You are currently viewing Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 064 – You’ve Stabbed Me in My Heart, Friend!

Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 064 – You’ve Stabbed Me in My Heart, Friend!

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 64 – You’ve Stabbed My Heart, Friend!


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“Brother, you… are you all right?”

Ye Weilin yawned as she looked at Luo Xiu.

When she heard him say they were going to breakfast at Infusion, she was shocked to full wakefulness.

Infusion Ink Restaurant was the largest big restaurant in Snow City.

With Zhao Tianzong in the kitchen, though he may be the lowest in terms of discipleship, with the backing of the Ultimate Food Sect, his cooking skill still ranked higher than most ordinary people.

With a Great Chef like him around, the formerly tiny restaurant suddenly evolved to stand head and shoulders above the rest of them.

It could be said that this Zhao Tianzong was indispensable to this restaurant.

In short, this Zhao Tianzong and Infusion Ink Restaurant were dependent of each other.

Now, however, the best restaurant in Snow City was their Nine Gates Restaurant…so why did her idiot brother wanted to eat breakfast there?!

More importantly — had he forgotten the relationship between himself and Infusion Ink?

They were the ones who had pushed you to the brink of death, ah!

“You…you can’t go!”

Ye Weilan refused to let Luo Xiu set foot outside the door. Brother and sister were in the middle of some bodily tug-of-war when-

[Boom! Boom! Boom!]

It was the sound of someone knocking at the door. “Manager Luo, please open the door… it’s me, Wang Zhe!”


Luo Xiu and Ye Weilan separated themselves from the their tug-of-war battle..

“Wang Zhe?”

Just what was that guy doing so early here, didn’t Wang Xi said he was busy cultivating?

Still a little suspicious, Luo Xiu opened the main door of the Nine Gates Restaurant.


Wang Zhe jumped in like an escaped monkey, “Quick, quick, make some of those mantou for me… and- and cake!”

“That’s right, there’s that deep fried thing… that one too!”

This guy had just entered their main door and was making such a racket. If he didn’t know better, he would have thought this poor guy had been starving for days.


Luo Xiu was really amused, this brat… was completely different compared to that dignified, composed person from before.

“I sneaked out, my dad wanted to me just cultivate at home…I heard from Brother Nie that you’ve made some mantous that actually helped my dad breakthrough, ah!?”

“You rascal, so you finally showed your true colours. Ah!”

Wang Zhe looked Luo Xiu up and down with eyes that were filled with unnatural passion and heat.

Yesterday, when Wang Xi came back, Wang Zhe immediately noticed that there was something not quite right. Father’s face was beaming with a rare happiness that he have not seen for years.

After witnessing that he had cornered Nie Ji and forced him to cough up the explanations for the events that happened yesterday.

In short, Wang Zhe’s attitude towards Luo Xiu could be explained in one word, worshipful!

To think that an ordinary person could actually produce spiritual food!

Moreover, not just any old spiritual food, but Dark Class food that actually boosted father’s level from low to mid level Divine Chef… the way Ni Jie had described it, complete with hand gestures, sound effects and flowery words, Wang Zhe found himself drooling by the end of that exciting explanation.

In the end, Wang Xi had allowed Wang Zhe some the Bai Luo mantou, and this brat actually chomped down 5 whole mantou in one go, breaking through a few acupoints immediately!

“It was too delicious… Manager Luo, really, it was the first time I ate such delicious floured products!”

“And here I am!”

Wang Zhe declared, which made Luo Xiu half amused and half shocked, not sure whether to cry or not.

Where was the dignity of a divine chef!?

“You really want to eat?”

Luo Xiu asked, looking at Wang Zhe.

“What nonsense, if not to eat why would I turn up here so early?”

Wang Zhe fished out a handful of bright spiritual crystals, “I collected these over some time, even if I can’t eat all I want, I should still be able to afford a meal,”

This guy sighed a little wretchedly as he said this. Was he trying to get Luo Xiu to pity him?

“Fine, if you want to eat, fine. But… you must do something for me first!” Luo Xiu really wanted to go to Infusion Ink for a meal, but since this Wang Zhe appeared, his original purposeful movements have faltered.

That Zhao Tianzong is a Great Chef, no doubt about it, but right now… before his eyes was a newly ascended Divine Chef.

A Divine Chef, isn’t a Divine Chef better than a Great Chef?

Isn’t it better to make Wang Zhe cook a meal for him instead of going to Infusion Ink?

