Fine Food Broadcaster – 0024 – Stand Out With Might

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0024 – Stand Out With Might

Chapter 24: Red & White, Stand Out With Might


Ye Fei showed the bitten part of the tofu to the camera. When the invisible camera gave his audience a close up of the tofu. This close up view was like throwing a bomb into a noisy crowd. There was a stunned silence, followed by a figurative explosion of noise.

“F*** me, what am I seeing?”

“Three colours, there are three colours!”

“The outer most part is the snow white tofu, the next ring is black, cola? And the core is actually pink, could it be from the rose oil?”

“Red and White, Stand Out with Might, Three Flavours in One, Emperor Returns Not! So this is why the Spring Snow is worthy of being a tribute!”

“Just how did he do it?”

“That’s right, just how did he do it? The tofu weren’t fried in in rose oil for long, so how could it appear in the innermost part of the tofu?”

That’s right, the tofu cube Ye Fei was holding up now consisted of three layers with the outermost part pure white, followed by a narrow layer of cola coloured line with the core being a gentle rose pink.

This was an ultimate technique that not everyone could copy, definitely not just any person could do it.

“Would the broadcaster, no, great deity, please explain to this lowly one and satisfy our curiosity, pretty please?”

“That’s right, please stop eating, please stop eating now!”

“Aiya, I felt that the fried tofu I had before is all garbage, ah. How could such wondrous cooking exist in this world?”

Ye Fei looked at the crowd of people in front of him, hollering and screaming among themselves even as they shower him with rewards. Joy bloomed in his heart, even as his taste buds ascended to the heavens.

He’d also never expected that by just following the [System’s] instruction he would achieve such result with the Cola Tofu. Right now, it felt like his taste buds were fluttering and prancing about happily with the fairies in heaven.

That one bite he had taken, the unique fragrance of Spring Snow Tofu permeated through his mouth, leaving a mellow, melty feeling behind.

After chewing for a bit, the sweet taste of cola seeped out, once the tofu was completely crushed under his teeth, the special aroma from the rose oil bloomed around him, it felt like he was drifting on a bed of a thousand roses floating on a gentle breeze.

At this point, the three wonderful flavours blended together in wonderful harmony of sensation. The heavenly fairies, the sweet fruity treacle of cola, the shining bed of roses all rolled into tiny, tiny flavour bombs that popped and bounced happily on his tongue. With this wonderful taste filling his mouth, he felt like he could eat this forever.

“It’s so delicious, it’s no exaggeration to say that this is the best tofu dish ever.” Ye Fui closed his eyes, savouring the tofu on his tongue, praises pouring out of his mouth uncontrollably.

The entire broadcasting audience, “… …”

“Broadcaster, you are too much.”

“F*** off, you twit! You’re committing a serious crime you know? A serious crime!”

“Aiya, my saliva, I don’t dare to open my mouth, a instant waterfall would happen.”

“Tofu, tofu, my tofu~”

“Hey, the comment before me, that’s the broadcaster’s tofu, ah.”

“I want to eat the broadcaster’s tofu.”

Ye Fei chewed the half a cube of tofu in his mouth for almost a full minute before swallowing. The enjoyment was truly un-precedent.

He carefully placed the other half of the tofu into his mouth. Once more, Ye Fei repeated all his previous actions, incurring the hate of every single person present.

“Broadcaster, please tell me your location. I wish to send you a blade.”

“Rope, send him rope.”

“Silk, three meters of silk.”

“Send his address to a sworn enemy.”

“I want to send you a blow up doll, let you do it until your whole body is hollow, all dried out, ah, ah, ah!”

“Pffft~~ Hey, that guy sending out blow up dolls, ah. I want one too.”

“Get lost!”

Clearly the audience had gone completely crazy, they were all foodies who love good food. Faced with a legendary class Cola Tofu which they could only see but could not eat, compared to getting murdered, this was even more heinous.

At this moment, Gluttony sent out a message, “World, what do you think?”

Eat the World gave a bitter smile. “There’s nothing to evaluate, what I really want to do now is to dive through the computer screen and snatch this tofu from him.”

