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Reborn-Super Chef – 053 – No One Else May Touch Her!

Chapter 53 – No One Else Have the Right to Touch Her!



[Translator’s Note: For some reason, I never noticed the missing Chapter 53, OoO. Thanks to Queue for pointing it out! We have been deprived of this chapter for too long, let’s enjoy it!]



Cao Kang stood at the restaurant gate, dressed from head to toe in black clothes, all branded of course. A pair of black stylish sun glasses gleamed as it reflected the image of his target. The wind ruffled his hair, and he imagined the wretched commoner Ye Chui’s restaurant all smashed to bits.

To think that a commoner dared to challenge him, a rich young master? He wanted this bloody upstart to suffer so much that he had no idea whether he was dead or living. To think that his father, Cao Xiong, would actually treat this wretched commoner like a proper opponent? Well, he, Cao Kang will finish this commoner here and now!

He had been over thinking things these past few days, thankfully He Chengfei had set him back onto the right track, get his head back into the game so to speak. So what if Lin Wei liked Ye Chui’s food? So what if that Elder Han enjoyed his cooking so much that he was hospitalized from overeating?

In the end he’s just a kitchen hand, a chef wanna be at best. Did he think that he’ll have Elder Han around to cover his backside? He might as well live in fear of cotton balls if he ever find himself scared of a mere cook. He, Cao Kang, could throw this cook out of Xi Zhou city with just his pinky. Within this little city, the Cao family still command that much power…

Cao Kang was busily feeling smug about himself when loud screams broke his line of thought. Hm, this voice… it sounded like… Tiger Li?

Cao Kang was a little confused, just what was that Tiger Li doing? Even if that Ye brat was there, he had brought quite a few of his brothers with him into the restaurant, are you trying to say that you can’t take care of a little brat with that many men?

He took off his sun glasses and squinted towards the restaurant entrance. There, a bunch of the brothers were gathered in a circle, and, within that circle was — Tiger Li, more specifically, Tiger Li flat on his back on the floor. Right on top of him was a beautiful girl with a perfectly proportionate body, the knee of one those slender long legs pressed against Tiger Li’s neck. [Peng peng peng!] fists fell on Tiger Li’s face like rain drumming on roof.

The bunch of men just stood there, watching the Beauty fiercely beating up their boss with her fists…

In truth, though Han Yuyan was a champion wrestler of Yan Jing Women’s Wrestling team, she was still a woman. If this bunch of men were serious about overpowering her, would she actually be able to resist? However, these men seemed to have fallen into a strange daze. It was quite unexpected to see a a Great Beauty like Han Yuyan, who looked awfully like a model that had walked off Victoria Secret’s runway, high kick the tall and strong Tiger Li out of the restaurant onto the ground, leaped on top of him and proceeded to fiercely bash the fallen man on the face.

The view in front of them was like rare art, so beautiful that they couldn’t quite believe their eyes.

“Yi! It’s you!?” Cao Kang was so surprised that he exclaimed just a little too loudly.

Han Yuyan turned her fierce glare over, she still have some impression of this Cao Kang. Fire burned in her eyes as she snarled, “You!”

Cao Kang, realizing that something was not right, immediately took off.

Han Yuyan leapt off Tiger Li’s body, her long beautiful legs encased in tight jeans showed not an ounce of fat as she dashed forward, in a few bounding leaps she caught up to Cao Kang. At this point, this elder sister immediately utilize her ultimate attack move, the flying kick. The beautifully pedicured foot struck Cao Kang on the head, with a wail the man fell flat on his face. Like a fierce lion with her prey, Han Yuyan leapt onto Cao Kang.

One elegant foot slammed on top of his back, “You’re targeting Ye Chui, aren’t you? You sure have guts, you know that he’s the man who made the ultimate dish that my grandfather had been looking for all his life and still dare to attack him. Could it be, you have some kind of backup behind you?”

The Cao family did have some influence, but they could never match up against the power carried by Elder Han. Han Yuyan had the upper hand in this confrontation.

A tremor went through Cao Kang’s heart. For a moment, this brat thought of handing over He Cheng Fei’s information. However, the moment the thought occurred, that heroic and reliable elder brother face flashed through his mind’s eye and he remembered the charming aristocratic manner of that man. Almost immediately, a heroic fire lit up under Cao Kang’s heart, “No one made me, I just don’t like that Ye Chui’s face!”

Han Yuyan gave Cao Kang a hard kick with her foot, “Don’t ever make trouble for Ye Chui ever again, otherwise, the one I will be speaking to will be Cao Xiong. I understand that your Cao family have some business in Yan Jing, don’t you?”

When Cao Kang heard Han Yuyan’s words, his face paled, “I… I understand.”

“Scram!” Han Yuyan lifted her foot off Cao Kang’s back and gave his backside a kick.

Cao Kang crawled from the ground, nearly pissing his pants as he dashed away. Tiger Li’s brothers in arms have recovered themselves from the Beauty vs Tiger show enough to support Tiger Li as they limped away from the restaurant. Han Yuyan dusted her hands, and made her way back to the restaurant with a perfectly cool face. Acting as though nothing out of this world had happened.

