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Reborn-Super Chef – 069- First Diner in Other World, Open!

Chapter 69 – First Diner in Other World, Open!


Looking at Sun Yi crying a river, Ye Chui could not help himself as his steps faltered. This Sun Yi had just turned 18 years old, in Ye Chui’s eyes, a mere half grown child. What happened in the exam hall must have hit him hard, naturally, Ye Chui was not going to bother sympathizing with him since he had brought all this on himself. As a man, he should have the courage to bear the consequences of his own actions.

However, seeing Sun Yi crying so heartbrokenly, Ye Chui decided to go over to speak to him for a bit.

“Cooking is the same as being a person, if you’re too opportunistic, you will only hurt yourself in the end. Do take today as a lesson and not do anything like this any more.” Ye Fei said gently.

These words felt like mere clichés, it felt even more odd filtered through the mouth of such a young person. However, Sun Yi did not feel like there was anything odd about it, he rubbed his eyes and looked up. It’s possible that he just wanted someone to confide in. With a face covered in tears, he said, “I… I thought no one was looking… people always said my cooking is pretty good, that I would definitely pass the exam. In order to prepare for this exam, I’ve even quite my job at the restaurant… I have nowhere to go, what should I do?”

“Just how old are you?” Ye Chui could not suppress his smile, he patted Sun Yi’s shoulder, “What do you meant nowhere to go, isn’t it just a job? Just pick yourself up and polish your cooking skill, I’m sure you’ll past your next exam.”

Sun Yi looked at this youth who was actually younger than himself, though the words were inconsistent with his youthful looks, Sun yi eventually nodded his head, his lips trembling. What he really wanted to do was beg Ye Chui to recommend a job for him, but he eventually swallowed the words down.

“Very well, I hope to see you again in the future.”

Ye Chui once more patted Sun Yi’s shoulder before turning to walk away. The words he had said to Sun Yi came from the perspective of a senior chef. Opportunistic behaviour aside, Sun Yi’s culinary skills were actually not bad, this was partly why Ye Chui was willing to offer some instruction to this unfortunate junior.

Naturally, whatever happened to Sun Yi in the future has nothing to do with Ye Chui, each chef has to walk down the path they chose.

Once Ye Chui made his way to the main street, he easily hailed a taxi and left Sun Yi’s sight.

Sun Yi rubbed his eyes, not sure if it was due to Ye Chui’s advice, but he’d already recovered his confidence to try for the exam once again. However, the most important thing now was to find a job first. Don’t know if the previous restaurant he’d worked with would take him back, but… he’d always felt that the salary of less than 2000 was too little, how nice would it be to have a high paying job…

He was just pondering over this as he was about to leave when, at the main entrance of the FF Association, someone blocked his way.

It was a young man of heroic countenance, exuding a rich young master aura. He smiled at Sun Yi, “Good day.”

“Good… good day.” Sun Yi looked at this man distrustfully, “May I ask what are you here for?”

“My name is He Chengfei, I just saw you speaking with Ye Chui just now. Is he someone you’re closed with?” This heroic looking young man, was none other than He Chengfei.

Ever since yesterday he’d been looking for a way to steal Ye Chui’s recipe. When he learned that Ye Chui was taking the chef’s certificate examination today, and had been lurking around, waiting for an opportunity. His father had taught him that opportunities were something that came to those who invite and fight for it. He had a feeling that an opportunity would definitely appear today. He planned to present the Buddha with borrowed flowers[1].

“You… just what are you planning?” Sun Yi asked suspiciously as he looked at He Chengfei.

“I have a job opportunity for you, a simple thing that would only take up a week of your time. I can give you 20,000 now, once the job is completed, you will have another 20,000.” He Chengfei tossed out an olive branch first, he smiled at Sun Yi, “Well, are you interesting in this job?”

A stupefied expression appeared on Sun Yi’s face, to make 40,000 in one week… was this opportunity the real thing? How could he refuse!

… …

With the one star chef’s certificate in hand, the diner properly renovated, and a million other little things more less settled, he was ready to open. Except, there was a very important matter had not been resolved.

That afternoon, Ye Chui, Wang Shiyu, An Jing and Han Yuyan at the restaurant dining table with a frown on their faces — the four of them were thinking very hard — they were all trying to think up a name for the restaurant.

That’s right, though they have been busy these few days trying to get everything completed for their diner, the name for this diner had not been confirmed. It was only when Ye Chui was about to register the business licence for their diner that he had discovered that they didn’t actually have a name for their diner.

