Fine Food Broadcaster – 0025 – A Very Big Record

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0025 – A Very Big Record

Chapter 25: A Very Very Very BIG Record

Iron Stomach could be said to have eaten well today. A super pizza, weighing about 8 pounds, was completely eaten up by him.

To be honest, this guy was also feeling very bloated and uncomfortable, however, he still maintained a smiled as he thanked everyone for their rewards and contribution. This was the job and professionalism of a pro broadcaster after all.

“Everyone, looks like this Old Iron did not let anyone down. A meter wide pizza, as you can see, has been happily eaten up by lucky me, ah!” As he said this, he tilted the pizza pan to let them see the shine on the pan, go ahead and have a good look, not a single crumb left, right?

He also felt a little happy about his own achievement, he felt that he was close to achieving the status as a proper deity with this magnificent feat. He just have to encourage the audience to support him a little more.

“Old Iron, you’re too awesome, definitely a great warrior in your past life, here’s a sports car.”

“A bicycle, Old Iron, please accept this meagre offering.”

“A motorbike from me. Old Iron, continue to struggle on. I hope to one day see you eat a two meter pizza.”

“Oi, the person above me, are you hoping to see Old Iron die? I’ll smack you with the two meter pizza!”

“Haha, I’m just giving Old Iron some encouragement.”

“Old Iron, you are wonderful today, you still remember the words we said in the past. As thanks, this uncle wishes to gift two sports car for you.”

… …

It could be said that these people were truly satisfied with Iron Stomach’s performance, their rewards certainly weren’t shabby.

Iron Stomach looked at the rewards floating past his screen and felt really content. No matter what, he had definitely earned more today than he ever had in the past. Just take a look at this screen covered in gifts. A single sports car was worth a HX$1,0000, ah.

He gave a low, hehe laugh as he chatted with his fans and opened the item data on his own page, when he saw the number of items he had accumulated, his smile grew wider.

“HX$75,000 already, ah. This is really unexpected, to think that one could earn money just by eating. Looks like I’ve got to do these kinds of stunts more in the future, or I’ll not be able to justify the rewards they give me.”

Thus was Iron Stomach’s secret plans.

It was at this time that Little Greedy Cat sent a private message to him. “Old Iron, how was it? It should be a success, ba? I’ve also asked my fans to go over to give you some moral support.”

Iron Stomach quickly answered, “Little Cat, many thanks, today’s broadcast was a real success. I’ve already reached HX$75,000 rewards.”

Little Greedy Cat sent an incredulous face emoji. “So much? Old Iron, you’ll definitely dominate the list today.”

Iron Stomach laughed out loud, “I guess, ba, however this is not something that I could have done without your support. Let’s get together sometime.”

The Song & Dance Section, Harmonious Music’s live broadcast room.

There was no doubt that Harmonious Music was a remarkable person. This character was born with a good voice and no matter what kind of song he sang, he would always give it his own twist and sing it well.

He had just finished a song called ‘Won’t Let You Go In Death’ which gained him countless number of fans and seemingly endless amount of rewards

“Harmony’s singing is just too awesome, I think it’s even better than the canon version.”

“Harmony is born to sing, this song is just too amazing, ah.”

“When he hit the soprano note, I felt goosebumps on my skin, too wonderful.”

“Stop with the nonsense talk, let’s send a wave of rewards, ah.”

And thus, a wave of rewards flew in, bringing Harmonious’ Music’s rewards up to 8000 items.

When Harmonious Music saw the numbers rose on the items he’d gotten, his own mood grew better and better.

“You want a challenge? Great me has made preparation for it already, just look, great me’s rewards have broken past the HX$90,000 limits. That should be enough to get rid of that cra~zy guy at Fine Food Sections, ba.”

The Language Section, Gift of Gab’s live broadcast room.

Every time the Gift of Gab appear, he always dressed up in a distinguished, and elegant manner of a knowledgeable scholar of the ancient world with his crisp paper fan and grey traditional changpao[1]. He’d even let his hair grow long, the front slicked back with some product while the rest floated down his back in the manner of an ancient heroic character as depicted in popular Chinese films. People who saw him for the first time would not have predicted that this heroic looking guy would be an excellent story teller.

He’d just finished with one story just now, mesmerizing his fans to the point that they nearly flip the heavens with their happiness. His reward items had gone past 7,000 items.

