Fine Food Broadcaster – 0022 – Perfect Match

Chapter 22: The Perfect Match

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Kirindas: Thanks for the comment, I’m still trying to pin down this Ye Fei’s character, not too impressed by him, but I can see why the author picked this set of characteristic.

Feng Tian Lai was feeling gloomy. Because the newcomer he had so enthusiastically and optimistically promoted, this Ye Fei, had actually turned around and played such a big joke on him. The broadcasting time was already within sight, but this clown still did not know what he was going to do, you’re definitely a cheater, ah.

Thus, as time ticked closer and closer to 12:20 pm, Feng Tian Lai could not bring himself to look at Ye Fei’s broadcast. He was currently leaning back on his chair, one hand covering his forehead, letting out a mighty sigh now and then.

“Irresponsible, too irresponsible, ah. To think that I, Feng Tian Lai would be cast into the pit by a new comer like this, from now onwards the Fine Food Section will be the laughing stock of the entire platform, ah.”

“It’s time, who knows whether that Ye Chui had started his broadcasting. Just what is he doing now?”

“Who cares, I’m not going to look at it, there’s no need to watch a poorly prepared live broadcast. Just watching it would stress me out even more. I should be more careful in the future. Any new comers, no matter how much potential, I must check them out seriously before making any decisions.”

While Feng Tian Lai was wallowing in his misery, a sudden knock came from the outside.

“Manager, it’s bad, it’s really, really bad.”

Feng Tian Lai frowned, he glared at Liu Ping, “What’s with all that yelling? The sky hasn’t fallen in yet, you’re an adult, can’t you be more dignified?”

Liu Ping said loudly, “Manager, I really can’t… you just come over, ba. That Ye Chui… that Ye Chui, he…”

When this character got excited, he would start to stutter and became hard to understand. He had turned red all the way to his neck.

Feng Tian Lai squashed himself against his chair like an upset cat, before finally leaping up, “What’s with that Ye Fei? Did he mess up his broadcast? I knew it, I knew this would happen, not bothering with any kind of preparation, it would be miraculous if his broadcast didn’t go wrong. Fine, forget it, what’s done is done, we’ll just wait for the rest of the platform to make fun of us.”

Liu Ping was waving his hands wildly, shaking his head, “Manager, no, no, Ye Fei broke the record again, oh my ancestors, it’s a big, big, huge record, ah.”

“What? Say that again!” This time, Feng Tian Lai was like cat pouncing on a mouse, his body leaping over to Liu Ping, fingers spread out like claws as he grabbed Liu Ping’s wrists.

The captured Liu Ping winced in pain, and quickly try to wrench his arms away. “Manager, you’ll have to let go, it’s too painful.”

Feng Tian Lai quickly let go of Liu Ping, he said soothingly, “No need to hurry, speak slowly, you said broke the record again? Moreover a very, very big record, just what is going on?”

Liu Ping said, “Manager, I really can’t explain this, it’s better you just see it with your own eyes, ba.”

Feng Tian Lai returned to his chair, in a short time he had Ye Fei’s broadcast up on his screen, the moment he took a look at the numbers of people in Ye Fei’s broadcasting area, he sucked in a breath.

“The f***, over 25,000 people already? What’s with this incredible number? Just from the speed in which his audiences increases is already a record. The first broadcast only has a few dozen people, to break the 20,000 limit in just the second broadcast is too amazing.”

Liu ping laughed, “Haha, manager, you’re looking at the wrong number. What I really want you to see is not the audience, look at the rewards, the rewards, ah! Quickly look at Ye Fei’s reward.”

Feng Tian Lian made an ‘en’ sound and clicked on the statistics recording link and found the line that listed Ye Fei’s activities. This was a special page that showed a summary of all the active broadcasters’ statistics.

When his eyes finally registered the total number of reward items in Ye Fei’s basket, Feng Tian Lai almost went crazy.

“My… my heavenly god, this… is this real? Was there something wrong with the system?” Feng Tian Lai really could not believe his eyes as he started to mutter to himself.

