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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0078 – Anti Fraud Lessons

Chapter 78 – Anti Fraud Lessons

“Looks like delivery service is something that would be loved no matter where…” Mike could not hold back his smiled as he shook his head. In his past life, though he had always liked going to restaurants, even he had called in a delivery or two.

However, in order to prevent his address from being revealed, he normally would not use weibo[1] to order takeaway.

Moreover, there’s the issue of the time taken for takeaways. Compared to eating at restaurants, this delay would reduce the flavours of the food eaten. Thus was his impression of takeaways.

Though he tended to be a bit critical, he would not use this point to criticise the quality of a restaurant’s dishes. In the end, the quality would be pulled down by his own laziness, this was the main reason why he did not tend to call for delivery.

On top of that, modern delivery service depended heavily on instant information exchange. Without phones or other ways to immediately communicate an order, the transaction could only be done via direct buyer and seller.

The Nolan Continent’s grasp of technology was not high, therefore this problem would not be solved any time soon. On top of that he had no intention of expending into delivery service just yet, the most important thing now was to increase his customer base. He still has to complete the task of getting 1000 new customers into his restaurant first.

“When the time comes for delivery service, then unemployed solo knights should be good employees since they have their own transportations and are generally familiar with the layout of the Sin City.” Mike muttered to himself.

The busy lunch hour at the restaurant continued until the end of the business hours. Mike calmly refused the meal request of a few customers who came in late, the [Juicy Burger] had been sold out, and he was really tired.

“Fuh,” Mike closed the door and breathed out a long sigh, and finally sat his butt down on the nearest chair.

“Dearest daddy, today we’ve sold a total of 96 [Juicy Burgers] and 24 [Yangzhou Fried Rice], we’ve collected a totla of 432 gold coins.” Amy reported happily to Mike as she hugged Ugly Ducking over.

“That’s a lot,” said Mike, a little astonished.

To be able to collect over 400 gold in one afternoon was actually quite amazing, after deducting the cost of ingredients, the net profit should still be around 200 gold coins. There’s still the 100 over gold coins collected that morning, and the four hour dinner business hour later. As long as he could keep up with the demand for [Juicy Burger], he could easily double his income.

What made Mike happiest were the 40 new guests that came this afternoon. Right now his current total stood at 215/1000, at this rate, he should be able to reach his target in about 15 days.

“That’s right, the rainbow fried rice and [Juicy Burger] made by daddy dearest is too, too delicious, that’s why everyone couldn’t resist eating.” Amy nodded decisively, she knelt to let Ugly Duckling hop down and ran over to Mike’s side. Then, she said in a tender manner, “Daddy dearest, you’ve worked so hard, let Little Amy massage your shoulders a little, ba.”

Amy stood on tip toes and drummed her little fists on his shoulders and back. Because she was still tiny, she had to use a lot of strength, but she did her best to give him a good massage.

Mike smiled as he lowered his shoulders to her level, to be able to enjoy his little daughter’s fists massaging his shoulders… ah, though her tongue’s a little poisonous in front of people, Amy had always been so lovely and well behaved in front of him

As for the poisonous tongue thing, it’s probably a hereditary thing, so it can’t be helped. The customers would just have to put up with it.

“All right, Amy you can stop now. I’m not tired any more.” Mike laughed as he picked Amy up and placed her on his lap. He pinched her plump little cheeks, ah, they’re so soft and tender.

After getting better food for the past few days, Amy’s little face had grown clearer and rosier. Moreover, with the new clothes and regular showers, the wild child in a burlap clothing from before has now turned into a little princess.

However, little princesses also has their own problems. She could attract the eye of stalkers and all kinds of people with bad intentions. Thus, Mike decided that it’s time to start Amy how to spot schemes and cons, otherwise, this lovely sweet girl may be tricked or kidnapped away by some bad people.

In other words, it’s time for Fraud Prevention Lessons!

This afternoon, that Klaus character had turned up again, but since Mike was busy cooking and Amy was busy collecting money, he could only exchange a few words with the father-daughter pair after sitting for an hour where he ate two platefuls of fried rice and was asked to leave by Mike when the business hour ended.

Naturally, Mike did this deliberately. This guy wanted to take Amy into that big pit called the Magic Tower. That wizard also seemed to think highly of himself, and was quite insistent even after Mike had explicitly refused him. The fact that Mike hadn’t placed him on a blacklist should be something that guy be grateful for.

“Little Mi, you must remember daddy’s words and properly think about the question daddy will ask you next. Remember, you must think properly first before you answer daddy’s question, all right?” Mike said to Amy with a smile.

“En,” Amy nodded. Her eyes fixed seriously at Mike. Just what would daddy say, her expression seemed to ask.

“If some stranger ask you ‘Come with me, I’ll take you somewhere with delicious food’, what should you answer?” Mike asked looking straight at Amy’s eyes.

Amy’s eyes brightened, she clapped her little hands and said, “Ok!”

Black lines[2] appeared on Mike’s face. Her answer was within his expectation, foodie like her have no sense of suspicion when it came to delicious food. However, this was still a serious matter, so he shook his head solemnly and said. “No, that’s not right. Little Mi, you must remember, a stranger may not actually take you somewhere with delicious food. Also, how could there be anything more delicious than what daddy makes?”

“That’s right! Daddy dearest’s cooking is the best.” Amy nodded, her brow furrowed as she thought hard, then, her eyes brightened. “If someone said this to me, I’ll just tell them to come to our restaurant. That way I can eat delicious food and make money!”

“This is certainly a most excellent way of solving the problem!” Mike could only raise his eyebrows, unable to help himself as he praised Amy’s radical thinking. The teacher had certainly not expect this kind of answer. Well, now, let’s have the next question, “Ahem, question number two, what if someone says ‘I’ll take you somewhere fun…”

“Yes! Yes! Let’s go!” Amy immediately nodded happily, in fact, it looked like she was all raring to go…

“No, no, no, you must not answer like this.” Mike shook his head. Thankfully, these days she was spending most of her time inside the restaurant. Amy was at the age to want to play outside, therefore it was important for them to settle this question first. Otherwise, she’d be kidnapped away before they could say [Juicy Burger]..

Mike looked at Amy seriously, “If they are your little friends or Teacher Luna, you can go ahead and play with them. But if strangers come and say they want to take you somewhere fun or show you something interesting, you must say no. Because all the fun and interesting things are with daddy, those people are just trying to trick you.”

[Translator’s Note: Ah, I’m soothed~ Amy is so cute~] [1] weibo – China’s microblogging services

[2] Black Lines..


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