Gift of Gab elegantly snapped his paper fan shut, and leaned closed to the microphone, “Actually, the reason why I went all out today is because really want to be No. 1. You know, I have never gotten first place in my life ever since I was a child. The closest I get to No. 1 was in third grade, when the teacher called me to receive the first place certificate, I was so happy that I started jumping up and down, cheering, only to feel a pain in my head. The teacher called my name again and — would you believe it, I was hit on the head by the teacher for sleeping in the class.”


“Haha, Gifted One, you sure know how to joke.”

“I almost spit on my laptop, who knew this gifted person’s closest encounter with No. 1 is in a dream, ah. Too silly!”

“Even from here I can see how much Gifted One wants to be No. 1, ah. So let us all give him a boost.”

“Yes, yes, yes, let’s raise a storm!”

A storm of rewards came down, Gift of Gab watch the torrent with satisfaction.

“That’s too awesome, ah. I almost reached HX$100,000, who knew these guys are so rich, why didn’t great me start broadcasting earlier?”

Today alone saw several of QQ Platform’s great deities vying for first place. Somewhere behind this madness, the Fine Food Section’s staff were slowly going crazy.

Tang Xiao Min opened up the statistics page, when her eyes fell upon Ye Fei’s record, she gave a high pitched scream and leaped up from her chair.

This Miss Tang was a uniquely busty lady, and thus was always careful about maintaining a dignified posture and avoided sudden movement. However, all thoughts of dignity were forgotten today as she leapt about, her assets quivered like surging waves[2].

However, there was no one to appreciate this sight. Liu Ping, for example, had almost fused his face to the monitor in order not to miss any changes to Ye Fei’s reward statistics. Suddenly, this person’s body shook once, and he gave a mighty howl and gripped handfuls of his own hair, disbelief all over his face.

Other broadcasters who were watching nearly went crazy themselves, each of them displaying all kinds of expression, some kept kneading their eyes, others knocking their heads against tables and walls, trying to shake awake from this dream, one of the statistician had a rather unique reaction. This person kept spinning round and round in one spot, round and round, round and round, nobody really knew what he intended to do.

“This world has gone crazy, how could this happen?”

“Too exciting, this is too f***ing exciting, this Ye Fei has gone beyond godlike, this is too exciting, ba?”

“HX$230,000? Your mom, how could this be?”

“12 luxury planes? My eyes, my eyes almost went blind from all these flashy numbers. A single plane is… HX$5,000, right? Just the rewards from planes alone is… hx$60,000, ah!!”

“Your mom, not only that, there’s the luxury van and limousines, must you guys be so extravagant? Though these two items are not as expensive as planes, a luxury van still costs HX$2,000, each limousine cost HX$3,000, ah!”

“There are 20 luxury van and 18 limousines, so that’s… almost 100,000, ah, ah, ah, ah!”

“There are 100 bicycles at HX$100 each, so that’s HX$10,000; 80 electric cars at HX$200 each, that’s HX$16,000, 50 motorbikes, at HX$300 each, that’s at f***ing HX$15,000, ah! Just these vehicles alone already crossed the HX$40,000 limit, ah.”

“As for the little things, heavens, can you imagine the sight of tens of thousands of claps and flowers appearing all at once? I almost went insane, I’ve never seen anything like it, too extravagant, ba?”

The whole of Fine Food Section’s staff really don’t know what to do, not only have they never experienced anything like this, they certainly never had a broadcaster as crazy popular as Ye Fei.

Just as they were at a loss, Feng Tian Lai floated over and howled excitedly, “A record! My comrades, chant with me. Our Fine Food Section have created a very, very, very BIG record!”

Those who had been sinking into confusion suddenly cheered. How could they not be happy? With just one broadcast from this Great Deity Ye Fei, the entire statistics department all reaped a great benefit, HX$500 will be added to this month’s bonus, that’s real money, ah.

Liu Ping howled. “Manager, the company has always ignored our section, what should we do?”

Feng Tian Lai laughed heartily, he faced all the people who had suffered with him all this while. “What should we do? Well my comrades, what do you say we should do?”

As one, the employees howled. “Slap them in the face!”

[1] Changpao – Personally, I’ll probably head over to the Language Section and drool over this guy…

Somehow the most accurate version of my imagination is this…woman?

[2] Seriously? Boobs don’t actually move like that you know…


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