You are currently viewing Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0085 – Can Your Little Person Sing?

Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0085 – Can Your Little Person Sing?

Chapter 85 – Can Your Little Person Sing?


5 snow white people waved their hands as they dance in a little circle on the table, it was like watching the flames of a fire dancing in the wind. To commoners unused to magic, it was certainly a curious sight.

Within the Continent, humans could carve out a place for themselves amongst powerful supernatural beings thanks to their fighting abilities as knights as well as their envious affinity with magic. Both were a source of jealousy for other races. During the warring years, their ability to combine magic with combat were the reason for their ability to dominate battle fields.

Therefore, to common humans, wizards were awesome beings. Although Sin City was not under the jurisdiction of the Lost City, the status of humans living within the Sin City were influenced by the them as well.

Being able to witness Klaus, all dressed up in his wizard’s outfit, performed magic caused a certain level of awe among the customers. Their eyes went towards Amy, even adults like them were intrigued by the magic shown by this wizard, since Amy was still a little girl, surely she will like these kinds of things, ba.

“But, can your little snow people sing?” Amy looked at the dancing little people with a faintly interested expression on her face, her shoulders lifted a little in anticipation.

Little Ugly Duckling also poked a curious nose over to investigate, its bright little eyes showed disdain as it withdrew its furry little head back, disinterest clear on its little face.

“S… sing?” Klaus was a little stunned. He looked at the dancing little snow people, he could make them perform even more intricate movements, however, singing was beyond his skill. Back in his youth, his ability to chant incantations were mediocre at best and ended up being scolded by his master more than a few times. He could only laugh and said, “Little girl, these little people are created by magic, they can’t sing.”

The customers were also a little surprise, who knew that these dancing little people were not enough to entertain Amy. Surely this request was a little too much, ba? As that old wizard said, a conjured person can’t sing.

“But, MY little person can sing. Oh, and your little people are too ugly.” Klaus shook his head, unable to believe Amy’s words.

The other customers were also shocked, unless a previously undiscovered race of small people have been discovered within the Continent, how could there be little people who could sing and dance?

Within the kitchen, a corner of Mike’s lips quirk up, it looked like his anti-fraud training from this afternoon was in affect. He felt amused as his little daughter ran off, ready to show off her little toy to them.

“Okay, if no one believes me then I’ll bring her out. Daddy magicked a singing little person for me.” Amy said with a little grudging frown as ran back with the music box clutched in her arms, she carefully placed the box on the table.

Curious onlookers leaned in for a closer lookas their eyes lit up in appreciation as they inspected the exquisitely made box.

“How beautiful!” a young woman who seated nearby cried out, her mouth fell open as she looked at the perfectly spherical transparent crystal on top of the delicately carved box. Topping it all was the figurine with her violine, so lifelike and beautiful that people who saw her for the first time couldn’t take their eyes off.

“Uwoooh…” the rest of the customers have similar expressions on their faces. Though the item was not something covered in gold or precious stones, the crystal clear sphere gave off an astonishingly pure kind of light that was simply irresistible.

To think that Mike would give such a precious and delicate looking item to Amy as a toy, this kind of sheer indulgence strained the limits of their imagination.

When they looked at Klaus’ conjured dancing snow people once more, what had once been something amazing suddenly seemed crude and clumsy compared to the lifelike elf girl dressed in purple. The leaping dance, which had caught their eye so much suddenly seemed more funny than interesting.

“This is definitely not conjured up by magic!” Klaus immediately realized this point the moment he saw the music box. Not even a bit of magical wave could be seen on the box. It looked like Boss Mike had lied to Amy, however he did not break Mike’s secret, he was not at all resentful at this strange behaviour. For a man to raise a daughter all by himself can’t be easy, after all.

“However, can she really sing?” Klaus was really doubtful, since no trace of magical wave could be detected, there was no way a wooden doll, no matter how intricately made, would be able to dance, let alone sing.

The rest of the customers also looked on curiously, while this thing looked really amazing and well made, most people were still doubtful over whether it could really sing.

“Of course she can sing.” Amy nodded determinedly and tapped at the switch on the side of the music box.

Little mushroom picking girl…” light beamed out in all directions, illuminating the room in seven different colours. A sweet voice filled the room as the elf girl within the sphere started to move her arm and play her violin, slowly turning in a circle. She looked incredibly lifelike, like a member of a previously unknown race of little people.

“How… how could this be!” Klaus’ eyes were wide as he stared at the singing little elf girl, though he could feel some kind of energy emanating from the doll, it was definitely not magic. However, if there was no magical energy involved, just how could this puppet sing and dance?

Moreover, he’d just experienced 3 continuous shocks. Amy’s little person could not only sing, but sing very well at that. Her singing voice was ethereal, almost unearthly, it was like listening to actual elves singing. An awkward expression descended on his face.

He had lived to such a venerable age, once past the 100 year threshold. not much had caused him to show even a twitch of expression. Who knew he’d be handed such a large defeat by a little girl today.

If age hadn’t thickened his face to such degree, he would probably have melted out of his own wizard’s robes and sneaked out of the place. Instead, he leaned back and slowly lowered his eye lids, letting the music wash over him peacefully. Surely the customers here wouldn’t let him lose too much face over this.

“She can really sing, and sing very well, but what is this song? It sounds like some kind of children’s song, but why haven’t I ever heard it before?” the young woman sitting next to the music box was delighted by the song, but was also a little wary.

The song was truly ethereal and beautiful, it certainly sounded like something children would love and would spread easily among the people. So, it was strange that she had never heard it before.

“Look, Beardy Old Man, the Little Mushroom Elf could sing and dance. Don’t you think your little snow people aren’t fun at all?” Amy reached out, touched the switch to turn off the music box, and turned to Klaus.

Customers who had been listening to Amy’s words all turned to give Klaus a strange look.

It was probably a bad thing to laugh at a wizard to his face. However, when they thought about how he had wanted to show off in front of Amy only to get one upped by her, they could not help as the corners of their mouths quivered upwards. To be questioned so by the little girl, just how was he going to answer her?






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