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Reborn-Super Chef – 072 – Han Yuyan’s Work Motivation

Chapter 72 – Han Yuyan’s Work Motivation



“Weird Uncle!?”

“Little Witch!?”

Ye Chui, who was busily cleaning a pot, looked up in surprise at the twin cries of shock. He looked at both Wang Shiyu and Tian Xiaodu curiously. “What’s this? The two of you knew each other?”

“This…” Tian Xiaodu’s face turned red, he was completely embarrassed about being tricked into the police station by little Wang Shiyu, and naturally, the less people knew happened the better.

Wang Shiyu immediately put up a guarded expression, in a solemn voice she said to Ye Chui, “Elder Brother, you’ve let a bad man in, this fat uncle is the weirdo who tried to kidnap me!”

“What… kidnap!?”

Though Ye Chui had the advantage of 30 years of past life experience, he could not even begin to guess what happened between Wang Shiyu and Tian Xioadu. In the end, he turned to Tian Xiaodu, “Xiaodu, just what is going on?”

“It’s all a misunderstanding…” Tian Xiaodu looked like he was about to cry, he had hoped desperately that Wang Shiyu had forgotten about him, but who knew this little thing’s memory was so good. To actually recognise him at a single glance.

“Hold it…” Ye Chui suddenly looked up, he remembered what the policeman had said to him sometime ago, “Little Rain, that weird uncle you captured with the police, surely it’s not Tian Xiaodu?”

“That’s right, it’s him. Luckily I’m smart and tricked him into the police station!” Wang Shiyu said happily.

Ye Chui, “… …”

Tian Xiaodu could only see himself losing whatever face he may have had in the near future. There was no other choice, he would have to tell his side of the story. Moreover, he had intended to make contact with Ye Chui via the little girl, didn’t he? Who knew that such a tiny girl would actually be so sharp and daring, tricking him to the police station. This child was just too scary, no, it should be said that this child is the most frightening.

After listening to Tian Xiaodu’s explanation, Ye Chui couldn’t help laughing. He already had the impression that Tian Xiaodu hadn’t want to come to this shop due to some sort of phobia, however, he had never thought it was due to the fear of a naughty little brat called Wang Shiyu…

By now, even An Jing and Han Yuyan had also gathered at the entrance of the kitchen, just in time to hear Tian Xiaodu’s confession. The two of them could barely stand up straight from their giggles, both knew how wildly bizarre Wang Shiyu was, but the thought of this little child tricking a 30 year old uncle into the police station was just a little… not sure if that brat Wang Shiyu was just too clever, or Tian Xiaodu’s brain was too addled.

Tian Xiaodu’s face flushed with embarrassment as he busied himself cutting vegetables. Wang Shiyu was still watching Tian Xiaodu with a guarded expression, she still was not convinced that this guy was not a bad person. Perhaps coming to work at elder brother’s restaurant was just a ruse to kidnap her!

Ye Chui wiped at the sweat gathered on his forehead and patted the little brat on her head, “Go back to your room first, ba. Don’t you have any homework to do? After you’re done with your homework I’ll prepare some lunch for you.”

Wang Shiyu’s mouth said yes, even as her large eyes fixed themselves upon Tian Xiaodu. Finally, she turned and went upstairs.

From the looks of it, Ye Chui knew that some kind of plan was being brewed in that little brain of hers, Tian Xiaodu’s days from here on would be quite unlucky.

“I heard her boasting about catching some kidnapper, and thought it was just some kind of game played by kids these days. Who knew it was an actual person…” An Jing said even as a sweatdrop formed on her head. Then, with great politeness, she turned to Tian Xiaodu, “Good day to you, Uncle Tian, elder brother told me about you.”

“You’re the one called An Jing, ba. Good day to you.” Tian Xiaodu quickly answered. This An Jing child looked like the gentle and understanding type, regret brewed in his heart. If only he had tried to contact Ye Chui via this girl, how could he have picked the wrong girl to approach?

Just then, orders came in and the restaurant suddenly grew lively again.

Ye Chui still managed to steal a bit of time to make An Jing and Wang Shiyu’s lunch. He called for An Jing to take her lunch upstairs. As for Han Yuyan, who was already exhausted to the point of death tried to snatch a lunch with An Jing, only to be turned away by Ye Chui. Naturally, this made Han Yuyan unhappy, she muttered as she stomped away, “Why do I get the feeling that you’re actually treating me like a waitress?”

When An Jing heard this muttering, she felt more sweat formed on her forehead. “Elder brother, didn’t you explain to elder sister that she’s really part of our wait staff?”

