Fine Food Broadcaster – 0023 – God Level

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0023 – God Level

Chapter 23: God Level


Eat the World had just answered Gluttony’s question. He immediately typed out a price tag — HX$2,000.

[I’m going to treat this world as an isekai with HX$, or Hua Xia $, as the local currency]

This super elite high price tag sent most of the people into a frenzy.

I Am A Foodie sent out an ‘I agree’ emoji, “The value of a unique gourmet food can’t be measured by money. Those who wish to eat these kinds of food could only depend on fate to their way. The ingredients used to make this cola tofu are rare and precious items. In fact, I would say that HX$2,000 is quite cheap, if this is served at a 5 star restaurant, the price would have at least doubled the amount.”

“What? F… 4,000?”

“Oh my, HX$4,000 just for a plate of tofu? I Am A Foodie, you’re just teasing us, ba?”

“That’s right, though the ingredients for this tofu are high quality stuff, it can’t actually be that expensive.”

Most of the people were rather frightened by the price given by Eat the World and I Am A Foodie, because the prices really was quite outrageous 3,000 or 4,000 just for a plate of tofu, were those things made out of gold?

Eat the World, “Like what Foodie said, there are quite a lot of gourmet food out there that can’t be bought with mere money.”

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, I’m so moved, this laoze is looking at the birth of a plate of tofu costing three or four thousand Hua Xia $.”

“That’s too much, ba, I just can’t wrap my mind around it, ah.”

“This thing has gone beyond rich man’s food, this is god level food, ah.”

“Brothers, what do you say? This broadcaster is the real deal, ah. For the sake of our entertainment, he had taken out top class ingredients, shall we?”


“Swipe a plane, no regrets.”

“Two sports car to follow.”

“Candy, candy, lollipops, this laoze will block all your planes and sports cars with a hail of candies and lollipops.”

In an instant, the broadcast room was once more covered in gift items of all kinds.

At this point, Ye Fei’s cola tofu has entered critical stage.


Cola Tofu, though cola was a supplementary ingredient, the fact that it was attached to the name of the dish represents the importance of cola in this dish.

Right now, Ye Fei has just completed all the previous steps and was about to introduce cola to the dish.

Ye Fei took out a white wine bottle that looked like it was made from porcelain from the storage box. There were no decorative patterns on the white surface, no birds, flowers or insects. This lack of decorations made the only thing on the surface more obvious, a single word in bright red ink — Cola

None of them have ever seen this kind of cola, however, considering the other ingredients used by Ye Fei, the origin of this bottle of cola would not be simple.

As expected, when Ye Fei took out the bottle of Cola, he began to give a short introduction, “This is Wan Shi Cola, produced by a cola manufacturer owned by the Wan Shi Group. This bottle of Cola is part of their special limited collection — the market is HX$500 per bottle.”

“F*** me, 500 for a bottle of cola? Did it come from a holy spring?”

“Using HX$500 cola to cook tofu? Your mom, isn’t this the work of a loser?”

“What loser you f***, think with your head. Just what kind of background did that plate of tofu and oil has? That bottle of cola is a minor among big leagues.”

“Aiyo, my chest, the pain. To think that HX$500 is being used like mere spring water here.”

Ye Fei did not pay attention to the people chattering among themselves in the live broadcast. After his introduction, he poured the entire bottle of cola into the pot. After cooking it over a low fire for a minute or so, he threw in some star anise, cinnamon etc, and then increased the fire.

Three minutes later, Ye Fei turned off the fire, and smiled up at the ceiling. “Friends, the Cola Tofu is now complete, now, it is time for us to witness a miracle.”

Everyone held their breath, they all stared at the screen, specifically, they were all staring at the Ye Fei’s pot. Everyone wanted to know just what kind of Cola Tofu Ye Fei had created.

Ye Fei also did not drag out the time, he removed the lid and set it aside. Then, he took out a large plate, and set it next to the pot. With an audible [hua la] everything in the pot came tumbling out.

Everyone, “… …”

Watching how roughly Ye Fei treat this dish worth literally thousands of dollars made these people shoot flames from their eyes. They hated that they could not just jump through the screen and tear Ye Fei to shreds, can’t you be more gentle?

“Thug, you’re a horrible thug, ah.”

“Simple mind in a strong body.”

“Be careful, you better be f*****g careful with my Cola Tofu, ah.”

Eat the World screeched down the mike, “Ye Fei, if you put down that pot carefully, we’re still friend!”

Gluttony sent up a long line of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While the people were going crazy in the background, Ye Fei replaced the pot onto the stove and stood back, the plate of cola tofu now in full view as the cameras recorded it  from above.

