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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0075 – Promote Weight Loss

Chapter 75 – Eating [Juicy Burger] Will Promote Weight Loss?


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Mike took out two [Juicy Burgers] he had prepared earlier to Harrison, the next batch of bread was just baking. There was no way he could dish out all the orders at once since the bread needs time to bake.

Naturally, [Juicy Burgers] tasted best when hot, while the meat was still juicy, the bread still crisp and warm and not yet soggy from the meat juice. Therefore, though everyone ordered [Juicy Burger] at the same time, Mike could only send them out in batches, naturally it’s first order first serve.

“Please enjoy,” Mike smiled and nodded at his customers before returning to the kitchen. Customers who had ordered [Yangzhou Fried Rice] had been waiting for a while now.

“This fragrance!” The fatty in red was sitting just opposite of Harrison, his eyes staring unwaveringly at the [Juicy Burgers] in both of Harrison’s hands. He looked expectantly at Harrison, “Hey, Harrison, let me have a bite, ba!”

“Me too, I want a bite too!” The fatty in green also stuck his head over, looking at the meat wrapped up in pure white bread that could help him lose weight, his hunger at its peak.

“No way.” Harrison shook his head vehemently. If it had been anything else, he might have been willing to share, but not the [Juicy Burger]!

He’d already missed out on eating [Juicy Burger] this morning and had to wait until now for it. Though the [Yangzhou Fried Rice] was not bad, it did not give the same satisfaction as [Juicy Burger]. Seeing those eyes staring desperately at his direction, he laughed and said, “You guys just wait for your own portions, ba. I’ll eat first.”

“Is it really that delicious?” Everyone around him thought curiously.

Harrison had always been good natured, whenever they all eat out together, if his portion came first, he’ll happily share it out with them. However, today he refused to let them have even a tiny nibble. This really kicked up their expectations.

Harrison raised the [Juicy Burger] inn his right hand and took a hearty bite, the  toothsome feel of the meat, the sweet bread and meat juice rolled on his tongue causing a smile to bloom naturally on his face. The feeling he was experiencing now was blessed, blessed happiness.

[Gu lu]

The stares from the people around him intensified, that sheer happiness on his face was making them swallow hard, their Adam’s apple bobbed in unison.

Though they could not taste the food on their own tongues, Harrison’s smile of happiness told its own story well enough.

Once he swallowed the [Juicy Burger], Harrison’s body shuddered as though a mild electric shock just went through him. Next thing they knew, the fat on his body started to vibrate slightly as the blood sped up in his veins. Sweat broke out on his face, but instead of being worried the expression on Harrison’s face grew more joyful. Another large bite, and his body trembled even more.

“Could this be the fat loss effect?” One of his companion asked out loud, looking stunned. When Harrison told them about this delicious weight loss food, none of could quite believe him. However, seeing what was happening now made that outrageous claim seemed likely.

Customers from seated nearby also noticed Harrison’s vibrating body, with some astonishment they looked at the [Juicy Burger] his hand, and took another look at the ones in their hands. There were no visible difference between their [Juicy Burgers] but why was it that they only felt a slight agitation to the blood in their veins compared to Harrison’s dramatic trembling?

His friends all watched helplessly as Harrison polished off one [Juicy Burger], after countless litres of saliva had been swallowed, Mike finally appeared with 5 [Juicy Burgers] on a tray. Each fatty now has a burger in had, as foodie companions who had eaten more than 100 catty[1] of food together, they could be said to be true friends, and thus none of them bothered to mind their manners with each other.

“Ugly Duckling, look closely. When all 6 melon uncles start to vibrate together, it would be quite a show.” Amy hugged Ugly Duckling, eyes widening in anticipation, nearly squeezing Ugly Duckling in her arms.

Mike had been making his way to the kitchen slowed his steps near the entrance, he could not resist the urge to turn back and look. It’s rare to have 6 customers with similar round body size come together like this, the crucial point of course, was that they were all holding a [Juicy Burger] in hand.

All 6 contemplated the [Juicy Burger] in their hands. The bread part of the burger was actually a whole bun with a slit on the side where lean and fatty mince meat were stuffed in. Though they have eaten many kinds of things within the City of Sin, this was the first time they saw this kind of food. These hungry people, who had been teased to death by Harrison’s terrible eating habit and the thick smell of cooking meat all day, could finally raise their own [Juicy Burgers] to their mouth and take a bite.

Harrison, who had just polished off one burger, smiled at them. Once they tasted this wondrous thing, they would definitely fall in love with the taste. At the end of that thought, he brought the second burger to his lips and bit down.


6 voices chorused together, though it was not terribly loud, but thanks to their unusually synchronized voice, majority of the customers could not help themselves as they looked over.

Customers who had eaten the [Juicy Burger] before knew that people who experience their very first bite would inevitably let out some weird sounds. This was some thing quite uncontrollable as the body cried out its joy after encountering such wondrous deliciousness.

Thus, not a single expression of disgust was directed at them, in fact more than a few watched them with indulgent smiles, and some even ate their meal with better appetite.

However, the indulgent smiling mouths soon dropped opened in shock.

All 6 [Juicy Burger] eating customers started to vibrate. To be more precise, the fat on their body began to tremble. Starting from their ankles, the minute vibration travelled up their thigh, very soon their bellies started to shake, then their necks, it was like watching a wave rumbling all across their bodies. Looking at these 6 trembling fatties was kind of like watching the wave rolling across the sea on a beach.

Everyone wanted to laugh, but felt bad doing so, and therefore could only suppress this desire as they watch the wave rippling across skin. Somehow, they couldn’t make themselves look away from this strange phenomenon.

A squinty eyed man’s face completely red from the effort of holding back, if he wasn’t afraid of the being noticed by the fatties, he would have long since rolled on the floor laughing his head off.

“How fun, how fun!” Amy happily clapped her little hands, this was the funniest thing she had ever seen. All the soft and fleshy uncles sitting there with their trembly fat, it was just too funny.

“Miao~” Ugly Duckling covered its eyes with its little paws, these guys were just too scary looking.

“This sight sure beats my imagination…” Mike also could not help his grin as he hurried towards the kitchen. He still had to make 10 more [Juicy Burgers] for these fine gentlemen. The effects of the [Juicy Burger] was very obvious on obese customers, once word got out on this, he’ll be able to attract a unique clientèle made up of certain types of foodies.

As for the trembling ones, they did not care about other people’s opinions. each and everyone of them were completely immersed within the experience of delicious [Juicy Burger]. Even as their bodies sweated and their fat trembled, the true joy of eating delicious food remained the utmost importance.

François slowly put down the bag in his hand with an expression of unwillingness to comment, “To be able to eat delicious food and loose weight! This kind of miracle food, only the gods could create, ba?”

“Boss Mike is a true genius.” Harrison nodded his head fervently, with two [Juicy Burgers] in his stomach, he was already seven-tenths full, one more should do it.

“[Juicy Burgers] could help in weight loss?” When the rest of the customers heard this, their eyes brightened. Who did not have an overweight friend or two who loves to eat, ah. If this was true, they should definitely bring those friend over to try it out.




[1] catty – about 500 grams






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