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Here Comes the Lady Chef – Chapter 64 – Who Bit This??

Chapter 64: Who the Heck Bite This?

“Xian’er greets Sir Song Tao!” The moment the doors were pushed opened, Liu Xian called out his greeting, his fat little face serious.

“Stop there!” Sir Song Tao’s face was severe, his finger straight as a ruler all the way up to his shoulder pointed at the round face.

Liu Xian stood stock still.

“Your royal highness may be the 9th prince, but this old man was the his majesty’s main teacher, therefore your position is the disciple of this master. Therefore you must leave your title as a member of the royal family outside. What does your highness think?” Sir Song Tao said.

“Father emperor had always said that Sir Song Tao’s knowledge ranges from astrology in the sky to geography of the lands, politically astute, versatile and multi-talented, it is Xian’er’s fortune to be able to learn under Sir Song Tao. In the world of scholarly learning, Sir Song Tao stand on top, would Sir Song Tao please accept this disciple’s kowtow!” Though Liu Xian was only 6 years old, his way of speaking was a scrupulous attention to detail, able to match his way of talking to various situations.

Once Liu Xian had finished his little speech, he gestured for Sheng Yao Shan to come over and offered up the grilled bread with both hands towards Sir Song Tao. Perfectly following the protocol as he handed over the greeting gift for his new master.

“Stand up, ba!” Sir Song Tao said with satisfaction, he nodded to himself, his sharp old eyes fixed upon the fragrance bundle in Sheng Yao Shan’s hands.

These few days, this fragrance have caused great stressed to Sir Song Tao’s concentration, he even smelled it in his dreams!

“Oh! Master, these are the grilled bread you have ordered Liu Xian to buy, would master please try them!” Liu Xian’s eyes were bright, his chubby little hands grabbed the bungle from Sheng Yao Shan’s hands and happily ran over to Sir Song Tao to place it in front of the old man.

“En, not bad, not bad, Ren Yue, Shui Mo, the two of you come and look. Though you have both followed me all this while, neither of you can lay your hands on the grilled bread. As for Liu Xian, little Liu Xian managed to achieve this easily!” Sir Song Tao’s mood was very good, his face bright as a blooming flower.

Shui Mo lowered his head, not saying anything.

Ren Yue remained calm, but there was a touch of a smile in his eyes.

Sheng Yao Shan thought of Liu Xian’s ‘subtractions’ to the bread, and could only bite down his lip in order not to laugh out loud.

“Well, this old man shall have a taste!” Sir Song Tao finally opened the package, and was nearly bowled over by an intense fragrance.

Suddenly, Sir Song Tao’s eyes widened in anger.

“Who did this!”

The moment the paper package was opened, the fragrant grilled bread stuffed with meat was seen in all its glory, a bite taken out of it. There was also a suspicious shine around the bite mark.

“Master,” Liu Xian muttered as he bowed his head. His fat little hands rubbing together as he bit his lip.

“To cause trouble for this old man! Speak, what happened!” Sir Song Tao was furious, his appetite completely disappeared.

“Master, Xian’er did not do this deliberately. Just now, that elder sister said if I wish to buy any grilled bread, I must first take a bite before she’ll let me have it! Xian’er is worried about delaying master’s orders, and thus finally resorted to this despicable method.”

“Curses!” Sir Song Tao stopped listening, did not bother to wear his outer clothing and rushed out angrily from his house.

“Girl!” Sir Song Tao yelled.

Some of the soldiers who had been busily eating the grilled bread were shocked, they have never seen this Sir Song Tao so angry!

Sheng Yao Shan was afraid that something serious would happened and rushed out with him.

Ren Yue quickly followed, but his attitude was still carefree, it was like he’d rushed out just to watch a show.

Liu Xian was also anxious as he tugged at Sheng Yao Shan’s sleeves, he really didn’t know that matters would be this serious.

Wen Rou turned at the shout and said with a perfectly serene face, “Sir Song Tao is calling for me?”

