Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 067 – Roasted Venison Congee

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 67 – Roasted Venison Congee

[Peng! Peng! Peng!]

Just when Luo Xiu was about to set his hands on Wang Zhe, there was loud knocking on the door. “Manager Luo, why haven’t you open your doors yet? Divine Chef Wang is here!”


Wang Zhe’s face went blanked, “My father’s here?”

“How could this be?”

Seeing this guy’s face suddenly change, Luo Xiu suddenly found himself laughing out loud. “Are you really that afraid of your dad?”

“It’s not that I’m afraid, but I’ve sneaked out, ah.”

Wang Zhe gave him a pitiful gaze, “W-what should I do?”

“Go hide in the kitchen, or… you can sneaked out from the back.”


Luo Xiu hadn’t finished talking when Wang Zhe unexpectedly ran for the back door.

“… …”

Luo Xiu looked at the guy’s retreating back, and almost laughed himself sick.

Shaking his head, he and Ye Weilan shifted the grilled venison leg to the back of the kitchen before opening the front door.

[Zhi ya~]

When the door opened, Luo Xiu saw Wang Xi outside, laughing and chatting with a bunch of people.

All of them were extremely well dressed and a mere glance was enough tell that these were no ordinary people. When he looked closer, he found that there were more than 30 people dressed in a similar way.

“Divine Chef Wang, this little restaurant is the source of that mantou?”

“Sure you’re not messing with us?”

“No matter how I look, this is clearly an ordinary civilian’s restaurant, ah.”

The few people nearest to Wang Xi said, but Wang Xi merely smiled a in response. He was not at all angry. “You’ll know when you enter, when have I ever cheated you people over this?”

Then, he greeted Luo Xiu and entered the Nine Gates Restaurant.

“Manager Luo, as per our agreement, I have brought some people over to your restaurant. The rest is up to you… these are some of the deacons and masters of the nearby temples!”

Wang Xi patted Luo Xiu on the shoulder and leaned in to say in a low voice.

“After this, please put in a little extra effort…”

A group of spiritual chefs all trailed into the Nine Gates Building curiously.

When they saw Luo Xiu none of them actually thought that he was the chef of this restaurant.

To tell the truth, it was Luo Xiu’s youth that made them overlooked him.

“Many thanks to Divine Chef Wang!”

Luo Xiu looked at the distinguished men in front of him, but instead of seeing them as people, they all appeared as piles of shiny spiritual crystals in his eyes.

When he thought of the 100,000 spiritual crystals needed to access the <> Luo Xiu suddenly very motivated… this kind of timing was beyond perfect.

The next step was to properly serve these customer’s tongue and make those same tongues to spread word of his restaurant!

Right now Luo Xiu’s goal is to make Nine Gates Restaurant the most famous restaurant in this continent.

“These people are rich with spiritual crystals, so there’s no need to be polite on my regard and slaughter them!”

Wang Xi whispered and winked at Luo Xiu.

“… …”

Luo Xiu did not bother to say anything about this unworthy friend, the most important thing was to focus on his own cooking and come up with something that would justify the amount of spiritual stones he intended to demand from them.

“No problem, no problem, I will definitely let them eat until they’re satisfied!”

“Then, it’s a deal ba?”

Wang Xi’s eyes brightened, he… really looked forward to today’s meal!

“En, it’s a deal!”

Luo Xiu gave a brief smile. Wang Xi suddenly tilted up his face, sniffed the air and frowned, “This smell…”

There was a rather familiar smell in the air.

“Oh, I was just doing some research for the restaurant’s menu, I thought I’d add some barbecued food to it!”

Luo Xiu did not bother to explain further, he merely turned and made his way back to the kitchen .

Wang Xi was still a little suspicious as he looked around, “This smell, why did it seemed like… Spiritual Flame Roasted Venison?”

“Could it be that this brat is researching my recipes?”

Wang Xi shook his head, he did not bother to think further on it. Presently, he heard one of his friends called out.

