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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0077 – I Like Little Sisters

Chapter 77 – I Like Little Sisters


“One [Juicy Burger] bag is 5 copper coins, then, 10 copper coins for a takeaway box is fine ba.” Mike said calmly, perfectly unperturbed. So the [System] was unhappy? Well then, let’s move the topic back to business.

“20 copper coins!” [System] demanded after a while, then it said firmly, “The net profit of [Yangzhou Fried Rice] is 300 copper coins, with the added cost of 20 copper coins for the takeaway box, you will still earn 280 coins. The [System] maintains top quality material as always, the exterior of the lunch box will be painted by top painters. The box biodegradable, perfectly eco friendly, and can be reused many times…”

“5 copper coins.” Mike shamelessly tossed out a lower offer, and said lightly, “[System] even if I let him walk away with the whole plate, that guy will actually wash the dish and bring it back the next day? Please member, this is a buyer’s market, in fact, I felt that 300 copper coins is a little low.”

“Deal, 10 copper coins!” The [System] said quickly, it sounded a little sullen and helpless. “The takeaway box is being created, it will be completed in 5 minutes.”

“Very good.” Mike was quite happy with the [System’s] efficiency. He turned to Jacques with a smile, “Yes, however you’ll have to pay an additional 20 copper coins for the takeaway box.”

“20 copper coins, is it? Very well, please prepare one takeaway portion for me. As for the dine in portion, do cancel that.” Jacques said, after a thinking about it for a while.

Though other diners do not have a habit of charging extra for their takeaway boxes, this fried rice already cost 600 copper coins, an additional 20 copper coins is nothing. As long as the standard of this [Yangzhou Fried Rice] was as par with the burger and able to tempt his wife into eating more, he’d be willing to pay more.”

“Please wait a moment.” Mike nodded, and made his way to the kitchen. He hadn’t heard a peep from the [System], no roars of admonition or cries of being cheated came. To tell the truth, he’d always been good at making money in his past life, it’s just that he’d been too lazy to do so.

Jacques Francois and the rest ate their second [Juicy Burger] and continued to enjoy the feeling of deliciousness, and of course, fat loss.

Though the vibrating rolls of fat stung the eyes of those customers who just entered the restaurant, the expression on everyone’s face remained cheerful and indulgent. It could be said that Mike’s XXL customers with their XXL faces magnified the feeling of happiness and deliciousness, to the point that it was kind of like watching a commercial playing in the background. It made the people curious about the [Juicy Burger] and wondered whether it really tasted as good as they made it look. Though a lot of them still felt that 300 copper coins was a bit steep, a few first time customers couldn’t help but ordered a portion just to try it. This way, quite a few new customers came in.

5 minutes later, the takeaway box was completed by the [System]

Mike, who had been busily making the [Yangzhou Fried Rice] turned to take a look, and saw a slightly larger iron box had appeared next to the iron box that contained the stack of [Juicy Burger] wrappers. Inside, was a stack brown, wooden boxes.

Mike turned off the fire and picked up one of the boxes to take a look. The thickness of the box was similar to the cardboard box in his previous worlds, but the hardness was much better. Moreover, there was a transparent lining within the box that was similar plastic, clearly it was there for cleanliness purpose and to prevent spillage of liquid.

On the cover of the box were the words ‘Mickey’s Restaurant’ over a simple outline of cute Amy’s image. On the lower right end corner was a line of words, it was the shop’s address. The overall look was very classy and refined. If it weren’t for its excessive thinness, they would be able to use it as a regular bowl for daily use.

“Not bad, this really matches the restaurant’s style.” Mike nodded satisfactorily.

As expected of the [System], the workmanship and quality was impeccable, in truth, squashing it down to10 copper coins was a little excessive.

Naturally, he didn’t feel a little bit guilty, since the [System] answered so readily, it probably didn’t suffer a loss.

Moreover, since there was no [Yangzhou Fried Rice] printed on the cover, he could use it as a takeaway box for whatever item in the future.

Mike transferred the [Yanghou Fried Rice] the takeaway box. The beautiful colours of the fried rice remained the same.

“One [Juicy Burger] and one takeaway [Yangzhou Fried Rice], please make sure it remains this way up.” Mike placed both items in front of Jacques.

“Very well, thank you.” Jacques looked down at the exquisite box in front of him, his eyes lit up. In a normal restaurant, the takeaway boxes were generally some sloppily made box, but this, this box was clearly crafted by experienced craftsmen. Just looking at it one would have thought it was a gift box instead of a takeaway box.

To only charge 20 copper coins for this kind of of box, surely Boss Mike must have made a loss somewhere? Jacques, who had felt that this fried rice was a little expensive now thought that he had managed to gain a great bargain.

As for his wife, if she sees this wonderful box surely she would feel delighted. H e couldn’t wait to bring this home for her to try.

“Naturally, both fried rice and burger taste better when hot, also, the burger is not suitable for pregnant ladies.” Mike looked at the [Juicy Burger] in Jacques’ hand, his face concerned as he warned this customer.

“Very well, Boss Mike. I’d like to pay for this takeaway fried rice and burger first. As for the other two, burgers, as for the other two burgers, we’ll all settle it our own way later.” Jacques nodded as he took out the dragon coin for Mike.

“Boss Mike, I’ll pay for everyone, ba.” Harrison said.

“The total is 9 gold coins.” Amy, still hugging Ugly Ducklingc came up, a single gold coin already in her hand.

“This little boss is such a good helper. I have a son about your age, what if I bring him over to play with you, ba.” Jacques smiled as he placed the single dragon coin in Amy’s hand and took the gold coin.

“I like sisters, but it’s too bad you have none.” Amy shook her head sadly even as she put away the dragon coin.

“… …” The smile on Jacques’ face froze. Though he felt a little stung by the remark, there was nothing he could say in retaliation.

“Hahaha…” The rest of the good friends laughed.

Mike also could not help the grin on his face, while it’s true that Amy did prefer playing with female friends, her answer was still too straightforward.

“Maybe this time will be it, many thanks Boss Mike, little boss.” Jacques regained his dignity and turned to Harrison and his other friends, “Well, I shall leave now to deliver this to your sister-in-law. It’ll be my treat next time.”

“I like this suggestion.” The fatty in blue nodded.

“Say, isn’t it great to be able to live here, not leaving the house and yet able to eat delicious things.” The Fatty in red sighed as he looked at Jacques who was carefully carrying the box of fried rice with him.

“You won’t be able to afford a chef like Boss Mike.” The Fatty in green teased him.

“No, what I meant is, if Boss Mike could find someone to deliver these delicious dishes to us, how nice it would be? I really don’t mind paying more for such a service, ah.” The Fatty in red said and he shook his head.

“Isn’t that delivery service!” Mike who had been making his way to the kitchen suddenly paused.


[Translator: Ahh, Jacques is such a nice person. So refreshing, I’m soothed by this.]





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