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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0074 – Not Quite as Cute

Chapter 74 – Possibly, They Were Not Quite as Cute


Ugly Duckling poked its head out from Amy’s arms, it’s eyes widen, this was the first time it saw so many fatties. Curiosity filled its eyes.

Mike who was just bringing out four [Juicy Burger] were also a little surprised. When he heard that Harrison was planning to bring friends over, he never thought that guy would immediately bring five of them over the next day.

However, these did not looked like ordinary customers. A sudden image flashed in Mike’s mind, of all six fatties joyfully eating [Juicy Burgers] their fats vibrating…

The image was too likely, Mike was a little afraid of imagining it.

However, he could not be unhappy about welcoming five newcomers.

“Boss Mike, I want three [Juicy Burgers].” Harrison immediately picked out his seat and spoke familiarly with Mike. Ever since that first time he ate [Juicy Burger] for the first time, he had had his three meals here for the past two days. He had woken up late today and knew he would not be able to eat [Juicy Burger] in the morning, so he had rallied his friends together and gotten here early for lunch.

“Very well, please way awhile.” Mike nodded and made for the kitchen.

They split into two groups, three person to a table and sat down.

“It smells so good, ah!” The fatty in yellow said, unable to resist the urge to swallow. He looked around, trying to determine the source of the smell.

“That’s right, what’s this [Juicy Burger], why is it so fragrant?” Delicious smells permeated the air, making everyone’s mouth water. They all stared at Harrison questioningly, this smell of grilled meat was just too irresistible.

However, their eyes were soon drawn towards the squinty eyed man seated on the next table, or more like, the thing held in his hand. The seductive smell of cooked meat floated from the sandwich tucked inside a paper packet. As they watched, the squinty eyed man brought the [Juicy Burger] to his face lips, mouth opened wide, strong teeth chomped down, cutting through the white bread and meat. Meat juice stained the corner of his lips as he chewed very slowly, cheeks bulging, squinty eyes turned into half moons before finally swallowing.

“Gu lu~” Almost as one, they swallowed.

“What is that?”

“I want that one!”

All heads turned to Harrison with some desperation urgency, for true foodies, watching other people eat delicious food without getting any was pure torture.

“That’s the legendary [Juicy Burger], my gourmet recommendation.” Harrison said with a calm face, clearly enjoying their looks. He was bursting with joy in his heart, he liked looking at the inexperienced ‘country bumpkin’ expression on their faces.

“Boss, I want three [Juicy Burger] as well!”

“I want three as well,”

“Me too, I want three!”

The moment Harrison was done with his explanation, hands shot to the air as they pelted their orders. Since their appetites were similar to Harrison’s they followed his number of order as well.

“Very well, please wait awhile.” Mike was carrying out a plate of [Yangzhou Fried Rice], after placing it in front of a customer he spun round and went back to the kitchen, on busy times like this he was no different from a spinning top.

“What’s that colourful looking thing? It looks really good.” A fatty in red stared at the plate of [Yangzhou Fried Rice] with curiosity.

“That’s rainbow rice, oh. It’s super delicious.” Amy, who had been sitting near the counter, piped up. She had been staring at the two tables of Melon Troops curiously.

“En?” Everyone looked towards the counter and saw a little girl with a strangely coloured kitten in her arms. The really cute Amy was staring back with wide, sparkling eyes. At first glance, they could tell that she was a half blood, but had to admit that most full-blooded elves were not quite as cute as she was.

“That’s the boss’ daughter…” Harrison whispered under his hand.

He had already seen Amy threw a fireball at a lave demon this morning, and managed to hurt it enough to be acknowledged. Though she looks cute and delicate, this thing was clearly a little magic user, ah.

“Such a cute little girl, how could you ever say that she’s scary. Clearly those beastmen and demons were just overwhelmed by her cuteness just willingly let things go.” The fatty in blue waved his hand dismissively, totally no believing that there Amy was at all scary.

“That’s right, that’s right, furthermore I’ve never seen such a cute little girl.” The fatty in red next to him nodded in agreement.

“Fine, think whatever you like.” Harrison just raised his hands in defeat, a little headache creeping on him. Clearly it would not be easy to get them to believe that Amy was a scary creature.

“Little Boss, at your recommendation, one portion of the super delicious rainbow rice, ba.” The fatty in blue gave a small chuckle as he spoke to Amy. Jacques François was a little older than the rest. His family owned several metal work business and right now he was in charged of two. However, most of the time he was quite free and would would wile his time away with Harrison and the rest.

However, unlike them, he already had a wife and three children. The eldest was five years old.

Jacques really wanted a cute little girl as all three of his children were boys with a fourth child on the way. His wife already told him that if this fourth one was a boy, he should get a concubine. This was going to be the last one for her, she was not going to keep having children for him.

Naturally, he did not dare to actually get a concubine. Those were words said in a temper by his wife, while holding a pair of sharp scissors behind her back. If it weren’t for his sharp eyes, he may be missing a body part in the future.

In the midst of this conflicting times, he could only admire and praise little girls from other families. After seeing Amy, he grew envious of Mike, how fortunate it was to have such a lovely little daughter.

“Okay,” Amy nodded and stuck her head into the kitchen to yell, “Daddy dearest, that Blue Fatty Uncle wants one rainbow rice.”

“Pfft—” Harrison and the rest burst into snickers. Although they were all fatties over 200 pounds, seeing Jacques take such a blow really delighted them.

Jacques was shocked, there was an odd expression on his face. What is this Blue Fatty Uncle! However, at Amy’s sincere expression, he could not quite bring himself to lose his temper and actually felt the whole situation was slightly humorous.

“Yellow Fatty, Green Fatty, Red Fatty, Dark Green Fatty, Grey Fatty uncles, why are you laughing? Amy looked at the group of laughing men curiously.

Everyone’s laughter stopped, and they all looked at each other’s outfit. Suddenly they became even more animated and cheerful.

“This little girl is clearly not simple!” Was the thought that went through their minds, a little cross and amused at the same time.

“Hahaha, Red Fatty.” Harrison really could not keep a straight face as he looked at the fatty in red right in front of him.

“You have no right to comment, Grrey Fatty!” The fatty in red retorted, his face covered in black lines[1], but in the end he couldn’t help dissolving into laughter either.

“This is no good, we’ve clearly been insulted, but here we are, laughing our heads off. Normally, if other people did this would be the time we all flip the tables[2], ba.”

“Possibly, those ‘other people’ aren’t quite as cute, ba.” The fatty in green sucked in some much needed breath.


[1]Face covered in black lines

[2]Flip the tables

This (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻



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