Looks like she was prepared, ah!

“What rubbish! Is there anyone as unreasonable as you, you’re too much!” Sir Song Town snarled, both hands clenched in trembling fists.

“Oh, would Sir Song Tao please explain, who has this girl bullied? I’ve sold grilled bread to everyone, and everyone is perfectly happy. Not a single person has complained. How is it that when it came to Sir Song Tao you actually claim that I’m bullying people?” Wen Rou drawled.

“You! Very well, you certainly have a smart mouth! You dare bully this old man, then then bully a small child!” Sir Song Tao was so angry did not care for conventions any more.

“Oh, Sir Song Tao, I am just a little girl, how on earth did I bully a venerable old man like you, ah? Moreover, bullying a small child? Where is this small child? When did I do this?” Wen Rou’s back was perfectly straight, she did not concede even half a step.

“??” Sir Song Tao could only pointed at Wen Rou, and could not speak for a long time.

He had wanted to claim that everyday this old man tries to buy grilled bread from you only to be deliberately pretend that everything was sold out. Now that he managed to get the child to buy from you, to think you made the child bite a chunk out of the bread! How could anyone eat said bread after this?

However, Sir Song Tao could not bear to lose face this way. In front of so many soldiers, moreover, there’s still Ren Yue and Sheng Yao Shan around, let’s not forget the 9th prince either. If he really say all that, where would he put his face after this ah!

He shook his sleeves in anger, “Hmph! This old man is not interested in speaking to a common miss like you any more.”

With that, he went back into the house once again.

“Sister, sister, will you come again tomorrow? The grilled bread you made is really tasty! Liu Xian really likes it!” Liu Xian tugged at Yao Shan’s sleeves as he bounced into view like a bouncy dumpling.

“Would your royal highness please behave. Sister Wen will definitely come tomorrow. If this sister happens to not come, you may come to the Drunken Immortal to look for this sister! This sister knows how to make all kinds of good things to eat!” Wen Rou squatted down and gently used the corner of her sleeves to brush the crumbs off Liu Xian’s lips.

“Then, it’s a promise! Xian’er was worried about staying too long in Xianyang, however, with Sister Wen here, staying here would be very nice. Let’s pinky promise!” Liu Xian stared up at Wen Rou, he extended a plump and cute hand, its thick pinky extended.

That little hand was white and soft, thanks to the fat in his body, it looked very cute. Part of his wrist was hidden by his sleeves, even as he looked solemnly up at her.

Wen Rou smiled as she extended her own little finger, and lightly hooked it with the soft pinky.

This tender and smooth felt very nice, ah!

A sudden idea occurred to Wen Rou, it was a wonderful idea, an idea that made Wen Rou felt a little evil actually.

Aiyh, who cares, for the sake of her elder brother’s future, she will compensate Liu Xian with a lot of good things to eat!

As for Wen Shouchai, well, Madam Zhen has placed her entire heart and soul in his care and treatment.

In addition to helping our Wen Rou at the barbecue stall, she also spent her time caring for Wen Shouchai.

“Madam Zhen, are those for me?” Wen Shouchai hurriedly held out his hands.

“Shouchai, let me hold it, ba. Your head injury is still not well yet, here, let me.” Madam Zhen tried to grab the cloth bag away from him.

“Madam Zhen, my injury is on my head, not my hands!” Wen Shouchai said straightforwardly.

“Still, you let me do it ba! You just rest!” Madam Zhen refused to listen to him and continued to tug away.

Wen Rou was crouching at the entrance, shamelessly watching this exchange. She giggled to herself, hoho, these people looked very lively, ah

Suddenly, there was a ripping sound!

The cloth bag between Madam Zhen and Wen Shouchai ripped apart.

Madam Zhen’s hands gave a sudden jerk, and under clothes in her hand was sent to the air.

Clothes scattered like dirty clouds all over the place.

