Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0084 – Are You Paying?

Chapter 84 – Are You Paying?


Sargerass stared at Klaus. Though it was difficult, he swallowed the rest of his words and sat down quietly.

Once, in the plains just outside of Lost Capital, he had seen a wizard dressed in all white repel a dragon with a giant fireball. That very same wizard somehow managed to take to the air and bashed the dragon on the head with a magic staff.

A wizard in white robes was now seated in front of him, waiting to be served. Though he could only see the side profile of the man in front of him, this one glance was enough for him to recognise this human as that powerful wizard from before.

Though he felt that if he had properly completed his breakthrough, with the additional help of a magical tool, he would also be able to do battle against a dragon. However, there was still quite a few [Juicy Burgers] difference between now and the future him who could battle with a dragon. For the next few days he will collect missions from the guild, earn hold coins, and eat [Juicy Burgers].

“This boss is certainly not simple, to think that such a powerful wizard would actually patronize this restaurant.” Sargerass muttered to himself, secretly thinking that he was lucky for not acting reckless this morning. “Boss Mike, I’ll have three [Juicy Burgers], please.”

After this morning’s single [Juicy Burger], he had gotten a mission to kill several tens of Poison Arrow Frogs at a nearby swamp. For the rest of the day he’d only eaten some fruits picked from the swamp and was now really hungry.

However, today’s mission did not yield much in terms of gold coins and 3 [Juicy Burgers] was definitely not enough for him. Therefore, he planned to visit the guild much earlier tomorrow for some better missions.

“Very well, please wait for awhile.” Mike nodded at Sargerass, who moved one of the original chairs away and placed his own chair next to the table. The chair looked like it had been pieced together from metal bars with a flat round metal disc for a seat. It looked simple and crudely made, but incredibly solid. Since it was brought in by Sargerass, it was probably more fireproof than most chairs.

Aside from his furniture, Mike was not at all worried about the walls and flooring as well. This morning, he had investigated the floor where Sargerass had flamed up and did not even see a burnt mark or even a scuff mark on the floor. It looked like this store was made from some incredibly durable stuff.

“The flooring of this restaurant is made from special lava rock taken from the Devil Island. The lava was forcefully cooled down by holy nuns who resided in the demon world. It was only after much processing and polishing that these special tiles are created. They are extremely heat resistant. The walls are made from highly durable and tough material coated with similar substance as the floor, and thus is very strong and has similarly high heat resistance.”

“Will they withstand a dragon’s attack?” Mike asked with a frown.

The [System] was silent for a long while, “The restaurant’s design is created with conventional customers’ patronage in mind, would the host please refrain from provoking a dragon’s wrath.”

“Isn’t it normal to meet a dragon in this kind of world? I think your design skill still needs work, ah.” Mike sighed with a hint of regretfulness.

Though he did not harbour much expectations, he had hoped that the restaurant’s defensive power would be strong enough for him to treat it like a fortress.

“Would the host please do not look down on the [System’s] ability. The fault lies in the host’s limited ability, which meant this restaurant could not rise above Level 0.” the [System’s] solemn voice intoned.

“It could still level up? Just how does it level up? Do I have to complete missions for it?” Mike’s eyes brightened at this, if he could increase the restaurant’s level, things would become even more interesting. If he persevered, maybe he could really turn the whole building into a proper fortress.

“The host only has to prepare 50,000 gold coins for the building materials in order to achieve Level 1.”

“You’re certainly shameless.” Mike said after a moment of shock, he had thought that all he had to do was complete some random missions, who knew it was money. Moreover, 50,000 gold coins worth. This business dealer is was certainly black hearted.

“Once you’ve levelled up, aside from one free restaurant renovation, you will also unlock several other functions. Do your best, ba, host.” the [System] urged.

“No money.” Mike retorted, he’s still collecting the 10,000 gold coins needed to increase his physical ability, there was no way he would be able to simply cough up 50,000 gold coins in a short period of time. Moreover, he was not really unhappy with the current restaurant design, there was no need to level up the building in a hurry.

Mike served food according to the sequence of customers who entered his shop. The 16 [Juicy Burgers] in the oven were nearly done when the doors opened so those who ordered [Juicy Burgers] could eat them first while the second batch baked. Meanwhile, he prepared the rice for [Yang Zhou Fried Rice].

This past two days people had started to line up earlier, which meant Moby was not able to enter as soon as the restaurant opened. However, since he had to forge weapons everyday, he still came over once the shop opened and ordered 2 [Yang Zhou Fried Rice].

“Little girl, how about I take you to somewhere with really yummy food?” Klaus smiled winsomely, all prepared to use food as a way to bait the girl.

“Okay.” Amy’s eyes brightened, then she shook her head, “but, I’ve already had my dinner. What about tomorrow? If you’re taking me somewhere delicious, you’ll be paying, ba?”

“Of course I’ll be paying. As long as you like it, I’ll pay for whatever you want to eat.” Klaus’ smile became even more brilliant. As expected of a little foodie, just the mere mention of food was enough to hook.

Once the two of them were alone, it would a simple job to investigate her magical potential, he could probably even use food to trick her into following him all the way to the Magic Tower.

Moby, who was seated nearby was watching Klaus closely. The wizard’s unusually happy smile as well as his sneaky, darting glances at Mike made him suspicious. He made a note to speak to Mike privately first chance he gets.

“Okay, tomorrow I’ll wait for you to come before breakfast. You can give me the money for what I want to eat. I like daddy’s food best, daddy makes the most delicious food in the world.” Amy nodded happily, her smile perfectly sincere.

Klaus, who had planned to entice Amy by describing the various delicacies found at the Lost City in order to lure her over, felt his face stiffened. It was like he had stepped into a hole he had dug.

However, if he were to think about it properly, it sort of made sense. The Sin City aside, even the most magnificent cuisine of Lost City would be hard pressed to entice him into finishing a single plate of food, let alone two whole plates like Mike’s [Yang Zhou Fried Rice].

To tell the daughter of this establishment that he planned to treat her to good food was simply ridiculous. He had not only fallen into the hole he’d dug, he’d jumped enthusiastically into the trap. As such, he could only nod in agreement and said, “Very well, I shall pay the bill for you tomorrow.”

“Beardy Old Man, you’re really nice.” Amy nodded at him. To be able to eat home cooked fried rice, AND have someone else pay for it was certainly a nice feeling.

Moby who had been busily eavesdropping was stunned for a moment and nearly laughed out loud. He glanced at sweet Amy for a second and felt that he’s been worrying over nothing, this little girl was clearly not someone who could be easily cheated away.

Other customers who were waiting for their food to be served also glanced at Amy interestedly. This half elf little girl was just too cute, her way of speaking was also very interesting. Though the things that came out of her mouth sometimes gave people ulcers, spectators not in line of her poisonous tongue were often amused by her words.

“Then, how about I show you something interesting? A dancing little snow man.” Klaus remained persistent, after considering for a bit, his eyes brightened and he snapped his fingers. A thumb sized person appeared on his palm and jumped onto the table, the little white person began to dance round and round the table top.

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