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Little Cooking Saint – 0034 – Charcoal Grill Matsutake (3)

Chapter 34 – Charcoal Grill Matsutake (3)


“To think that an outsider is more deserving of protection than your own friends? Feng Luo, just what are you thinking?” Meng Li said in an accusative tone, a sudden thought occurred to her, “You, don’t tell you you’ve really…. really…”

“Are you accusing me of something?” Feng Luo could not quite believe his ears, a shadow of hurt past his eyes. “How I’ve always treated you, can you not see after all this time? I’ve never prejudiced on the side of Shiyu, the ones prejudiced against her were all of you. I have merely spoken the truth.”

“What right have you to chat so happily with her?” Meng Li pressed on.

“Are you saying that I should have no friends?”

“Friends?” A hollow feeling went through Meng Li’s heart, she could not resist saying. “That’s fast, to think that you’ve become such good friends so quickly. I wonder, just how long would it take before she takes over my place?”

“You! I’ve spoken nothing but the truth, and yet you still refuse to believe me!” Feng Luo had wanted to explain himself further, however, seeing Meng Li’s suspicious eyes which had no intention of trusting him, he faltered.

To be distrusted by the person you love.


The anger in his heart transformed into mocking laughter. “Since it’s like this, then it’s best we both take some time to cool off!”

“Cool off? You want me to just stand aside and watch the two of you get sweet with each other? I’d rather just break everything off.” Meng Li said angrily.

“What did you say?” Feng Luo looked at her, feeling like he’d misheard something.

Seeing his reaction, she knew that he still has feelings for her, a sense of satisfaction went through Meng Li’s heart. However, her mouth spat, “I said, we’re finished.”

However, contrary to her expectation, there was no panic on his face. Unlike before, there were no gentle, coaxing words. He remained silent for a long while, before saying, “Good.”

With that one word, he turned and without a backward look at her, left.

Meng Li was stunned, she had only intended to threaten him a little, wishing to hear his consoling words and promises. Why did he…

After biting her lip for a while, she spun round and walked off on the other direction.

No matter what, she will not give in!

Their quarrel had all been heard by Shiyu, she never thought that she’d be the catalyst for their conflict, how awful. However, to be honest, ever since she’d gotten to know this herd of people, she’d spoken very little to Feng Luo. Today was the first time they had actually spoken at length, so, it probably has nothing to do with her, right?

After considering for a bit, Shiyu decided to pretend that she had heard nothing. She’ll just go look for Feng Luo and leave him some contact details before getting away from this crowd of drama queens. They can meet up at the Imperial Capital later.

However, by the time she found Feng Luo, that guy was preparing himself to go to a tavern.

“Come drink with me!” He invited.

Shiyu pointed to herself, “Surely that’s not a good idea. What if your other half misunderstands?”

“She’s no longer my other half.” Feng Luo said a little faintly, he was clearly trying to suppress his feelings.

“Very well, very well, let’ drink ba.” Shiyu no longer tried to stop him.

Both of them made their way towards a small tavern, found a table and sat down. Feng Luo ordered a stack of wine, while Shiyu asked for a little brazier of coal fire.

While Feng Luo was busy drowning his sorrows, Shiyu slowly grilled some matsutake mushrooms for herself. The large and plump matsutake mushrooms looked a lot like king oyster mushrooms. They’re best served sliced up and placed on the oiled netted surface with just a touch of salt. This was how she’s going to eat her matsutake first. It’s also the best way to enjoy the flavours of matsutake on its own.

After a short while, a unique fragrance began to permeate the area.

Matsutake mushrooms has a special fragrance that is different from most other vegetables. This scent could even be described as strange. Most people would feel that it was a little odd at first, but they would soon find themselves unable to resist this unique flavour.

Once they were properly grilled, Shiyu proceeded to enjoy her nibbles along with a little cup of sweet rice wine. She picked up another piece of grilled matsutake and said, “I can see that you still have feelings for her, wouldn’t it be better if you just apologise? Otherwise, the one who would be tormented would be yourself.”

Little couple fights like this could be solved easily, as long as one person gives in, all would be forgiven. Moreover, she could see that Feng Luo really liked that Meng Li girl.

“No! I’ve been the one who apologize every single time. No matter who was in the wrong, I have to coax her temper. This time, I want her to apologize for once.” Feng Luo’s face has turned red from the alcohol. However, he was still in control of his facilities, though his eyes were a little clouded, but she could tell that a part of him was alert for dangers. Moreover, his manners were quite impeccable.

Shiyu nodded, “It looks like she still has feelings for you, so I guess this misunderstanding should clear up soon.”

At this, Feng Luo laughed warmly, “I’ve already made up my mind to bring her to meet my parents. This trip to up Beast Mountain to find the Immortal Jade Petal Lotus. If I told the elders that it was found by her, even if we’re from different sects, my parents would definitely consent to our marriage.”

Shiyu immediately realized his meaning. So, the purpose of looking for the Immortal Jade Petal Lotus was for the sake of that Meng Li.

“Hah, then I wish you good luck.” Shiyu toasted him with her cup of rice wine, “Actually, I’ve decided to leave first, just give me an address where I could find you. I’ll look you up when I have the goods.”

“You want to leave? How come!” Feng Luo was incredulous. “A single girl travelling alone is too dangerous. I know the others give you a hard time, but travelling in a group is still the safest. Moreover, Liu Yi’s injury is almost healed up. By then, we could all travel a little faster and reached the Imperial Capital in a few more days.”

At Feng Luo’s words, Shiyu felt a sudden warmth in her chest. As expected, this guy’s kindness was the real deal! She thought for a while, since she only had to endure a few more days, it should be all right, right?

Finally, she nodded in agreement.

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The next day, the group was all packed up to go. Shiyu herself also left the upper floors of the inn, and was keeping a watchful eye on the people at the lobby. Feng Luo and Meng Li stood far away from each other, clearly haven’t reconciled yet.

“There’s only Little Yin and Fei Yue left, once they arrived, let’s go!” Feng Luo said to Shiyu.

Shiyu nodded, and did not say anything. She found that her body had been quite trembly and anxious lately, like she had too many cups of coffee at once. She wanted to quickly reach the Imperial Capital and find a doctor. Though this anxiousness did not hinder her cultivation, she was wondering if she had eaten a bad medicine or maybe even poisoned herself.

As they waited, the two late arrivals finally appeared. However, the Mo Yin that appeared in front of their eyes was slightly different.

A slight intake of breath, and she glance at Liu Yi, whose eyes wide with amazement.

“You’re Little Yin?” He said curiously.

Shiyu looked closely at Mo Yin again and finally realized what had so amazed him. Mo Yin, who had always run around in boy’s clothing like a wild animal was actually wearing women’s clothes today. She had to admit that the light blue dress suited her very well, and the hair that had always been tucked up in a serviceable bun was now allowed to graze her shoulders. The little face was highlighted with make-up and there was a shy maiden feel to her presence now.

No wonder Liu Yi was amazed.


[Gumihou: … so melodramatic, Feng Luo, it’s your lucky day to be rid of such a bitch. She can make some other man miserable one day.]



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