the student’s canteen. Normal students would not have a chance to even set foot into the teacher’s canteen. However, because Zhao Hongyu’s father was the contractor for the school’s canteen, he’s the ‘Canteen Young Master’ and thus have the privilege to enter as he pleased. He’d also used this privilege to bring friends into the teacher’s canteen for meals and of course, no one ever said no to this.

Zhao Hongyu planned to use this to rein his followers back under his control and re-establish his reputation.

When the friends heard this, the slightly plump and greedy Zhang Chun shook his head, “I’m fine, someone’s treating us today.”

“That’s right, who knew An Jing’s brother is such a great guy to treat us like this. Since his grilled fish is so delicious, whatever he makes has to be good.”

“What, An Jing’s brother… Ye Chui is treating you guys?” Zhao Hongyu was shocked, this was news to him. He didn’t know what to feel having been left out. With a pale face he said, “Ye Chui’s shop is just a small family restaurant, just what good thing could he make anyway… how about I get my dad to make some of his signature dishes?”

“Hongyu, your dad’s cooking just uses more oil than other dishes, there’s nothing really special about it.” Zhang Chun commented, shaking his head. When he saw some of his other buddies already leaving the classroom and pulled Hao Peng along to catch up with them. He turned back to yell, “Well, let’s talk later, we need to get going.”

“… …”

Zhao Hongyu stared as Zhang Chun and Hao Peng ran off. For a long time his face remained pale. The people Ye Chui had invited to eat at his restaurant were the ones closest to him, clearly this was intentional…


… …


What does a young boy of his age feared most? Being ostracised or left out by fellow students.

Ye Chui could not hire a bunch of thugs to give Zhao Hongyu a good slapping since it would probably lead to a whole bunch of other trouble. So he did the next best thing, the plan turned out to be outrageously simple. As guessed by Zhao Hongyu, he’d gotten An Jing to invite her classmates over for a meal. Specifically boys and girls who were especially close to Zhao Hongyu, there were eight of them, and it just so happened that Ye Chui could still remember their names.

Ye Chui joined two tables and seated the eight of them together. He cooked up a few side dishes for the lot and, since students couldn’t drink alcohol, he gave them all a soda each. Ye Chui gave a little hehe laugh and clinked glasses with them, “My sister is a gentle one and I’m really worried about her getting bullied at school. So, everyone please look after her for me.”

“Brother Ye, what are you talking about? An Jing is the class’ precious flower, we’ll definitely not let anyone bully her.”

“What class flower? She’s the precious flower of our whole school. Anyone who dares to bully her must be ready to lay down his life!”

“Brother Ye, your cooking is just too delicious, it’s way better than our canteen’s food.”

A smile rippled across Ye Chui’s face, “If you really like it do come here more often. I will prepare a special student’s set meal, so it’d be really cheap, I’ll even give an extra 30% discount just for the eight of you.”

“Brother Ye, that’s too wonderful!”

“Too awesome, Brother Ye!”

“Brother Ye, please accept this toast from me!”

The emotions of these people had been stirred up by Ye Chui’s words.

“Since you’re all An Jing’s classmates, it’s natural for me to give you all of you a special discount.” Ye Chui continued with a little hehe laugh. “Moreover, didn’t I ask you all to look after An Jing? If anyone tried to get involve with An Jing, you must not simply watch from the side, oh.”

“Of course not, whoever wants to tackle An Jing must get past us first!” everyone at the table yelled out.

Ye Chui remarks were clearly targeted against Zhao Hongyu. He deliberately kept his speech vague so that no one would be able to directly pin down his words, however, his meaning was clear to the people seated at this table. Also, it looked like this bunch of people were quite happy to owe him this favour and sell out Zhao Hongyu. That guy would not be able to wield his influence so freely in his class any more. In fact, this way of dealing with this nuisance was even more satisfactory than beating him up!



[Translator’s Note: Ah, what refreshingly Machiavellian MC)


Translated Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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