No wonder Wen Shouchai was so anxious!

Right now, he really want to bury his face under a pillow and suffocate to death!

He immediately went on his hands and knees, gathering the scattered clothes.

After standing for a while, Madam Zhen also started to help gather up the clothes.

Hands moved in a flurry, grabbing clothes in their arms, both focusing their eyes on the floor not looking up.

In the confusion, it was unsure who caught hold of whose hand, but they suddenly found themselves connected via their hands.

A shock went through Wen Shouchai’s body, and his eyes flicked up to gaze at Madam Zhen.

As for Madam Zhen, her eyes lowered shyly, not daring to look up at all.

Wen Rou was happily watching all the drama from the entrance, she could not resist a loud, “Hahahaha!” at this performance.

They two people overcame by their feelings felt their spirits shooting back into their bodies!

“Rou’er, what are you doing?” Wen Shouchai’s face was bright red.

“Second uncle, I want a second aunt!” Wen Rou dashed into the room and made a naughty face at him, still laughing happily.

“This girl-” Wen Shouchai muttered as he rushed towards Wen Rou with mock anger. One hand was still holding Madam Zhen’s face, though his face remained innocent, as though he was not doing anything untoward. However, the strength from that big hand was clear indication that he had no intention of letting go.

Madam Zhen tried to tug her hand out once, but did not succeed. Instead, her fingers were tread through and were clasped even more firmly.

“Shouchai?” Madam Zhen voice was shy, her eyes a little resentful.

“Madam Zhen, I am perfectly sincere! As long as you are willing, I will inform the family at once!” Wen Shouchai’s face was brilliantly scarlet, his voice got even more excited the more he spoke.

“?” Madam Zhen nodded shyly, her eyes darting rapidly to Wen Shouchai’s face, before moving away. Her round and white face suffused with a pink glow.

“No need to bother, the whole family is here now!” A voice boomed from behind them, followed by a clattering of footsteps.

“Elder brother, elder sister-in-law, third sister-in-law?” Wen Shouchai had just noticed that his entire family was now gathered at the door to his room. Aside from Wen Shouzhen who was still busy at the Drunken Immortal, his whole family was really here, even Wen Ting was here!

“Second bro, this Madam Zhen seems like a nice lady, you should take good care of her in the future!” Eldest brother Wen Shoucheng laughed.

“Once you have a wife, you should do your best to look after her and get rid of the word ‘gambling’ from your vocabulary.” Surname Wang said.

“Eldest sister-in-law, please be at east! I, Wen Shouchai, for the sake of my future wife and children, will do my best to earn a good income!” Wen Shouchai declared, patting his chest. He really didn’t want Surname Shi to say that deplorable word any more.

“Elder brother, elder sister-in-law, with Madam Zhen here to look after second brother, there’s no need to worry! When Shouzhen comes back let’s throw a proper celebration to welcome Madam Zhen into our family, ba!” Surname Zhou cast a glance at Wen Shouchai as she took the opportunity to fan the flames a little.

“Hei hei hei hei!” Wen Shouchai laughed slightly drunken way as he rubbed the back of his head, he was pleased to the point that he didn’t quite know what to say.

“Second uncle, since you’re about to get married, you should give us some fortune candies, ba. This way, I’ll write off that two copper coins you owe me!” Wen Ting roared with laughter.

“You stinky brat! What are you trying to say? Don’t think I won’t beat you up!” Wen Shouchai lifted his foot, fully intending to throw his shoe at Wen Ting.

“Second uncle! Rou’er will be giving out the profit share for the grill stand soon. Ah, since Madam Zhen has been helping me out the past few days, how about I just give it all to Madam Zhen, ba!” Wen Rou giggled.

“No problem, no problem, give it all to Madam Zhen!” Wen Shouchai was in an excellent mood, completely different from the stingy him from before. Then, he asked. “How much was it, ah?”

[Gumihou: I enjoyed translating this chapter better than most.]


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