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Little Cooking Saint – 0033 – Charcoal Grill Matsutake (2)

Chapter 33 – Charcoal Grill Matsutake (2)

Translated by Gumihou

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Shiyu’s expression darkened, ans she sneered, “Are you calling me a beggar?”

“I never said such a thing.” Mo Yin shrugged her shoulders carelessly, the ridicule in her eyes obvious. “If the shoe fits.”

Shiyu calmly threw her cup of tea at her face. “Your mouth stinks, you should wash it out.”

Her action stunned the people around her, none of them thought that she would actually be so daring.

“Ah–!” However, after a short while, Mo Yin’s consciousness returned to her. She rubbed her tea covered face, grabbed her sword and rushed at Shiyu screaming, “You cheap slave! I’m going to kill you!”

Her opponent’s power was at Basic Level 8, if Shiyu really battled with her the one to suffer a loss would be her. Not everyone could be like Ling Fan who skips levels and win every fight against stronger opponents. She moved her body to closer to the open window. If the worst happened, she could still escape on the Cloud Beast.

Ranks aside, unless the opponent also has some flying capability, she would not be caught. If she really wanted to leave, these people won’t be able to stop her.

“Stop this!” Suddenly Feng Luo stepped up and slapped the sword away from Mo Yin’s hands. “You’re too excessive.”

“Me, excessive!?” Mo Yin’s voice pitched high into a shriek. “Did you not see her throw tea into my face? How dare you scold me for the sake of an outsider! Feng Luo, are you having an affair with that bitch!”

Feng Luo’s face darkened, “Mo Yin, if you dare say such things, I can’t promise not to beat up a girl!”

Mo Yin’s heart stuttered, she dared not say anything more.

She knew that Feng Luo was angry. Others who did not wish to offend Feng Luo pulled her back saying, “Feng Luo, you know that Little Yin has a straightforward nature, please don’t be angry.”

Liu Yi also spoke up, “Little Yin has always been straightforward, however, this time you’re in the wrong, Little Yin, you…”

He hadn’t finished his words when Mo Yin rushed at him with reddened eyes, “So you also think I’m in the wrong! I hate you!” with that, she ran off.

Once Mo Yin was gone, the others exchanged looks and immediately gave chase. The only ones left were a cold faced Feng Luo, a muddle headed Liu Yi and Shiyu who had quietly prepared to run away at the first sign of provocation.

However, since the matter turned out like this, she felt there was not need for her go anywhere. She calmly returned to her seat, and continued eating.

“I’m going to take a look, as well.” Liu Yi also left.

Shiyu gave his disappearing back a glance and told Feng Luo, “His injury is still not well yet. Also, I’ve been wondering about this, if he has feelings for this Mo Yin, why aren’t they together?” Having that Mo Yin giving her sour looks all day was not fun, if they were playing some lover’s games, minor jealous spats might be endearing, but this kind of blow ups were a huge pain.

Feng Luo hadn’t realized that Shiyu had deduced the situation between Liu Yi and Mo Yin so clearly. He could only sighed apologetically, “Beg your pardon, they weren’t like this in the past.”

“No need for pardons, I should thank you for speaking to me all this time.” Shiyu said. However, since she had no intention of getting tangled up in this matter, she changed the subject. “Surely you guys came to Beast Mountain for more than just fighting experience, right?”

This group of people were more or less at Basic Level 9 with Feng Luo being the strongest, having reached Elementary Level 1. If they were here to gain experience, they would have brought more weapons and have a rather murderous aura. However, she felt like these group of teenagers were more interested in sight seeing and having fun.

“They actually came with me to look for medicine.” Feng Luo nodded. “There are many kinds of herbs and medicinal plants in the Beast Mountain, in fact, certain types could only be found there. I’m looking for a specific type of herb.”

“What is it?” Shiyu started to show some interest in this conversation.

“The Immortal Jade Petal Lotus.”

“… …” What is this weird coincidence?

Shiyu put her chopsticks down and said, “That thing sounds expansive, rather than challenging a dangerous mountain, wouldn’t it be better to just buy it?”

“If only money could solve this.” Feng Luo gave a bitter smile. “The Immortal Jade Petal Lotus is different from other plants, though it could only grown on water, it seems to thrive on any kinds of water, whether stagnant or flowing. It could be in the middle of a large lake or a small marsh, without luck it’s almost impossible to encounter it.”

Shiyu nodded, it looked like her luck was really good.

“Do you need it urgently?” Shiyu tilted her head. “I may have a friend who has one.”

“Truly?” Feng Luo’s eyes filled with hope.

“Mm, is it something that looked like a lotus flower, but the petals are jade coloured, with a rather strong and sweet fragrance?”

“Yes!” Feng Luo suddenly stood up in excitement, “would your friend be willing to part with it? Our Feng Clan would not be stingy with our reward.”

Seeing him like this, Shiyu knew that this thing was very important to him, only, she still did not know what’s the use of this Immortal Jade Petal Lotus.

“It’s a deal, once we reach the Imperial Capital, I’ll go look for him.”

“Many thanks.” This was an unexpected gain for Feng Luo, though he had made this trip especially to looked for the Immortal Jade Petal Lotus, he had not pinned too much hope on this mission. Moreover, even if the entire Feng Clan were to pool their resources, success was not guaranteed.


As the two of them chatted together, Meng Li peeped from the edge of the door, her pretty face flushed with anger.


Some where else, Fei Yue was pointing a dramatically accusative finger at at Li Yue, “You’re really a lousy man who favours skirts over friends. You’ve known Mo Yin for a long time, and yet just watch from the side as she was bullied by others.”

Li Yue was unhappy, “What has this got to do with anything? Shiyu is my saviour, and yet I said nothing as you guys ganged up on her. Today, it was Mo Yin who hurt others with her words first. Though Shiyu overreacted with the tea, you think that absolves Mo Yin from everything?”

“So you’ve really been taken in by that fox demon?” Fei Yue snapped.

“What fox demon are you talking about, I’m telling you now, she belongs to me, so I’d thank all of you to leave her alone.”

The two persons’ quarrel reached Mo Yin’s ears.

“So you’ve fallen for her?”

“That has nothing to do with you!”

… …

From the time Shiyu was done with her dinner until bed time, she could still hear the voices those people condemning her.

The more unhappy they feel, the more gleeful she was!

The next afternoon, Shiyu went to to town to do some shopping. Spring has finally made its appearance, and there were lots of seasonal vegetables for sale. The most popular thing on sale now is the matsutake mushroom.

This matsutake is a type of mushroom that grows near pine trees. A popular product of Shanzhen. Once the snow melted, and the earth underneath softened, the matsutake mushrooms sprouts literally overnight. When the sun starts to glare down properly, the matsutake mushrooms will disappear without a trace.

Shiyu wordlessly bought up to 100 pounds of the mushrooms and sent the lot into her space, intending to slowly eat them later.

When she returned to the inn that night, she was fully prepared to leave this group of teenagers. She had joined this group with the intention of making friends and experience a lively atmosphere for a change. Only, this group had too drama and teenage angst going on, her adult mind couldn’t take it any longer.

In the end, while she was busy packing up her things, she accidentally saw Feng Luo quarrelling with that little girl friend of his. Moreover, the quarrel seemed quite intense…



[Gumihou: Why all the dog blood drama? Is dog meat on sale today?]




Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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