Looking at this plate of cola tofu, the people who had been filled with indignation suddenly grew silent. If these people were gathered there in person, the situation would have been quite humorous. Because right now, every single person staring at their screen had their mouths dropped open wide enough to stuff two duck’s eggs in, eyes bulging out in surprise.

“This… is cola tofu?”

“Oh, father in heaven, how did tofu turn out like this?”

“Broadcaster, tell me your address, this laoze will buy your plate of tofu for HK$5,000.”

“Move aside HK$5,000, I bid HK$8,000, no more.”

“If you’re really selling that, would this broadcaster comrade please name a price!”

Crazy, the after the quiet before the storm, another tornado of insanity swept through. People were yelling out prices as though this was an auction house, throwing their bids recklessly to grab this cola tofu.

Great rich man I Am A Foodie gate a bitter smile, “This is actually a form of torture.”

Eat the World also gave a bitter smile, “I really did not expect that Cola Tofu made with Spring Snow tofu would turn out like this. How could such a dish exist in this world?”

Gluttony, “It’s over, I have lost interest in all other food, I only have eyes for this plate of tofu.”

Ye Fei, who could only hear Eat the World’s voice, smiled. Then he carried the plate of Cola Tofu away from the kitchen to place it in front of the computer.

With this, everyone got an even better look at this plate of Cola Tofu.

The cubes of tofu on this plate, though it had been lightly sautéed with rose oil, the sides had not turn yellow. In fact, the colour was still pure white and tender looking, with an added shine that looked like a layer of milky white crystal had formed over the individual tofu cubes.

Right now, after Ye Fei had placed the plate of tofu in front of the tofu, the layer of milky crystal surface gradually change. The milky colour getting darker, and darker until it achieved the glossy dark brown typical of cola. The dark brown itself was kind of sparkly, like stained glass rather than dye.

“This colour… it’s like the colour is seeping out of the tofu.” With eyes sharper than a thief, Eat the World commented in disbelief.

“What? The colour came from inside? How could it be possible? He added the cola last, that means the colour could only come from outside, how could the colour come from within?”

“It’s obvious, ah. The cola has completely soaked into the tofu, when the surface temperature of the tofu is cooler than the inside, the cola starts to appear. Only, how is this thing done?”

“Deity Ye is a true deity, ah.”

“That’s right, this is clearly a godly creation.”

That herd of people had been shaken to foolishness. As people who love food to the point of idiocy, this was almost like seeing the holy grail. Since the plate was stain free, this means the tofu must have sucked up every drop of the cola. Anyone who eats this tofu would be able to enjoy two separate flavours together, the wonderful pure taste of tofu and the sweet fragrance of cola, what a rare and unique gourmet food.

[Shua shua shua~~]

While the others were still staring dazedly at the screen, three luxury planes flew by.

“I am speechless by this miracle, please accept these planes as a symbol of respect from me.”

Everyone’s eyes quickly went to the name of the person who had so casually sent these planes, as expected, it was that rich guy I Am A Foodie again.

The whole audience was fired up again, plane, planes again, moreover, three planes in one go. That’s HX$15,000, ah. This I Am A Foodie is beyond grand.

However, while the others were still writhing over a rich man’s casual spending, two more planes flew elegantly across the screen, this time sent by Eat the World.

Everyone, “… …”

Your mom, ah, just what kind of performance was this? Planes, all planes, ah. Since when planes became a common reward item? One plane cost HX$5,000 you know, and here you guys just chuck in 10,0000 or 20,000 like it’s pocket change, just how rich are you guys?

With I Am A Foodie and Eat the World in the lead, another storm of rewards came again.

Flowers, claps, lollipops fell like rain, bicycles, electric cars, sports cars zoomed past the screens as though people were watching some kind of strange race being held in a shower of candy and flowers…

Occasionally, a random plane will swish through the screen, just for variety.

Watching his screen covered in reward, Ye Fei almost floated to the heavens with happiness. Rich, I’m really rich, the rewards for this broadcast has gone beyond even his greatest imagination.

“Many thanks to my wonderful comrades, I, Ye Fei will not leave in despair. Right now I shall eat this Cola Tofu, therefore feel free to cheer me on, and let the rewards continue, alright?!”

After saying this, Ye Fei picked up a cube of Cola Tofu and lightly took a bite, and chewed delicately.

However, after a few bites, he showed the bitten part of the tofu to the camera, allowing it to take a close up shot.

Once the audience saw the close up, an uproar rang out. Again.




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