Liu Ping banged the table emotionally, “Manager, your eyes are fine. This Ye Fei, barely 10 minutes into his broadcast, the total reward collected clocked above $55,000.”

Feng Tian Lai cast a sideways glanced at Liu Ping, “What was that? Above $55,000?”

Liu Ping nodded, looking like a chicken pecking busily at grains.

Feng Tian Lian turned his laptop around to face Liu Ping, “But, how come I am now looking at $63,000?”

Liu Ping, “… your mom, it went up again? Aiyo, I just take my eyes away for a moment and it went up this much? In just a blink of an eye it went up by $10,000, this kind of rise, even a rocket would lose, ah.”

Feng Tian Lai started laughing heartily, tears streaming out of his eyes. He banged a fist on the table, “Good, this is very good, excellent. Ye Fei is truly Ye Fei, looks like, I, Feng Tian Lai really did have a good eye for talent, ah. Haha.”

Liu Ping immediately took the chance to flatter his boss, “Manager’s instincts for people is really on point, too awesome.”

Feng Tian Lai grew even happier, however, in front of a subordinate he still had to show some restraint. Thus, he waved his hand casually, saying, “Very well, you may leave. Remember to pay attention to Ye Fei’s live broadcast. Let other people look after Iron Stomach’s broadcast. If that Iron Stomach could also do well today it will be good day for the Fine Food Sections and we can finally lose the title of being the prince of last place.”

Liu Ping gave a little hei-hei laugh and ran off.

Ye Fei came to the kitchen and looked at the Spring Snow Tofu on the cutting board. He took a deep breath to calm himself. Once his sense of serenity has been restored, he picked up a narrow knife and began to cut the tofu into perfect 1 centimetre squares before dropping the tender cubes into into a porcelain bowl. Following the [System’s] instructions, he scattered some salt over the bowl and let it sit.

After that, he took out the other ingredients. These were all foodstuff supplied by the [System]. He picked through the ingredients according to his own estimation of what would work with this recipe. Then, he started cutting up some ginger, shallots, and red chillies to pieces. This way the prep work for the cola tofu was done.

Next, Ye Fei took out a flat bottom pan, and splashed a bit of rose oil on it. Once the oil warmed up, Ye Fei picked up the bowl of tofu and carefully poured the little cubes into the pan.

The tofu cubes made little [chi la] sounds as soon as they hit the oil. Immediately, the entire room was filled with a gentle fragrance.

Ye Fei breathed in deeply, and…his stomach gave a very audible grumble.

“Must you smell so good? This laoze[1] only just started, it’s just a bit of fragrance and this stomach just can’t control itself.”

In fact, he wasn’t the only one who could not stand it any more. Most of the people in the broadcasting room could not resist their hunger. The last time Ye Fei had used the rose oil to cook his potato strands, and left a huge impression on Eat the World, Gluttony and I Am A Foodie. Thus, when the rose oil made its appearance, they all screamed out in great excitement.

“F*** me, the rose oil again?”

“Extravagant, too extravagant, ah. He cooked potatoes with rose oil yesterday, and it’s tofu today.”

“I want to eat it, I really want to eat it, ah. I’ve never eaten anything made with such luxurious ingredients.”

“This laoze wants to eat his tofu, en, that’s right, what I want is his tofu[2].”

It was at this point that I AM a Foodie sent out a message, “If you had used the rose oil to cook anything else, it would have been quite wasteful. However, to use such a luxurious oil for such a top grade tofu, this could only be considered a perfect match. Only a top grade oil could retain the pure and clear fragrance of the Spring Snow Tofu, other oils would just smother this tofu’s unique fragrance,”

Eat the World agreed, “Yes, it looked this Ye Fei is not only extravagant, but he’s also someone who knew how to properly appreciate gourmet food.”

Gluttony, “So, just how much would this cola tofu cost, you guys?”

Eat the World immediately gave his answer, when the others saw the numbers, they almost went insane.

[1] laoze – a rather grand way to refer oneself

[2] eat his tofu – euphemism for kissing


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