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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0090 – Let’s Call it the Burning Legion

Chapter 90 – Let’s Call it the Burning Legion


“Very well, please wait.” Mike nodded and turned towards the kitchen.

He had seen Harrison’s little wink of course, but since it did not violate the one takeaway per person rule, he would not say anything about it. For best friends to take advantage of loopholes like this was quite natural, also, he wasn’t the type to enforce rules so rigidly either.

“Those two little brats, Palmer and Pablo, should also like [Yang Zhou Fried Rice], ba.” when Mike left for the kitchen, Harrison looked at Jacques with a smile.

“Yes, those two really like it. Even Angus seems to want to try it, but that little guy only started growing teeth so we only allowed him a bit of chicken’s egg for solid food.” when it came to talking about his children, Jacques’ face began to glow brightly.

“If that‘s the case, do bring my portion back to those kids. Tell them that it’s Uncle Harrison’s treat. Next time, I’ll bring them to the racing track for some fun.” Harrison nodded tolerantly at his friend’s happiness.

“Very well, those kids still talks about those two little white horses you showed them the last time.” Jacques agreed. The two friends began to chat idly about horses and the racing track. Harrison’s family own, among all things, an actual racing track. Before this, they even talked about Jacques putting some money into the race track to invest on prime horseflesh and extend the racing track a bit more. Having something like Lot City’s huge racing track would make betting and viewing even more interesting.

Klaus quietly finished two plates of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice]. At the end of it, however no good idea on how to deal with Mike came to him, which made him a little depressed.

He had a few friends in the City of Sin, but, it would be too much of a strain for his old face to ask for help for this kind of thing.

If he went to those guys for help, their suggestion would probably something like ‘Gold plus Sword’ type of solution. He had no intention of antagonising his precious disciple right off the bat. He believe that if the student is unwilling, nothing would be learned in the end. Also, the Gold plus Sword type of coercion was just too boring.

“Halfsies Beard Old Man, don’t be too sad. Even though I can’t teach you how to make fireballs in a far away place, you can learn from me while you’re here. You can go home once you’ve mastered it, ba.” Amy said sincerely as she stared as Klaus. This white beard old man looked really pitiful after being set fire by her her. Not only did this poor man have trouble walking, his magical skills seemed quite bad, it really made her somewhat anxious.

In contrast to Amy’s pity filled eyes, Klaus’ mood brightened, the light of inspiration shone on him. If he thought about it pragmatically, there was really no need for him to return to the Magic Tower any time soon. If he remained here, perhaps Boss Mike would let him have Amy as a disciple.

If that’s the case, he would have to change his plans drastically. He’ll have to move quite a lot of stuff from Lot City amongst other things.

The more Klaus thought about it, the happier he became. “Little girl, the bill, please.” he reached into his breast pockets and pulled out two dragon coins, the smile on his face renewed.

“The total is 12 gold coins, here’s your 8 gold coins change.” Amy took the two dragon coins on the table and slid 8 gold coins over to Klaus, all the while eyeing him curiously. In her heart, she thought, “Is it really great fun to learn fireball from me?”

“Little girl, goodbye.” Klaus collected his change, took up his staff and set off towards the exit, all the while wearing his beaming smile.

Though it was a little troublesome to do things this way, if he were to think about it properly, he really didn’t want to spend the rest of his life in that Magic Tower anyway. The mood there was always so dull and serious, that elf girl from back then called it the Coffin Tower.

In contrast, the atmosphere in Sin City seemed to crackle with life, brimming with the taste of freedom. More importantly there was delicious food here, if he could have a cute and precious disciple to his future, life here would be perfect.

The customer looked at Klaus’ incredulously, none of them could quite understand his sudden good mood.

Sargerass lowered his gaze, not quite daring to meet the wizard’s eyes. He really thought that Klaus came over to scold him about laughing just now, but, who would have thought that the wizard merely cast a casual gaze over Sargerass before sweeping hurriedly out the door.

“Fuuh, that really scared me.” Sargerass sighed with relief and looked out at Klaus’ disappearing figure and took another bite of the [Juicy Burger] in his hands.

He could really feel the blood rushing through his veins, ramming against the bottleneck he’d been stuck with for over 50 years. The strength of the impact was not strong, but it gave him unprecedented hope. As long he continued to eat [Juicy Burgers] he would one day be able to breakthrough. This feeling was quite addicting.

“That’s right, if this works on me, then it should work on anyone from the lava demon race. The last time I saw them, quite a lot of those punks still haven’t evolve to the second stage, so the effect on them should be even more powerful. I should go back one of these days and bring the lot over here to try out this [Juicy Burger]. Maybe, we could form a party to complete high level missions,and make lots of money to buy more [Juicy Burgers].” Sargerass nodded to himself. The lava clan had been sinking into obscurity for years, it was time for them to rise up and show the world their true power. After thinking for a bit, he said softly to himself, “Let’s call our party the ‘Burning Legion’, ba.”

After rushing around the rest of the evening, Mike started to decline orders starting from 9 o’clock. When the remaining customers finished their meals and money collected he flipped the signboard for ‘Close’ and heaved a long sigh. Having worked none stopped for four hours straight, his body felt a little stiff. He gingerly sat down, deciding to take a short rest before cleaning up the place.

“Daddy dearest, today we’ve sold 305 [Juicy Burgers] and 76 rainbow fried rice, and collected 1,371 gold coins.” said Amy as she ran over, dropping Little Ugly Duckling on the way. She stood on tip toes and began to massage Mike’s shoulders.

“En, our collection have doubled.” Mike said with bright eyes. After deducting the costs, they should still have over 900 gold coins. It was the right thing to increase the [Juicy Burger] output.

He had also gotten over 50 new customers tonight, most of them were introduced by regulars but there a few that were lured in by the lively atmosphere here. Which meant that of the 1,000 new customer target, he managed to garner 260/1000. At this rate of increase, he should be able to achieve his target in about 15 days.

He had also managed to sell more than 400 [Juicy Burgers] by today, so he should be able to unlock the [Soy Bean Curd] recipe.

Just the thought of a gently steaming bowl of [Soy Bean Curd] lifted his overall mood.

“Daddy, we’ve eaten [Juicy Burgers] for a few days now. When can we eat a new delicious thing?” Amy looked at Mike, her little face brimming with expectation.

“Hmm, I think in about two more days I should be able to give Amy some new delicious thing.” Mike stroked Amy lightly on the head, hesitated for a moment, before continuing seriously. “Amy, do you want to learn magic?”

“Want! I want to learn super amazing magic, if any mean people dares to bully daddy, Amy will use magic to protect daddy.” Amy nodded, her expression perfectly serious as she grasp hold one of Mike’s fingers, “Don’t worry, daddy. Amy will be way, way, wa~ay stronger.”



[Translator’s Note: Looks like everyone has their own goals!]


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