After some thought, Luo Xiu immediately said, “Make me some of your best dishes, and I’ll treat you to something special.”

“Eh? Me?”

Wang Zhe’s eyes were wide, then he desperately shook his head, “I… I can’t do it!”

“Why not?” Luo Xiu frowned.

“Don’t you know?”

Wang Zhe looked flabbergasted, Luo Xiu was beginning to get irritated, “What should I know?!”

“Kitchen Xiuzhen could not just randomly make food.”

After saying this, Wang Zhe’s ‘I am a Kitchen Xiuzhen who do not randomly cook for stranger’s expression’ returned to his face.

“That’s too bad, then I’m afraid Bai Luo mantou, cake, as well as that tempura… is all out of stock!”

Luo Xiu gave a ‘what could I do’ shrug, which made Wang Zhe desperate, dropping his dignified face at once. “Manager Luo, you can’t do this, ah! If father knows I’ve been cooking outside, he’ll probably beat me to death…”

“So serious? Didn’t I cook every day in front of everyone?”

“That’s different!” Wang Zhe scratched his head, “because, you’re… not a Kitchen Xiuzhen…”

You’ve stabbed my heart, friend!

Luo Xiu made a little cough, “If you do not wish to cook, then neither do I.”

Little brat, think you can just make use of me?

In his past life, he’d met plenty of people just like this at the Luo family restaurant.

“Sister, close the door!”

Since Wang Zhe just stood there like a piece of wood, Luo Xiu ordered Ye Weilan into action.

To her credit, Ye Weilan was only stunned for a little while before moving to comply.

It was than that Wang Zhe finally moved.

“Manager Luo, you’re serious?”

Wang Zhe gritted his teeth, before saying with great dignity, “In truth… if you wish to learn those kinds of dishes, you may implore my father for them. He owed you one, with your talent, once you’ve past the Spiritual Evaluation I’m sure all you have to do is say the word and he’d take you in.”


Luo Xiu tilted his head, he was staring at Wang Zhe with a rather flabbergasted expression, “You… could it be that you thought I want to steal your recipes?”

“Aren’t you?”

“… …”

Luo Xiu almost spit up blood.

“I just want to taste spiritual cooking done by a Divine Chef, I’ve just managed to recover my sense of taste!”

Luo Xiu spoke each word as clearly as he could.

This brat… just what was wrong with his head?


Ye Weilan suddenly cried out, her brother’s sense of taste… has recovered?!

“Bro– you?”

Ye Weilan’s expression was very emotional.

“En, it’s all recovered.”

Luo Xiu smiled slightly as Ye Weilan danced around, clapping her hands before leaping into Luo Xiu’s arms like a little girl, “Wah! That’s too awesome, brother… really? Truly?”

The girl’s dark eyes were very bright, like brilliant jewels.

Luo Xiu nodded seriously, Ye Weilan suddenly started to tear up.

They were tears of happiness.

Wang Zhe stood on the side, a little stunned, “You… you want to eat my cooking?”


Luo Xiu was a little cross, “You just relax, you may even seal up the kitchen. I promise not to peek… I just want see what spiritual food tasted like.”

“Didn’t you just made spiritual food yesterday?”

Wang Zhe muttered in a low voice.

“How could that be the same?”

“Just what’s so different about it?”

Wang Zhe felt a little depressed, this fellow already knew how to make spiritual food, why did he still want to eat my food?!

Moreover… whatever he made may not even be as delicious as Luo Xiu’s!

Oh, it’s not may not be, it’s definitely!

Definitely not as delicious as Luo Xiu’s, ah!

He knew his own strengths and limitations, moreover… Dark Class spiritual food, was not something that Wang Zhe could make now.

“Don’t think too deeply, I just want to try something different. I don’t have any intention of belittling your cooking… moreover, I have no interest in a Divine Chef’s recipes!”

“If Divine Chef Wang found out that I know his recipes he’d be upset, wouldn’t he?”

Luo Xiu could see Wang Zhe hesitate, and could more or less guess what he was thinking.

“V… very well,”

Wang Zhe gave Luo Xiu another look, no matter how he thought about it, this guy probably was just interested in trying his cooking.

This person was just… too weird.

Still carrying doubts in his heart, Wang Zhe went to the kitchen, and locked the doors almost as an after thought.

After about half a shichen, or one hour, Wang Zhe finally opened the kitchen door his creation hanging off one hand, four beams of light shining out of it.

That’s right, hanging off one hand!



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