Gluttony was also flipping between crying laughing, your mom, this was really some kind of inhuman torture. Was there anything worse than watching someone else eat delicious food when you can’t have any?

“Foodie, what about you?”

Great rich guy Foodie’s answer was very direct and aggressive. Three planes flew past the screen.

Something in Gluttony seemed to have broken down at the sight, “Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! NDD, in the eyes of this Foodie guy, is worth more than a few planes.”

After that remark, Gluttony also send up two planes after the others.

The rest of the people haven’t stopped sending out rewards, from small items like claps, flowers, and lollipops to cars, the rewards continued to come. Even then, planes were a minority, after all not everyone could be as grand as Foodie.


At the QQ broadcasting office.

Most of them felt completely muddled up as they stared stupidly at Ye Fei’s broadcasting area which were barely visible thanks to all the rewards floating past the screen. Even breathing had been forgotten.

After a long time, Liu Ping muttered. “My God in heaven, ah. Is this Foodie guy so taken up with gourmet food? It’s just a plate of tofu, ah. Legendary Spring Snow or whatever, it’s still just tofu, ah. To think that these people almost pit their lives in a fight over tofu, your mom, you think those rewards don’t cost money?”

Tang Xiao Min hated that she could not just stick her face to the monitor said. “Looks we were wrong right from the beginning. We thought that Fine Food Section had been getting very little rewards due to our small viewer base, to think our lack of popularity was due to poor broadcasts which could not move the hearts of the audience.”

“Even people who loves gourmet food have some sense of their own economical foundation. However, it looked like that bottom line immediately disappeared when whipped into a frenzy.”

“This group of people have really gone crazy, this kind of reward storm, it’s something I’ve never seen before, ah.”

“Me neither, never even seen this thing in my dreams.”

“All previous roads have been washed away by this, I’m sure we’re now witnessing the birth of a new kind of broadcasting style. Audiences in the future will demand this style of broadcast.”

“However, the people who could do this kind of performance is too few. It’s necessary to have both high cooking skills and god level ingredients, how could anyone just do it, ah?”

“Just what kind of person is this Ye Fei?”

Everyone was pondering over their own thoughts even as the rest of the QQ Broadcasting Company was getting more and more lively.

Song & Dance Statistician, Ma Tao. “The f***, had the people in Song & Dance been injected by chicken blood? Their reward have just broken past the 80,000 limit.”

Language Statistician, “Your Mom, why are the new anchors so fierce these days? All of our new great deities have reached the 80,000 limit.”

“These two guys are definitely our platform’s best surprises. In the future we must allocate even more resources for them, the rewards just kept coming.”

“I think so too, the potential of these two broadcasters are excellent, if we polish them up, they could be the pillars of our platform.”

“Looks like Harmonious Music and Gift of Gab may have the potential to topple those old deities at this rate.”

“Haha, after the Yangtze River floods its banks, new life will grow[1]. Those old deities should have a sense of crisis after this, they can’t afford to be too proud now.”

“That’s right, I heard that the Fine Food Section has some small deity called Iron Stomach who’s going to challenge a super pizza, how did that go?”

“No idea, we’ll know once we take a look at his broadcast.”

“Let’s not go, I just came from that place, that guy is really fierce, ah. 3 quarters of the 1 meter pizza is gone now. The number of people in his broadcast has already reach 50,000 people. As for the rewards, unclear, you’ll have to find that out from the statistician.”

“Haha, there’s no need for you to bother, if there’s anything significant about his rewards, the FF statistician would have jumped around to crow about it.”

“That makes sense.”

Right now, the statistician for Iron Stomach suddenly declared, “Good news for everyone, Iron Stomach’s performance is very good. The number of viewers have exceeded 58,000 people and the reward have gone past 69,000 just about to break the 70,000 limit. A record for a bronze star broadcaster.”

Liu Ping and the rest nodded. Then, everyone said almost in unison, “Just how much is Ye Fei’s reward now?”




[1] Yangtze River floods its banks, new life will grow – Opportunity comes after a crisis.


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