“Elegant Courtly Hall, Happiness for All Hall, Heavenly Fragrance Pavilion… master, I thinks these names are pretty good.” thus was Han Yuyan’s opinion on her suggested names. “These are all names of famous big restaurants in Yan Jing.”

“Aren’t you afraid they’ll complain about me infringing on their name?” Ye Chui asked, even as a large sweat drop formed on his head.

“It’ll be fine, with grandpa as a guarantee, it won’t be a problem. Just say that you’re a branch.” Han Yuyan said with a laugh.

“Excuse me, those are all big restaurants while we’re just a family diner. More importantly, moreover, we’re close to a school. With such posh sounding names, would the students even dare to set foot in here? Moreover, just take a look at your surroundings, can you actually use the words elegant pavilion to describe this place?” Ye Chui rolled his eyes as he retorted.

He knew plenty of snobbier names than the ones Han Yuyan had suggested. However, since they’re running a family diner, the name must be something easy to remember and understand. At any rate, this diner was created for they sake of his sisters, so… suddenly, a thought entered Ye Chui’s head, “I just thought of a good name.”

“What is it? Quickly tell us brother.” Wang Shiyu urged.

Ye Chui stretched out a hand to stroke Han Shiyu’s head. “Let’s use Little Rain’s nickname for the restaurant… The Little Rain Family Diner!”

“Little Rain Family Diner?” An Jing repeated the name to herself, then nodded, “This name is straightforward and sounds good to the ear.”

“I think it’s good too.” Han Yuyan said after thinking it over.

The happiest among them was little Wang Shiyu, she stood up on her chair. “Elder brother, with Little Rain’s name on the diner, this place will certainly make lots and lots of money!”

“That’s right, we’ll definitely make plenty of money, but why don’t you come down from the chair before you fall down.” Ye Chui said tenderly as he hugged Wang Shiyu off the chair.

After that, he made a call to Tian Xiaoduo, that guy had no opinion for or against the name. When Ye Chui had called him to come over that after to brainstorm a name for their diner, the man had adamantly refused to come, kept insisting that he’ll come over tomorrow on their opening.

“That guy’s a five star chef, could it be that looks down on our diner, ba?” Han Yuyan voiced out her opinion on his odd behaviour.

“No, Xiaodu is someone who’s only interested in polishing his own culinary ability, he would not be phased by the size of the restaurant as long as he could find improvement.” Ye Chui was sure of this matter, he could see himself within this Tian Xiaodu. People who are in pursuit of the highest level of cooking, would not be interested in trivial things like money or the size of the restaurant they work in…

However, even with this explanation he could not understand why the man insisted on not coming over until the very last day. Ye Chui looked at Wang Shiyu who was still overjoyed to have the restaurant named after her. He laughed and said, “Little Rain, this Tian Xiaodu is a famous chef, though he come in as my helper, but he’s actually very talented on his own right. When he come over do get along well with him and don’t prank him, all right?”

“Brother please be at ease,” Wang Shiyu said at Ye Chui’s words, she placed a palm over her chest and said, “I will give this uncle extra good treatment.”

“En, Little Rain will be good.”

Ye Chui smiled as he patted the girl’s head, since his little sister is such a clever person, he did not have to worry.

… …


Tian Xiaodu who had been eating at home with his wife suddenly sneezed…

… …

When afternoon came, Ye Chui to register for a licence to operate his diner. The procedure was actually quite troublesome. First, he had to obtain a business licence, followed by a service certificate, a permit from the public health and hygiene department etc. In his last world, he would have to waste a lot of time waiting for the approval of one document after another. However, this was the best time for chefs in this world. Known as the ‘Fine Food Era’ the country’s government actively supported the cooking industry, documentations related to the industry was also relatively quick.

Later that afternoon, Han Yuyan went to a get a specialized plaque for the restaurant. Ye Chui had also designed a menu for the restaurant, which had all been printed. Han Yuyan used her eye for fashion to design a uniform for herself — it looked like some kind of high end white collar worker outfit, it was even grander than the outfits worn by wait staffs of five-star hotels.

It was nine o’clock in the evening, everything was ready. Ye Chi stood on the street as he looked at the small restaurant in front of him. He nodded with a smile.

“My first restaurant in another world, is now officially opened for business!”

[Translator’s Note: No, Sun Yi~~ T_T] [1] Present the Buddha with borrowed flowers – To win favour via other people’s property/ skill



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