However, when she saw the chicken nuggets scattered on the floor, this elder sister’s cool expression disappeared, “My breakfast…”

A car was parked not far from the restaurant, ticked within the driver seat was He Chengfei. He had seen Han Yuyan’s flying kick, Cao Kang’s unfortunate sprawl on the floor, and the gang of brothers rushing out of the restaurant with their leader. That heroic face of his fell slack with surprise at this unexpected series of events.

He thought that he would be able to use Cao Kang to run Ye Chui out of this restaurant and eventually out of Xi Zhou. Who knew that the lot of them weren’t able to even accomplish this little task. He certainly never expect to run into this long legged elder sister.

More importantly, he recognised this long legged beauty— “Isn’t that the illegitimate daughter of that Han family? I heard that she’s Elder Han’s favourite granddaughter.”

He Chengfei, who thought lightly of this matter now had to readjust his plans thanks to this unexpected complication. He really did not expect Ye Chui to have this kind of backing, his initial investigation of this commoner did not reveal this kind of connection before.

He Chengfei sat silently for a moment, finally, the corner of his lips quirk up in a faint smile, “Interesting, and here I thought he’s just some minor character, who would have thought he actually have some abilities. That Cao Kang brat is not too bad either, never revealing my name. The performance of little weapon of his was really not bad at all, I should be able to use him again in the future.”

After laughing derisively, He Chengfei started up his car and left the restaurant. A satisfied smiled on his face.

“Lin Wei is destined to be my woman, no one else have the right to touch her!”


… …


“Wei Wei’s fingers are so slim and white, they certainly look perfect for piano playing.” within the large coach, Ye Chui held Lin Wei’s little hands in his as he smiled winsomely at her.

Lin Wei’s face flushed red and she quickly snatched her hand back, “I never like the piano anyway.”

She muttered as she stared at her own finger tips. When they had boarded the coach, she had looked around quite curiously. From a young age she seldom had the chance to ride on public transportations whenever she went on a holiday. Just now, she had tried to force the window open and had accidentally cut herself against an uneven part of the window. Luckily Ye Chui had band aids with him and quickly treated the little wound. He had to admit, Lin Wei’s hands were certainly exquisite, very soft and lovely to touch.

The two sisters, An Jing and Wang Shiyu were seated directly behind them. The little loli draped herself over Ye Chui’s seat, staring with bright curious eyes as Ye Chui wrapped band aid around the little cut. Under the atmosphere of happy teenagers experiencing the spring of youth, she giggled a little sinisterly. When Ye Chui and Lin Wei turned their heads to look at her, her expression immediately morphed into cuteness, “Brother and Sister Wei Wei, I’m really looking forward to today’s spring outing, ah. When we’re there, I plan to catch lots and lots of butterflies!”

“I’ll help you catch some too.” Lin Wei said in a slightly pampering manner as she stroked Little Wang Shiyu’s head.

An Jing who had been seating next to Wang Shiyu, had seen her ‘Change Face’[1] performance, felt cold sweat run down her back. This brat certainly fits the description of small person with huge personality! Suddenly, her facial expression switched again, she was looking towards Zhao Hongyu

This class monitor carried with him the arrogance of a young master. When he reached Lin Wei’s seat, Zhao Hongyu shot a look at Wang Shiyu and winked meaningfully, trying to send the message that he’d like change seats with her. He was counting on all the snacks(bribes) he had been giving her all this while to cooperate with him. Surely she will cooperate ba?

“This brother, is there something wrong with your eye?” Wang Shiyu asked with a perfectly innocent face.

Zhao Hongyu, “… nothing.”

This brat is too stupid!

Ye Chui looked at Zhao Hongyu with alert eyes, “Is there anything you want?”

“Hahaha, nothing, as the class monitor I have the responsibility to look after all my fellow student. I’m only here to check things out.” Zhao Hongyu said cheerfully. He looked at An Jing meaningfully, and said happily, “An Jing, I’ve prepared lots of nice things to eat for our picnic. It’s all the popular stuff from my dad’s canteen as well as some of his signature dishes. You’ll definitely like it.”

An Jing shook her head in gentle rejection, “I’m fine, my brother is going to grill fish for our lunch,”

“Grill fish?” Zhao Hongyu looked at Ye Chui with disdain. “How could fish grilled on the spot be better than what I’ve brought? If you can’t accept reality why don’t we have a little match and see whose dishes taste better?”

“… …”

Ye Chui rolled his eyes, since this guy wants to compare whose dishes taste better… who was he to deny someone’s need to be bullied?



[Translator’s note: The author really likes to pile on the adjectives and similes when it came to Han Yuyan. Also, though I’ve already seen what happened in the next chapter, Wang Shiyu’s actions are still kind of scary…]


[1] Change Face – or ‘Bian Lian’ is an ancient Chinese dramatic art. It’s pretty popular in Japan as well.


Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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