“I say, Wang Xi, don’t we get to place orders at this restaurant?”

One of the spiritual chefs stroked his small beard as he said this… The spiritual chef next to him looked around the Nine Gates Restaurant with a frown, “Divine Chef Wag, I shall say this frankly. This kind of ambience, does not reflect the existence of Dark Class spiritual food, ah!”

“That’s right… you sure this isn’t one of your own restaurants you want us to assist, ba?”

The countless number of Spiritual Chefs and Divine Chefs were all looking around the Nine Gates Restaurant with suspicion.

While this restaurant was a little more luxurious than other commoner restaurants in Snow City… compared to the secret restaurants frequented by these people, it was clearly too… shabby.

Within the secret restaurants, each Kitchen Xiuzhen will be given a private dining room where privacy was excellent.

Moreover, they would be served by pretty girls or handsome men who would be at the diners’ beck and call.

When it came to elegant service and privacy, this place clearly has nothing compared to secret restaurants.

When Wang Xi heard the guy ridiculing this place, he said leisurely, “If I, Wang Xi, wish to open a restaurant, I would not have chosen a family diner within the city. It would definitely be a secret restaurant in some secret place!”

“I’m telling you now, the chef of this Nine Gates Restaurant is a commoner chef, however… the mantou you all ate yesterday as well as those other spiritual food I told you about were all made by this person. This is the true reason why I’ve invited you all here!”


“A commoner chef? Who could make make spiritual food?”

“Divine Chef Wang, you… surely you’re just joking with us?”

“What kind of spiritual food could a commoner make?”

The Kitchen Xiuzhens all exchanged disbelieving glances, no matter what, wasn’t it all just too unbelievable, ah!?

If they hadn’t been pacified by Wang Xi, they would have probably all left by now.

Wang Xi slowly found himself a seat, and said, “I myself did not quite believe this at first, however… I am a true believer now!”

“Thanks to yesterday’s mantou, I managed to achieve a mid level breakthrough. However if you truly don’t believe my words, please feel free to leave. I shall not stop you!”

A trace of arrogance flitted across Wang Xi’s face, “You have already eaten the mantou and felt the spiritual energy for yourself, surely there’s no need for me to explain further, ba?”

At this, there was nothing much they could say.

They have all tasted the mantou… Wang Xi had deliberately used his spiritual flame to keep the bread warm before serving them to his guests.

That taste was certainly something that all the Kitchen Xiuzhens could not argue against.

The reason they were all here today was to come and meet this legendary ‘Spiritual Chef’!

However, none of them could have expected that the chef they had been waiting to see was a… mere commoner?

For a mere commoner to make spiritual food was already something amazing. The people sitting around the tables were curious and suspicious at the same time. In the end, they all opted to stay in order to see what this commoner chef could cook up.

About this time, Luo Xiu came into the dining room with scraps of venison meat he had scraped off the bone.


From the moment Luo Xiu came into the dining room, Wang Xi kept staring at the dishes in his hands, “So it’s venison…”

He was all too familiar with this particular type of meat!

“So it’s the wild venison, ah… isn’t this Divine Chef Wang’s speciality ingredient?”

“That’s right, do you think he’s going to personally demonstrate something to us?”

“Still dare to say that this restaurant has nothing to do with him?”

As one, they all turned to stare at Wang Xi, who shook his head and pointed at Luo Xiu. With a complicated expression on his face, he said, “This is the restaurant’s manager. The mantou you all had yesterday was made by him!”


All the spiritual chefs and divine chefs all shouted in shock.

No matter how they looked, none of them could actually believe that this youngster before them was an actual ‘Spiritual Chef’ who could create a spiritual food like Bai Luo Mantou. Moreover, a Dark Class spiritual food.


All eyes stared straight at Luo Xiu!

“En, the Bai Luo Mantou is indeed my creation!”

Luo Xiu gave them all a little smile, and said mildly, “However, today’s first dish shall be Roasted Venison Congee!”


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