“No yet, I just want to see how long it takes before she realizes it on her own.” Ye Chui said with a little evil grin.

“Brother, this is…” An Jing was speechless as she continued to help Ye Chui carry the food up to the second floor dining room.

Wang Shiyu was sitting on the sofa watching television. At the scent of food, she bolted upright with great cheer. Ye Chui still had to bring up more items from the kitchen, but just as he was about to leave, he turned back towards Wang Shiyu, “Little Rain, what happened before was a misunderstanding, Xiaodu is not some kidnapper, please treat him well in the future.”

“Don’t worry, brother. I will definitely treat this fatty uncle really well.” Wang Shiyu said sweetly.

Looking at her agreeable face… Ye Chui felt a chill streaked up his spine.


A month into his rebirth, he had more or less figured out Wang Shiyu’s character. It would not be easy to stop this little brat from her schemes, he could only pray for Tian Xiaodu’s safety and good fortune.

For an official first working day, the number of customers who came was still quite modest. On the other hand, everyone who ate here have nothing but praises for the food they’ve eaten. At this rate, it looked like there will be plenty of return customers.

When two o’clock came, the number of customers reached its peak. Ye Chui and Tian Xiaodu were already used to restaurant work and were not too effected by the stressful hours. On the other hand, Han Yuyan could not take it any more. She flopped face down on the table moaning for food. Clearly, she was not happy with her discipleship, However, no matter how dissatisfied she was with her position, Ye Chui was even more unhappy about her performance. Aside from her abysmal ability to pour tea and menu handing skills, when it was time to bring out the dishes Ye Chui had to stick his head out and shouted for her to come over. The most terrible thing were all the dirty dishes brought in by this elder sister, not a single one was washed and the dishes were starting to really pile up in the sink…

Ye Chui completely regretted his decision to take this person in. At first, he thought he lucked out in in terms of cheap labour, but, it looked like this lady was more trouble than she’s worth, ah.

Ye Chui had thought that he could make use of her supermodel looks to attract customers. While it’s true that her beauty was such that even butterflies would be attracted to her, she always presented a cold face towards common people. Any man who cast a smile at her would be resoundingly slapped, any man who would speak more than a few words to her would be loudly accused as a pervert.

Finally, Ye Chui found that in order to actually run this place properly, he would have to fork out money to hire a professional wait staff who could wash dishes, pour tea, hand out menus…

It just so happened that when Ye Chui and Tian Xiaodu had finished preparing a simple lunch for the staff when someone suddenly came to the restaurant.

Elder sister Han Yuyan had just settled down to properly enjoy her meal when she saw the person enter the restaurant. Thinking that the person was here to have a meal she said unhappily, “The restaurant is now close to customers, please stay hungry for the moment.”

“Please stay hungry…” Ye Chui felt sweat popped out on his forehead, leaving aside how rude this was to the customers, Han Yuyan’s way of saying things was certainly unique. He turned to look towards the door and was stunned, “Sun Yi, it’s you?”

It was a young man in his late teens with a quick witted look about him. The young man who had been disqualified from yesterday’s chef’s qualification exam due to cheating.

Sun Yi looked around at the restaurant, then said with great intimacy to Ye Chui, “Brother, I was just passing by outside when I thought I saw you. What a coincidence, is this where you’re working? I was just looking for a job, do you think you can talk to the boss and see if there are any vacancies? Washing dishes, serving customers, I’m fine with any kind of work. I’ve been doing this kind of odd jobs since 13 years old, so I guess you could say I’m quite skilled at it.”

Hearing Sun Yi’s words, Ye Chui’s face subtly lifted.

He was just thinking about getting a new wait staff and this person just appeared. This kind of coincidence was just too suspicious, surely his luck could not be this good… however, when he thought about this guy’s passion for cooking and the way he seize every opportunity to improve… it’s not like it’s a bad thing. Surely it would not do to hold a half grown child’s mistake against him forever?

The most important point was this this child was sharp, knew how to talk, and was familiar with wait staff work. This restaurant really needed someone like him right now.

The only problem was, who knew how Han Yuyan would react to having another wait staff in the restaurant, would she feel like she was being usurped?

When he thought about this, Ye Chui turned to look at Han Yuyan, and found her eating her lunch elegantly while ignoring the rest of them. After knowing that Sun Yi was not here to eat she did not care about anything any more. It would probably be impossible for Sun Yi to arouse any feelings of possessiveness towards her job…


Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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